How to Find a Professional Painter for Residential Jobs?

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As a homeowner, you’re probably confident in being able to DIY a lot of small jobs around the house, but the bigger your property gets, the sooner you’ll realize that residential interior painting might not be one of them.   Why hire a professional interior house painter? Your surfaces might just need too much work. Setting aside the painting itself, the perfect residential interior paint job might involve textured coatings, sanding, scraping, caulking, and hole filling, and that’s not even mentioning setting up drop cloths, color matching, and work needing ladders and safety equipment. That’s a lot of tools and a lot of expertise. If your home is in need of an interior refresh, painting can get very overwhelming, very quickly. Ask the right questions. A professional residential painter will provide estimates, and you should always ask for one. Low price doesn’t always mean the highest quality, so you should also ask about details of the paints being used, and warranty terms to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Ask your potential contractor about cleanliness. Pros who use drop cloths and wear shoe coverings won’t track mud all over your house; who wants to hire contractors who don’t sweep up any dirt they leave behind? Always check to see if your painters perform repairs. Sometimes the paint hides damage or moisture. It’ll cost more money, in the long run, to work with a contractor who paints over to hide these faults, instead of offering to make repairs. It’s not just about how a professional interior house painter works, sometimes it’s about what they see. Ask about color choice. Professionals can give advice on the right colors to use that look good together, and even recommend particular brands of paint or grades.   C.E.T. Painting is YOUR professional residential interior house painter in Westchester county! As a house painting company, we realize you never paint a room in isolation, and we have the right methods to provide the most satisfaction to our valued clients. We’ve been successfully painting homes for 15 years, and we never leave a job until our clients are happy. Get started now and tell us about your project!  

Four Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

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Are you thinking about installing new floors in your home or business this year? A very popular option for many homeowners is epoxy floor coatings. When considering new flooring, affordability and durability are always high on all lists, so protecting them should be a priority. At C.E.T. Painting, our epoxy floor contractors near you can answer all your concerns and questions about this option. Here are some benefits that epoxy flooring can bring to your house or business… Durability If you need durable and dependable flooring, epoxy coating over concrete offers an amazing value. Since its base is a resin and hardener, it makes this option one of the strongest flooring choices you can have. When compared to wood and marble, epoxy coating over concrete is much, much stronger. Also, its high resistance to water, impact, scratching, and heat makes it stand alone in the flooring world. Because of its durability, epoxy flooring is a great option for utility rooms, garages, and basements. For commercial use, they are ideal for gyms, warehouses, shipping docks/areas, airplane hangars, and much more. Eco-friendly A big benefit of epoxy flooring is that it is eco-friendly. This is because these coatings do not have any VOCS and are completely non-toxic – a big plus for families and homeowners.  When installed properly by an epoxy floor contractor near you, you can improve visibility in any room due to the gloss and reflections of this type of flooring option. Safe Epoxy flooring can also be a great non-slip option for those looking to protect their family and children from potential slips and accidents. You can always speak to our C.E.T. Painting team to learn about your install and epoxy options. Versatility Epoxy flooring can also offer some customization and flexibility when it comes to looks. You can choose between different colors, potential textures, designs (depending on the product), and even safety qualities. So, no matter the area, you can find a match that will suit your needs and preference. Hire Epoxy Floor Contractors from C.E.T. Painting At C.E.T. Painting, we’re proud to offer epoxy floor coating solutions to Westchester County. For commercial buildings or garage floors, epoxy installation can survive years of wear and tear. Our epoxy contractors and C.E.T. team have over 20 years of industry experience. Whether for your home or business, we can help you get the best epoxy concrete coating and flooring solution. Contact us for a free consultation about our services and get started on your next project now!


