I want to paint my home, where do I start?

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Painting your home can be a confusing and tedious task. Before commencing on the project, you have to make informed decisions like choosing the right painting contractor and what colors to select. These careful decisions should leave you with much joy and satisfaction for at least five years or more. The quality of work and paint used makes all the difference. As they say, a good paint job is frozen evidence of impeccable performance. Most times, many homeowners find themselves stuck when it comes to the process of painting their home. An excellent paint job can set your home apart from all others. It can be a source of pride and happiness. But the road to get there can be full of anxiety. So, how do you ace your home’s paint job without getting overly stressed? Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider before painting your house.   Reflect on your home’s interior and exterior paints To start with, recreate simple ideas in your mind that will transform your home. Reflect on features you consider permanent in your home. These things matter a lot when it comes to exterior and interior paints. Such things include your brick fireplace, tiles, and cabinets. Colors in every room should, but not necessarily, match the colors of these items. You can use a common color palette to unify the color flow in your rooms. Another crucial aspect to reflect on is the source of light in the rooms during different times of the day. To achieve smooth transitions between rooms or spaces in your home, decide on the color of a room and paint the adjacent rooms or spaces two shades away, darker or lighter. Keep in mind that you have to use tones from identical color chips. Doing this arouses interest and creates depth. These are some of the painting basics homeowners should know about. For more details guiding you on the interior and exterior painting, take a look at some of the articles discussed in our blog.    Painting Services When you want to paint your home, ask yourself. “What do I want to achieve? Do you have the skills to do it yourself or will you require the services of professional painters?   Choosing a Painting Contractor Choosing the right painting contractor is as important as selecting the perfect paint for your home. Make sure the experience and reputation of the firm you choose to meet your expectations. After comparing different painting contractors, it is advisable to settle for a painting firm that is insured. Insured paint contractors can compensate you in case of any losses incurred during the painting process.   Budgeting Ensure you check and compare the cost of painting before contracting any painting firm. Inquire if you’ll need to purchase your paints or if the painting contractors provide your paint of choice. Painting costs depend on various factors. If your mission is to paint the exteriors, the price will be lower. If you… Read more »

Why is winter the perfect time of year to paint your home?

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Do you want to do a house makeover by painting the interior of your home with vibrant colors? Regardless of whether you want to do major or minor upgrades, choosing the perfect time for painting your house interior is as important as choosing the right colors for your home. So, when is the right time to paint your home’s interior? The answer is winter. This may sound ironic. How can the coldest season be the right time to paint? Well, let’s find out. It’s logical to think that painting when the weather is a bit warm is ideal. However, this is not the case. Professional painters have rebutted misconceptions and claims that painting can’t be done during winter. In fact, they recommend interior paint jobs to be done during winter. The million dollar question here is, “why do interior paint jobs during winter?” For starters, when you paint your home’s interior during winter, you will be ready to flaunt its new look come spring. Your guests will get to see the paint makeover you have done; something that is harder to do in summer when people prefer outdoor gatherings such as hosting picnics. The reasons for painting your home’s interior are numerous. Let’s take a look at some of them.    You get great painting deals Unlike summer where painters are booked round the clock, winter is known to be a slow time for painting professionals. This means that during winter, you are more likely to get better estimates compared to summer where painting contractors are overbooked for exterior painting. As you well know, when the demand is high, the price goes up. When the demand is low, the price goes down.  Winter is the perfect time for taking early light to your advantage Since nature cannot be reversed, we can study its pattern and use the knowledge to our advantage. It’s a well-known fact that the sun always rises earlier in winter than in summer. What this means is that we can take advantage of the early natural light from the sun and paint our home interior faster during the cold days. Great lighting means projects are completed faster and in a more efficient manner. Chances of missing a spot during this time are next to none!  Paint dries quickly When you look at the temperatures during winter, you quickly realize that our homes are warmer than the outside environment where it’s all snowy.  Painting the interior of our house during this time is ideal because paint dries up quickly due to the warmer room temperatures Humidity levels Winds, extreme temperatures, and humidity levels affect how quickly paint dries up. Winter’s humidity levels are the best for curing paint compared to the summer’s humidity levels. In short, winter air is the best for curing the paint. Go ahead and take advantage of the humidity levels while they last.    You get the time to deal with other projects during the summer Not many people think about this life hack. When you… Read more »

