The Truth About 4 Common Epoxy Floor Coating Myths

Are you looking for a way to freshen up your floors without investing in an expensive replacement? Many property owners fail to recognize the benefits of epoxy floor coatings due to various misconceptions that have been passed around about this flooring solution.

Epoxy floor coating is an affordable flooring option that works for a wide variety of property types, leaving floors with a smooth, long-lasting finish. At C.E.T. Painting, our experienced floor contractors are here to explain the truth about the most common myths that you may have heard about epoxy floor coatings.

4 Common Epoxy Floor Coating Myths Debunked by Our Contractors

  • Epoxy is comparable to paint

Many property owners make the mistake of painting their floors as a more affordable alternative to epoxy floor coating. Unfortunately, paint does not possess the same durability as epoxy which means it will chip over time, making your floors look old and worn down.

  • Epoxy is strictly used in industrial facilities

While epoxy is commonly used in industrial settings, this flooring solution is an excellent option for all property types. The main reason epoxy floor contractors often recommend this solution for industrial environments is because of its incredible durability, which makes it a great choice for heavily trafficked areas. However, this versatile substance comes in all different colors and textures, meaning you can get creative and freshen up the appearance of any room with the help of a reliable epoxy floor contractor.

  • Epoxy will make my floors slippery

It is easy to understand why one would think that epoxy becomes slippery once it dries, as it does present a somewhat glossy appearance. However, this is far from the truth, as epoxy cures and becomes extremely hard over time. It can maintain a shiny surface even with the wear and tear of high foot traffic daily. Epoxy’s anti-slip properties are what make it such a suitable choice for industrial facilities. In fact, property owners can ask their epoxy floor contractors to add non-skid ingredients to the mixture in order to make it even less slippery.

  • Epoxy is expensive

While epoxy comes at a higher initial cost than other flooring solutions, it proves to be one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions in the long run. Those who opt for the cheapest flooring solution often find themselves calling a contractor every few years for maintenance. By investing in a high-quality epoxy floor coating, property owners can expect results to last for up to 15 years.

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