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Is It Worth Putting Siding On Your Westchester, NY, Home?

Is It Worth Putting Siding On Your Westchester, NY, Home?

There are a lot of options on how to update your Westchester home’s exterior, while still protecting it from the elements. Home siding can be an excellent choice, and siding today is better than ever. It looks nicer and lasts much longer than siding installed in previous decades while offering numerous benefits.

C.E.T. Painting are your experts in siding repair and installation in Westchester, NY. Here are just a few reasons to consider siding for your next home renovation!

Four Big Benefits Of Choosing Home Siding In Westchester

1 – Strong waterproofing

We see a lot of rain and snow in Westchester, so it’s critical to keep your home protected from the elements. Siding is one of your best possible options for waterproofing. The siding itself is completely waterproof, so it provides shielding across nearly all of your home. This protects the exterior of your house and ensures that no water makes its way inside to cause damage.

2 – Improved insulation

Sure, there are waterproof paints and other alternatives – but they won’t insulate your home like siding can. Siding brings a two-in-one benefit: keeping water out while keeping your air conditioning in. Siding also helps prevent sunlight from warming your interior too much. When combined with foam insulation underneath, siding can really help you keep your heating and cooling bills low.

3 – Keeping pests out

Another major threat to homes is the possibility of pests like termites making their way indoors. Siding keeps them out as well. It’s inedible to insects who like to munch on our buildings while creating a strong physical barrier against other critters who might try to intrude on your home.

4 – Increasing your curb appeal

Siding installed in the 20th Century has a bad reputation – but don’t let that deter you from looking at modern siding! New types and styles of siding look fantastic, and they can be painted with virtually any color or finish you like. Some siding barely even looks like siding, such as faux-wood finishes. Good siding can truly make your home look great.

C.E.T. Painting offers a full range of home restoration services in Westchester County, including siding repair, installation, and repainting. If it’s time for an update to your home’s exterior, siding is one of your best possible options – and we’ll ensure that your home looks amazing after we’re done!

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