Eco-friendly LED light bulbs

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Help Your Home and The Planet

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Help Your Home and The Planet

“Going green,” isn’t just a fad. Embracing environmentally friendly home upgrades is a true everybody-wins idea because the right home improvements can help save your home, save the planet, and save you money! Most eco-friendly upgrades are aimed at reducing energy or fuel use, so it’s truly a good thing all around.

If you’re looking for places to start upgrading your Westchester home, including siding repair in Westchester NY, here are some ideas.

Four Ways to Make Your Westchester Home More Eco-Friendly

  • Replace your old incandescent light bulbs

If you’re still using old-style light bulbs with filaments, you’re basically wasting power. Modern Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) or Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) produce as much light as a regular bulb, but they last for much longer and with far lower energy usage. You can even get yellow-tinted versions if you prefer the ‘warm’ look of incandescent bulbs.

  • Upgrade your windows

Modern windows are designed to be much more energy-efficient than older versions. They include two or three panes of glass, which have an inert gas (like argon) in between the panes. This gives them excellent insulation and blocks more UV rays from entering your home. Westchester window installers have numerous styles and builds to choose from.

  • Keep your siding repaired

If you have siding on your Westchester home, you know how good it can be at insulating your home – but only if it’s properly maintained. If your siding is failing, or the insulation below has become damaged, you should get that fixed promptly. Siding repair in Westchester will quickly pay for itself by lowering your heating or cooling bills.

  • Consider low-flow water fixtures

“Low flow” used to be a dirty word, suggesting showers, toilets, and sinks that don’t provide enough water to be usable. That’s not the case anymore! Today’s low-flow fixtures are engineered to work well, while still substantially reducing your water usage. For example, dual flush toilets let you use half the water for ‘regular’ flushing, while still having the option for a full flush when more power is necessary.

C.E.T. Painting offers numerous ways for Westchester residents to add green upgrades to their homes, including better siding and window options. If you are looking to upgrade, these are great places to start. Contact us to discuss your options or schedule an appointment.

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