Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors in Westchester, NY

An epoxy floor coating is a fantastic solution for preserving and protecting any floor that sees a lot of frequent, heavy traffic. If you’re interested in adding an epoxy coating for garage floors, warehouse floors, or any other type of floors, call C.E.T. Painting for help! We work with homes, businesses, and commercial properties throughout Westchester County, NY. Combining speedy work, in-depth expertise, and impeccable results, we’re your go-to team for epoxy floor contractors and coatings of all kinds. We’re also known for providing some of the best customer service around. So, if you’d like to protect your property from heavy equipment or natural wear and tear, give us a call! We’d love to show you how our epoxy garage floor coating is a great asset for any home or business.

What are some of the benefits of hiring an epoxy floor coating contractor?

  • The combination of resins and hardeners in epoxy form a rigid, plastic material that’s super strong.
  • Epoxy floor coatings offer unbeatable protection for floors and all other surfaces.
  • Applying an epoxy coating is an efficient process, requiring minimal downtime.
  • Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean and maintain.

At C.E.T. Painting, we’ll apply your epoxy concrete floor coating or epoxy basement floor coating with total precision. Whether your flooring is made of concrete, wood, or another porous material, our epoxy coating will penetrate the surface and permanently bond with it. This creates a newly smooth, level surface that’s incredibly durable and resistant to damage.

Truly, any space that sees a lot of traffic or heavy wear and tear will benefit from an epoxy floor coating. Some examples include:

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Utility rooms
  • Pet areas
  • Gyms
  • Warehouses
  • Shipping areas
  • Automotive service areas
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Airplane hangars
  • And more!

So, whether you want an epoxy garage floor coating for your home or a shop floor coating for your mechanic business, C.E.T. Painting has you covered.

Experienced Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors Near You

Our epoxy floor coating contractors near you have more than 20 years of experience in the trade. We’re also fully licensed and insured. Thanks to our hands-on knowledge of epoxy floor coatings, we use only the best tools and equipment for a speedy, seamless application. We know how to ensure you get a smooth, level surface that will last for years and years. There’s virtually no property in Westchester County we can’t bring our epoxy concrete coatings to, so what are you waiting for? Protect your home or business today—contact C.E.T. Painting!

Epoxy Flooring
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