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Installing New Siding? Here’s What to Expect!

Installing New Siding? Here’s What to Expect!

Getting started on a new home improvement project can be both exciting and nerve-racking. While there is always the thrill of getting a beautiful home upgrade, a lack of knowledge and planning can make the process confusing and frustrating.

However, worry not, we have got you covered!

C.E.T. Painting offers a guide on what can you expect out of a new siding installation.

  • Factors affecting siding installation

The timeline and monetary investment that is required for new siding installation are contingent upon certain factors.

  • Rotting and other damage

Existing, unsuspected damage can add to the cost of the siding installation process. Problems like wood rot are hard to catch until the old siding is removed. This last-minute revelation can lead to unexpected delays and expenses.

Further, there is always the possibility of finding other kinds of damage like pest infestations once the old sheathing comes off. This, too, can complicate the initial plan.

  • The Weather

Weather is one of the factors that plays a critical role in determining the timeline of your siding installation project. Clear weather is considered ideal for installation. However, since the weather is outside our control, nature can cause delays and changes in your home improvement plan.

  • Painting

If you wish to get your siding painted, you will have to add a few extra days to your planned installation timeline.

  • Damaged Sheathing

When you remove your old siding, the sheathing underneath may be damaged. In such cases, it will add to the time and investment required as repair work will have to be done to remediate the damage and avoid future problems.

What can I do to prepare for my new siding installation?

Preparing your house and family for the installation process is a very important, yet an often-overlooked part of home improvement projects. Some tips to assist your preparation before the installation work starts include:

  • Mowing the lawn: Keep your lawn clear and clean to ensure that the work crew doesn’t lose supplies like nails or staples in the long grass. It is also wise to trim any long plants or trees.
  • Securing furniture: It is critical that you remove any movable furniture, equipment, or items from your house to avoid damage. It is best to assemble the small things like toys, garden pieces, picture frames, outdoor furniture, etc. and put them out of the crew’s way to both assist the workers as well as safeguard your things from suffering any damage.
  • Preparing a safe space: Establishing a ‘safe space’ for children and pets who might not be able to bear the loudness of installation work for long durations is prudent. That way you can save them the distress from constant noise and dust.
  • Helping the working crew: You should strive to assist the installation professionals as much as possible to ensure a smooth and fast process. Some things you can do to help the installation professionals are to provide a power outlet for power tools, a specified dumpster for waste and debris, and basic amenities. It is also best to keep things like furniture, vehicles, etc., out of the crew’s path so they can have their required space to work efficiently.

Lastly, maintaining clear communication with your siding installation contractor is important to ensure that both parties are always on the same page.

The siding installation process

Typically, a siding installation would cover the following steps:

  1. Removal of old siding

The old siding is removed, and the wall beneath is inspected for any underlying damage. If the walls are damaged, repairs may need to be made, otherwise, the installation process can begin.

Along with the old siding, the old insulation is also removed.

  1. Installation

New insulation, suitable for the new siding is installed. Then the new siding is put in place.

  1. Clean up

Once the process is complete, the crew cleans the premises of debris and dust, giving you a clean and beautiful home.

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