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C.E.T. Painting is excited to share with you a recently completed cabinet refinishing project in Scarsdale, New York.  The before, in-process, and after pictures below should give an indication of the comprehensive nature of the job and the modern aesthetic injected into this home.     To begin, this was already a beautiful, spacious kitchen with an island, stone countertops, stainless appliances, and a panel ready refrigerator integrated with contrasting, vented green cabinetry.     The cabinetry by the window had glass cabinet doors..     To prepare the area for painting, the cabinet doors were removed.  Other areas in the kitchen not being painted, such as the floors and pendant lighting, were covered in plastic.  Painting tape was applied around the high hats in the ceiling.     The sanding and painting done to the cabinets was meticulous.  The tile backsplash replacement was a separate project.  Here are some additional angles of our work-in-progress.     Our standard sanitary protocols include wearing booties over our shoes, placing drop cloths on all walking paths, and removing sanding dust to prevent spreading to other areas in your home.   In addition to the cabinet refinishing, we performed residential interior painting of walls and ceilings in the kitchen and leading to the kitchen.  After one week of work, voila – the transformation!   By keeping the hardware and refinishing instead of replacing the cabinetry, we were able to affect a completely new look in a compressed time for a reasonable budget.  We stripped and sanded the hardwood cabinet boxes, drawers, and doors down to its original, unvarnished state.  We then applied the base and topcoats of the new finish.  In between refinishing or replacing, there is a third option – refacing.  Refacing ends up being more costly than refinishing as only the cabinet boxes are kept, but doors, hardware and possibly drawers are replaced.  However, keeping the cabinets saves on costs and time since construction cost is essentially eliminated and the replacement doors can be reattached with simpler screwdriving.   The total budget for this project was less than five figures – at most 20% of what a completely new installation would have cost.  The installation time of one week compares favorably to the typical two-week installation time for tearing out and fitting new cabinets.  Of course, with custom cabinets, the lead time for ordering and measurement could stretch out additional weeks, if not months.     The owner was putting the home on the market and wanted a faster sales cycle.    This refresh injected a modern look, critical to many of today’s homebuyers.  In spring 2020, the median home on the market in the Scarsdale, NY 10583 zip code is listed at about $1.7 million.  Due to its top-rated K-12 Scarsdale Union Free School District as well as its sub one-hour commute time to Grand Central Station via Metro North Railroad, the Village is a coveted location in Westchester County, NY.  Knowing how demanding buyers and homeowners are, C.E.T. Painting delivers… Read more »

C.E.T. Painting Is Here During COVID-19

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At C.E.T. Painting, we understand that our neighbors, clients, and community are currently adapting to new norms and ways of life during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our team wants you to know that we take safety extremely seriously, and in the event, you were planning a remodeling project, we’re happy to inform you we can still make that happen! At C.E.T. Painting, we’re taking some innovative steps during these times to ensure we can deliver our services to you and your loved ones. Virtual Consultations & Services We are currently offering virtual presentations and consultations. The way it works is that once you contact us, our team will take pictures of the exterior of your home (you can also send us pictures of the interior if needed). Our C.E.T. Painting team will then connect with you via a virtual online meeting, and using split-screen technology, we can discuss your project and also give you examples of our previous work and what might suit your home’s needs. Once we have the estimates, we will then offer you a complete project proposal with pricing options, and the products and materials we will be utilizing. Additional Safety Precautions As mentioned, at C.E.T. Painting, we take safety and cleanliness extremely seriously, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. To give you peace of mind, here are some of the ways we are implementing even stricter safety measures within our team. Any team members who fall ill or have a cough, fever, sore throat, or have any other flu-like symptoms are being asked to stay home. We are providing all our teams and workers with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. If they have access to a washroom, they have been instructed to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Exterior projects will have their own portable toilet on site – there will be no need for them to go inside your home. All surfaces and touchpoints will be frequently cleaned and disinfected. We are encouraging all our team to utilize gloves when working on site. All workers at C.E.T. Painting are being urged to stay away from large crowds and any individuals that are sick or showing symptoms. C.E.T. Painting To learn more about our interior and exterior painting, siding installation, and remodeling services, please contact our team today by calling (914) 615-1415.