Telltale Signs it’s Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in Armonk, NY

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Paint is like a shield that protects your home from external dangers. It is the first line of defense against the elements like harsh northeast winters and pests. Not only does the paint protect your home from the elements, it gives it a visual appeal. A well painted Westchester home gives a good impression to anyone who passes by and potential buyers. To give your home the best possible defense, make sure your paint is always on point. Most homeowners are not aware of the warning signs that it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.  Let’s discuss how your home is signaling you it’s time for a fresh paint job:   Peeling and chipping Whenever paint starts to peel from the exterior surfaces of your home, then it’s time you hire a professional painting contractor to have your home repainted. When paint chips or peels off surfaces, it exposes the walls below to the elements. If left unattended, a small patch of peeling could result in a huge problem. Not to mention, a costly repair down the road.   Fading Loss of color due to the fierce UV rays and water intrusion is a strong indication that your home needs repainting. Dull and washed out exterior surfaces indicate that the paint’s film is deteriorating. If your home’s exterior looks faded, it’s a good idea to call in a qualified painter to make your paint look just like new. Repainting will even out the color and give your home a beautiful refresh.   Dirty exterior Exterior surfaces need regular cleaning to keep them in a good condition. If pressure washing does not get rid of the grime, it’s time to consider a new coat of paint.   Water stains Water stains from over eager sprinklers can leave the exterior of your home looking uneven and blotchy. A new coat of paint will cover the stains and refresh the color.   Wood rot Rotting wood around window or door frames is a sign that your current paint’s is failing to protect the surfaces below. Take immediate action to repaint and protect your home from further deterioration.   Color choice looks old-fashioned It was the perfect “It” color of the moment. After a few years though, that color is making your home look dated. A fresh coat of paint can give your home the perfect updated look. This will be especially beneficial if you intend to sell in the near future.   Caulking problems If the caulking around doors and windows is peeling off, cracked, or dried, it may be a sign to repaint your home.   If you have noticed that your home’s exterior needs sprucing up, do not hesitate. Give C.E.T. Painting a call today (914) 615-1415 for the fresh coat your home has been hoping for. C.E.T. Painting is one of the most respected painting companies in the Westchester area. We employ a team of qualified and friendly painting experts who will prepare every surface properly, and use the… Read more »

To Save or To Splurge: Are Budget Paints an Option?

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You built your home from the ground up and you’re almost done.  Or maybe, you have lived in your house for some years and when you look around; you realize it’s time for a fresh coat of paint for your interior design. It’s natural to want to save every dime that you possibly can, but it’s not always advisable. That said, it is wise to know when to splurge and when to save when it comes to your home’s details.   Splurge on the Paint There are situations that require splurging for convenience purposes. It’s important to invest in quality with items such as sofas and mattresses, but it is more important to invest in a quality paint job. To have a unique and outstanding house in your neighborhood, your paint job must be on fleek. To achieve that glamorous interior and exterior finish, you need to turn a blind eye to bargain paints.   Paints have three components; resins, pigments, and solvents. Pigments give paints their colors, solvents are the liquid carriers that suspends the pigments and resins are the ingredients that allow the binding of the pigments once the solvents evaporate.  They give paints their gloss. High-quality paints are more expensive because they have high-quality components. For instance, high-quality paints have high-quality resins which are more durable especially in high traffic areas. On the other hand, less expensive paints are diluted with more solvents which mean less color payout.   Doing another new paint job shortly after moving into your house is not only expensive, but also inconvenient. Painting again because the paint does not look good or is already wearing, can feel like death by a thousand stings. You can prevent this by investing in high-end paints that do not come off easily. Skimping on paints will, in the long run, cost you more. A good paint job increases and maintains your home’s value.  Now that we know splurging on paint is worth the expense, let us discuss the specific parts of your home which need high-quality paints for them to stand out.   Walls and Ceilings The color of your walls and ceilings dictate the theme of the rooms in a house and the moods they set. Choose colors that will match your furniture or those which blend with your interior décor. Also, paint your rooms in different colors depending on the purpose of the room.   Baseboard and Crown Molding After painting your walls and ceilings, you have to add character to your plain house. One of the ways to do this is through molding. Crown molding trims around your ceilings and on top of cabinets. The process transforms your house from a simple, plain house to a unique, elegant house. After adding or installing classic crown and baseboard molding to your rooms, coat the strips of the trim or the crown material with your desired high-end paint.   Wardrobe and Cabinets Besides window casings, doors, baseboard and crown materials, you should also consider investing… Read more »

