Understanding the Differences Between Home Remodeling Contractors

Whether you are planning to remodel your entire house or complete a simple bathroom renovation, it is important to know the difference between various home remodeling contractors so that you can find the best professional services for your needs. Where some residential remodeling contractors are well-versed in home design, others deliver more hands-on construction experience.

At C.E.T. Painting, we offer a range of top-rated services including interior and exterior painting, carpentry, siding installation, and more. Here we have provided some insight on the main types of home remodeling contractors in Westchester, NY so that you have the information you need to choose the right contractors for the task at hand.


Various Types of Home Remodeling Contractors in Westchester, NY


Design-Build companies

Design-Build contractors are, for most homeowners, the most enticing option for whole-house remodels. The mission of these types of organizations is to take charge of your entire home remodel from conception to completion. These contractors normally work with a large staff which means they have access to numerous resources including experienced designers, subcontractors, building material suppliers, and more. Unless you are planning to redesign your entire home, this may not be the most practical or financially savvy option.

Skilled trade professionals

Trade professionals are highly skilled individuals who specialize in a specific area such as plumbing or electrical work. If you are planning a home renovation or remodel, chances are you will need to hire skilled trade professionals to complete the technical work and provide practical information for you to consider before your design plans are confirmed.  Additionally, depending on your municipality’s building code, your home improvement may need sign-off from a licensed tradesman either at the planning or post-construction phase when electrical wiring or plumbing is involved.

General home remodeling contractors

A general home remodeling contractor may sound similar to a Design-Build contractor. However, these contractors often lack experience in home design and structural alterations. These organizations are more practical for single-room projects such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel which do not require extensive design knowledge.

Home addition builders

Home additions are unique projects in that they are built entirely from scratch, often adding square footage to your floor plan or raising the roof of the existing structure. All home addition contractors offer building services, but they do not usually offer any design expertise. If you are planning a home addition, you may want to consider hiring a designer or an architect. Without a general contractor, you may need to coordinate with relevant trade professionals before and during your renovation project.

Allow C.E.T. Painting to Help

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