Why replacing your siding is a wise investment in Westchester County

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After years of withstanding nature’s wrath – tropical storms, severe thunderstorms, heavy rains, ice storms, and strong winds – your home’s exterior may start to look worn. To beautify and modernize your home, consider replacing your siding. Siding installation is both a wise short-term and long-term investment. For those who intend to sell their homes, realtors will likely be more attracted to their property and for those who intend to stay a while, maintenance costs will be lower. Old siding can be an eyesore, and could drive potential buyers away. So, what do homeowners stand to gain, in addition to increasing their home’s curb appeal, when they replace their siding? Let’s find out.

Four Things to Remember When Planning A Kitchen Remodeling Project

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Are you looking for home remodeling contractors in Westchester, NY, for a future kitchen project? Our team at C.E.T. Painting knows that there are many misconceptions surrounding these types of projects. To help, it’s important to know what to do, and what are some common myths surrounding kitchen renovation projects.


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There are times and seasons for everything. Winter is now upon us. To some in Westchester County, this is excellent news because winter brings about feelings of joy; some play with snow while others sit by the fire, sipping hot chocolate thinking of past winter seasons and the good times ahead. Unfortunately, not everybody enjoys winter. Around 5% of all Americans feel generally unhappy, tired, and depressed during winter. These people may suffer from a condition known as Seasonal Affective disorder, which only occurs during the winter season. They may tend to oversleep, gain weight, have low energy levels, and become easily irritated. So, what are some ways to overcome the winter blues and positively impact mental health? Let’s go through some mood boosting ways to do so.   Start a Winter Painting Project Winter is when most people in Westchester County spend the most time at home. You can make these hours count by starting a winter project that is not only achievable but also enjoyable. One such project is giving the spaces in your house a fresh coat of paint. Doing so not only brightens your home’s outlook, but it also improves your moods when you apply specific paint colors to your walls. These colors include brown, orange, red, and yellow to those who are missing the sun. Adding hot hues with neutral settings is among the easiest ways to inject energy and warmth into your space. Upgrade your Lighting Go around your house and choose the main sources of light that you feel don’t give off the best light. When you find them, make a point of upgrading them to beautiful and bright showpieces that bring light to your space. You can also install colored bulbs in different spaces to boost the mood of the rooms, depending on how you use them. Reflective Pieces A good way of lifting the mood in different rooms is by including metallic pieces, lamps, and mirrors. Items which bounce light are considered instant mood lifters by light experts. Mirrors, lamps, and metallic accents work the double duty of bringing flashes of colors and gleaning glitter to your spaces. Wall Art Wall art brings energy to rooms and adds character to your spaces. You can pin up your children’s paintings, make art pieces, or buy them. Doing this brings feel-good factors to your interiors when the days get darker. Soft Furnishings During winter, you can make your home feel warm and cozy by filling your rooms with throws, rugs, bedding, and cushions. They make your home look great, and they are comfortable and affordable. Add bold and bright throw pillows to your sofas or purchase new bedspreads to liven things up.   Light therapy and painting your Westchester County home bright colors help rooms feel more comforting. These design cues help counter circadian rhythms and symptoms of sadness that sometimes occur due to shorter days and colder weather. If you are feeling overwhelming depressive symptoms, do consult a mental health professional. If… Read more »