Should I Add Landscape Lighting to My Home

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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting Our homes give us a sense of pride and joy. Once you have planted your flower beds, laid down your lawn and set up a barbecue at that perfect location, you may think everything is perfect; that your work is done. There is more though! Other elements which immediately spring to mind may be garden and grounds maintenance, planters, water features or furniture. You also need to add garden lights and landscape lighting to highlight the best features of your yard to make it warm and beautiful. Doing this makes any yard go an extra mile for it makes it come to life at night. Strategically placed lights highlight your home’s architectural features. They also add what realtors call “curb appeal.” Landscape lighting has numerous benefits. It beautifies, adds value and security to your home. If you are considering outdoor lighting, you have to take several things into account which will help you choose the best lighting systems. The most important aspect which will assist you to make sound decisions about landscape lighting is your house’s paint color. But before we get to the details of the color of your paint job, let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of landscape lighting. As previously mentioned, the benefits of outdoor lighting are: Enhancing your home’s security. Improving safety in your home. Adding your home’s value. Adding visual appeal to your home. Security. Burglars are attracted to dark homes. Landscape lighting deters thieves. Outdoor lighting will draw attention to your house. It increases the chances of a passerby or neighbor catching a thief in action. When your perimeter is well illuminated, you will easily detect anyone lurking around your yard. You will also have a better view of your home when arriving at night. Home Value. No matter your home’s design or size, landscape lighting enhances the positives; adding dimension and style. A modest home emphasizes its best features with well-placed flood lighting. Light adds dynamic form and space to bland exteriors. As such, landscape lighting increases your home’s value offering an advantage when selling the property. Well-lit homes are more attractive to potential buyers. Improve safety. Outdoor lighting helps with visibility; decreasing the chances of your guests or family tripping and falling. Outdoor activities or parties which take place at night can be dangerous if darkness obscures cracked walls and uneven paths. Homeowners are liable for accidents which occur on their property. Landscape lighting will help avoid such mishaps and accidents. Better safe than sorry. Visual appeal. When properly installed, strategically placed wash lights highlight the architectural details of your home. Your home will be more appealing to guests and household members especially if they get a chance to use your outdoor space for nighttime activities. Who of us haven’t driven past a home at night and admired the beautiful landscaping and architecture highlighted with lighting?   How Visual Appeal Changes Under Artificial Lights In as much as landscape lighting beautifies your home, it might… Read more »

