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How to Find the Right Color Palette for Your House in Westchester, NY

How to Find the Right Color Palette for Your House in Westchester, NY

Choosing the right color palette for your home is an important decision. Sometimes it can be very difficult to decide on the best color scheme due to all of the available options. Taking your time by doing your research in advance will help you make the best decision. Hiring a residential painting contractor in Westchester, NY, is also key in making sure the job is done right.

Here are a few tips on how to select the best color palette for your home.

Deciding on Your Colors

The first step is to decide on your colors before hiring a residential painting contractor in Westchester, NY. Working with a color wheel can make this process easier, as you can choose from primary, secondary, and even tertiary colors for your home. Finding the right color scheme that best matches your style is important to ensure you are happy with the results. There are four different color schemes, which include monochromatic, analogous, contrast, and complementary.

Types of Color Schemes

Monochromatic is a style that uses different tones of the same color while also including either white or black colors. Analogous uses colors that are close together on the color wheel. An example would be yellow and green or blue and purple. Using an analogous color scheme often creates a bright palette. On the other hand, the contrast color scheme is much more dramatic due to all of the contrasting colors. Lastly, the complementary scheme uses two opposing colors, such as orange and blue for a bold color scheme.

Things to Consider

Keeping some things in mind is important before deciding on the color palette for your house. For example, you may want to begin with contrasts by pairing something light and dark together. On the other hand, you may want to add color with your furnishings if you are using pale walls. Neutral shades are especially popular if your style is softer and more subtle. Working with a residential painting contractor in Westchester, NY, is always recommended to ensure you are well-satisfied with the results.

Color Tones

Testing out colors with different fabrics and paint swatches is important during the planning stage. You can even draw out plans of your rooms while sketching in colors to give you a better idea of the appearance. Buying sample paint to use on a small area of the wall is often recommended if you are undecided on your color tones. Checking out other rooms to see how they connect and complement each other is also important for a smooth transition. For example, an adjoining room can benefit from a neutral color, or you may prefer contrasting tones. Either way, it’s a good idea to experiment to help you find the best color tones for your home.


Lighting is another key aspect of decor and function for any home. Of course, it’s easy to overlook the importance of lighting within a house. However, light is always reflecting and deflecting color while changing throughout the day. Different lighting can make a big impact on the appearance of a color. For example, indigo can appear bluer in one room while having more red in another room in your home due to the lighting. Keeping these things in mind is critical before deciding on the color scheme for your house.

How to Start With Color?

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the color scheme for your home. One way to overcome this issue is to focus on a central room or entryway. You can begin by using a color that best matches your style, as you can check out different shades and hues to find the perfect color for your home. It’s also a good idea to visit the paint store to look at the various shades of color. For example, you may like two different shades of green that can be used in different rooms while also choosing a neutral color for the trim and ceiling to make them work together.

Other Things to Remember

A home with an upstairs and downstairs should be treated separately while you are planning on the color scheme. It’s often recommended to paint your hallway with a neutral color while using different colors and contrasts for bedrooms. A child’s room is usually bright and bold, while guestrooms or offices are more neutral in appearance. You also don’t have to use the same color in your master bedroom and attached bathroom, as it’s often a good idea to use slightly different colors.

Taking your time while checking out all of your color options is well worth it to ensure you are happy with the results. On the other hand, rushing through the process can often lead to costly mistakes. Visiting the paint store and reaching out to professionals can also give you access to additional advice, such as asking a residential painting contractor in Westchester, NY. Following these general guidelines can help you avoid mistakes, but you are also free to trust your instinct in deciding on the best color scheme for your home.

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