Tips for Finding the Right Epoxy Floor Contractors

When it comes to installing or refinishing concrete floor substrate, it’s important to work with epoxy floor contractors you can trust. The professionals from C.E.T. Painting can get the job done; having said that, we also want to provide you with some tips to illustrate what makes a great epoxy flooring team stand out.  Here are some things to consider in choosing epoxy floor contractors!

What Type of Flooring Are You Looking for?

Before choosing the right epoxy floor contractors, you’ll first need to determine what you’re looking for. Epoxy flooring can be installed in a variety of different settings, including residential properties, commercial properties, and industrial properties. Having a clear idea of what you want will help your epoxy floor contractors choose what’s best for you.

So, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need my floor installed within a particular timeframe?
  • Does my floor need to be leveled?
  • If the treatment is in my garage, would additional insulation help against the weather?
  • What type of epoxy flooring benefits am I looking for?
  • What type of coating system will work best for my space?
  • Is there a specific color that will suit me best?
  • Instead of a solid color, would I want a patterned floor offered by a product like polyurea?
  • Are there any specifics or unusual requirements for my flooring space?

How to Find a Great Epoxy Flooring Contractor

  • Reputation: A solid reputation is one of the first things you want to look for when it comes to choosing the right flooring contractors. Take a look at how long a particular company has been in business and what type of experience they have. Checking reviews of their work online is also important.
  • License & Insurance: Choosing a company that’s both licensed and insured will help protect you from being liable should there be any on-the-job accidents. Additionally, it demonstrates your working with a reliable company that cares about the safety of both their clients and staff. Verbal agreements work for some. Before you hire a contractor, ask for some written assurances to reduce the likelihood of any misunderstanding.
  • References: Any reliable epoxy flooring contractor should be happy to show off their work, providing you with a list of references and past clients you can speak to. If there’s any hesitancy to do so, this should be a red flag it might not be the best company for you.

Let us be your epoxy flooring contractors!

If you’re in need of epoxy flooring services, the team from C.E.T. Painting can help bring your flooring vision to life. Contact us to discuss your needs today online or by calling (914) 615-1415. We also specialize in interior and exterior painting, carpentry services, and more!

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