The Importance of Home Staging

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Buying and selling of properties is one of the biggest investments people make. Just like any other consumer product, the way properties are perceived and presented should be given much consideration. When selling your home or investment property, attention to detail is all that matters. Almost all realtors report that clients are influenced by home staging. In fact, statistics show that most homes which are professionally staged end up bringing around 4% more than the expected price. The National Association of Realtors reports that staged homes, averagely sell 67% faster than un-staged or vacant homes. Successful home selling requires an objective mindset. Homeowners should put themselves in the buyer’s shoes. This way, they realize that for their home value to improve, they should make a great first impression. Visual psychology plays a crucial role in attracting real estate buyers’ attention. The biggest mistake made by inexperienced real estate agents and home sellers is ignoring visual psychology. Home sellers should take to account that most investors form an opinion about a house within the first 7-10 seconds upon arriving. Distracting them at this point is the last thing you need, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Regardless of what is going on in the real estate market, whenever you want to sell your home, there are two rules to follow which assure a quick sale; make it look amazing and price it well. Your home’s appearance should be flawless regardless of the asking price. Your main objective is to make potential clients envision the property as theirs the moment they walk in. Create a space that will make clients connect emotionally to the house. For you to effectively do this, you must make your home attractive and impersonal to stimulate the client’s visual acuity. Too many possessions and furniture make it difficult for investors to concentrate on the house for sale. The more they see in a room, the less they process, in other words, they get a stimulus overload. People do not see anything where there is too much to see. Home staging minimizes your home’s weak points and emphasizes on its strengths.  You will want to start with basic repairs and cleaning. 5 Essential Elements of Home Staging 1.  Decluttering A clutter free home is spaciously presented to potential buyers. It keeps their minds focused on the property. For instance, a closet stuffed with stored items or clothes may convey limited storage. Use the time your home is listed to get rid of stuff that aren’t in use. You may toss, donate or sell rarely used items. Additionally, reduce countertop stored items. Place them in cupboards instead. 2.  Depersonalizing It is crucial to make a potential buyer imagine themselves living in your house. They shouldn’t be able to discern a lot about the current inhibitors. For this reason, it is vital that trophies, awards, and personal photos are tucked away. Personal effects distract prospective buyers, instead give them the opportunity to visualize their new… Read more »

How to Hire a Painting Contractor

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Regular painting and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings help keep your property in top notch condition. While some homeowners prefer to take matters into their hands and do the painting themselves, often commercial building owners prefer to hire professional contractors. Despite the fact that many homeowners choose to paint their homes themselves, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional painter. Hiring a professional painter comes with several advantages. For starters; professional painters will never compromise on quality, are artistic and add ingenuity in the job. Besides, hiring one saves you time and energy as you concentrate on other important activities – after all, painting is their livelihood. ⦁ Referrals: Whereas friends and family are a good reference point when choosing a painting contractor for your home, it is crucial that you also consult painting contractor’s in your local area. Many choose to use an internet search to find a wide range of painters in their area. ⦁ Angie’s List and ⦁ Home Advisor can be a great resource. ⦁ Estimates: Contact at least three painting contractors for an estimate. When they come to your home or business to assess the work, keenly observe each contractor and note the time they take to evaluate the condition your property. A good contractor is never in a hurry and will examine all the cracks and nooks that need fixing. You should feel comfortable asking how big the crew is and their levels of experience. Get the estimate including any additional material needed. Insist on a written quotation, preferably on the company’s letterhead. ⦁ References: Ask for references and a list of previous jobs done – every contractor keeps this type of list. If possible, go see a previous job and evaluate how it is holding up. ⦁ Process: Find out how they will prepare for the job – before actual painting starts. A good quality job involves smoothening of the surface area to get rid of any rough spots from previous paint jobs. Find out how many coats of paint they are going to apply for the finished product. The estimate should provide a breakdown of the following: brand and model of material, number of coats – primer and paint, labor and a proper description of surface preparation to be carried out. ⦁ Credentials: Before you do a contract; vet the contractor’s credentials, ascertain whether the contractor is a member of a professional, trade or local business group. Are they a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America? Check their rating with the ⦁ Better Business Bureau. Verify the validity of their contractors license. Cross-check the company with the attorney general’s office for any previous misconduct or unresolved complaints. ⦁ Materials: Consult widely on the best paint in the market that can withstand all weather conditions in your local area. Sometimes, a contractor may be promoting paint from some company and might mislead you. Insist on work guarantee, where the contractor bears any responsibility and cost in… Read more »