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We should all be cautious when traveling during extreme winter weather. Snow-covered roads, bitter cold, and reduced visibility are some of the conditions that make driving dangerous and difficult during the cold seasons. Winter also increases the risks of drivers getting stuck in their cars. As such, it’s prudent to carry along a well-stocked emergency winter car kit in case of roadside emergencies. Cautious drivers know that during the winter season, preparing for the worst while hoping for the best is the wisest thing they can do.   Cold affects rubber, metal, and other car materials. It thickens car lubricants and reduces their battery by at least 50%. Winter emergency kits come in handy when waiting for assistance. They make us more comfortable and safer during the harsh winter season, especially if there is a roadside breakdown in a deserted or a less busy highway. So, what are the must-have items in our emergency winter car kits? Let’s find out.   Some Emergency winter car kit items typically include:   Candle-Powered Heater Keeping your car running when it has broken down or stuck during the winter season to keep warm can be extremely dicey. Even though you might have a full tank, you’ll eventually run out of fuel, which you’ll need when help arrives or when the weather clears up. Ice and snow tend to block engines’ exhaust leading to deadly carbon monoxide levels in cars’ cabins. A simple candle-powered heater help us stay warm without exposing us to dangerous carbon monoxide levels. All you need is a lighter, a candle, and a metal can, and you are good to go.   A Foldable Shovel Shovels are essential tools, especially when we need to dig out compacted snow around the wheels or from under our vehicles. Besides, using our hands, even when we have gloves on, is putting our health at risk, which is the last thing we want. And let’s be honest, it really hurts.   Safety Absorbent/Cat Litter/Sand When our cars are stuck on ice, a bag of safety absorbent help our vehicles regain traction. Even though sand and cat litter also work, floor sweep absorbent works best. (You can find it in an auto parts store. They are sprinkled on garage floors immediately before sweeping to absorb grease and oil.)   First Aid Kit The rule of the thumb before driving off, whether it’s winter or not, is to have a first aid kit in your car. Besides having the usual bandages, disinfectants, and a pair of scissors make sure that your first aid kit has spare medications that you might need. In case you take any medication, ensure that you are always alert while waiting for help.   Jumper Cables Never count on other motorists to assist you with their jumper cables-carry your own. Not only are they cheap, but they also make a big difference between paying a tow truck to jumpstart your car and using the help of a kind motorist. Make sure that… Read more »


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2020 marks a new decade.  Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, the country’s leading paint companies, have announced new colors for the year. These colors are First Light (2102-70) and Naval (SW 6244), respectively. Both companies have provided consumers with excellence and glamorous options from their new colors. These rich colors symbolize new beginnings that provide exciting decorating schemes for their homes. Let’s jump into the details and see how we can make the best use of each gorgeous color.   Benjamin Moore’s First Light (2102-70) As its name indicates, First Light represents a new dawn or the beginning of a new day. It is an attractive, versatile shade of pink – a neutral which floats between cool and warm. This color can be used anywhere in your house. Benjamin Moore announced that First Light represents a new dawn of design, living, and idealism. First Light was blended with a bright new decade in mind, the rosy hue blooms with promising potential. Benjamin Moore’s Director of Development and Color Marketing, Andrea Magno, says: “First Light represents a shift in mindset. It is meant to satisfy several needs in life which are: optimism, security, comfort, self-expression, community, and authenticity.” First Light is seen as a substitute to warm neutrals like beige and cream. It’s cheerful and soft, meaning that it can bring joy to any space. Benjamin Moore announced that First Light could blend or pair with nine harmonious colors. These colors include Windmill Wings (2067-60) and Cushing Green (HC-125). First Light is easy to mix with other colors to give you your desired results when having C.E.T. Painting decorate your home. Download the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2020 brochure for additional recommendations.   Sherwin-Williams’ Naval (SW 6244) Naval is a serene navy shade that creates a grounding environment that is full of confidence. It paves the way for the wellness of the soul, mind, and body for the new decade. It embraces nature by resembling the depths of the sea or the night sky. It evokes feelings of calm, and it mixes perfectly with textures and natural materials that blend with navy blue. Naval meets our needs as humankind to interact with nature. It works perfectly with soft leather, gleaming metals, polished marble, and sophisticated patterns. Sherwin-Williams came up with this shade intending to appreciate nature’s beauty, even bringing this hue indoors to beautify our home. As a neutral, interior designers can pair Naval SW 6244 with warmer tones and natural materials such as brass accents and woven-fiber rugs. It combines perfectly with Kale Green (SW 6460), Midday (SW 6695), and Tarnished Trumpet (SW 9026). It’s perfect for interior spaces, and it can be used as a pop of color on an accent wall, front door or an entire room. Use the ColorSnap® Visualizer tool to model the combinations in a home setting. With the leading paint brands introducing colors of the year meant to usher in a new decade, there is no doubt that the coming years will see them come… Read more »