The following is a Frequently Asked Questions section containing questions that we regularly receive from our clients in the Westchester County area. If you cannot find the information that you need in the Painting Tips section of our web site, you will likely find it here. If you have any questions that are not addressed in this FAQ, you can always feel free to email the friendly CET Painting customer service team by calling us at (914) 615-1415.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

CET Painting has been proudly serving the Westchester area for over 10 years because our past customers continue to come back again and again.

How Do You Hire and Evaluate Your Painters?

We are very selective in hiring our painters, we make sure they have the appropriate experience. Most of our painters, especially  have been with us for years. I trust them in the homes of my own friends and relatives.

What Process Do You Use to Prepare Surfaces to Make Sure the Paint “Sticks”?

We make certain to remove all loose and flaking paint from all surfaces. Often, this is done by pressure washing or manually scraping. Sometimes, surfaces have to be scuffed up, abraded, profiled, or even primed to guarantee adhesion. That’s why we take our time where it counts – in the preparation.

What Type of Guarantee Do You Offer?

We offer a two year guarantee on all projects. So, if you notice an issue – small or large – please call our office. We strive to create “customers for life,” so the fact is you can call us any time after your project has been completed!

What Type of Paint Do You Recommend?

We use Sherwin Wiliams and Benjamin Moore paints because we have a strong relationship with these brands and they produce quality products. This means if there is ever a manufacturing defect, we know that Sherwin Wiliams or Benjamin Moore paints will stand behind our work – and your project. However, we do make exceptions when there are superior products in specific situations or if our customers have a strong product preference.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Absolutely! We make certain we protect our customers by carrying the appropriate coverages for general liability and workers compensation. Additionally, we are licensed by all local authorities and continually seek out industry recognized certifications and designations to add to our customer’s peace of mind.

What Colors Are the Best and Why?

Simply put, color affects mood. Red, yellow, and orange are considered the warm colors which incite happy, excitable moods and stimulation. They’re great for offices for that reason. Blue, green, and purple are called the cool colors because they’re relaxing and peaceful. Think bedroom and den. The light colors, like beige or any off white are spacious and uplifting. Perfect for the Doctor’s office.

Dark colors make rooms look smaller and are depressing. Bold colors are appealing while whites reflect light, but beware, they get dirty pretty easily.

Can I Clean a Painted Wall?

Don’t do anything for at least 2 or 3 weeks, and when you do clean, make sure you use a cleaner that won’t destroy your paint. Read all labels for directions for your cleaner, make sure it is properly diluted and practice cleaning first on a small unnoticeable area.

Does it Matter What Type of Brush I Use?

Absolutely. Not only does it matter what type and size brush you use, it even matters if you should use a brush at all. In many cases, not only is using a roller or a sprayer easier, but it will provide better results than a brush, which can drip or blotch. Frankly it depends on the thickness of the paint, the texture of the surface, and even the weather.

Can I Paint Over My Vinyl Siding or Do I Have to Take it Down?

Yes, you can paint over vinyl siding. Not only is it cheaper and easier than replacing vinyl siding, painting over vinyl siding can look great too if you use the right paint. It can change the whole appearance of the house, you can do it more than once, and it provides quite a unique look if done properly.