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Top Benefits of Hiring Expert Residential Painting Contractors

Top Benefits of Hiring Expert Residential Painting Contractors

It is common for people to shy away from hiring professionals for assorted services assuming DIY is the cheaper and better option. However, this is not true. From expensive mistakes to unimpressive results, if you really think about it, DIY may end up costing you a lot more than a professional job ever could!

C.E.T. Painting lists the top benefits of hiring experts for painting jobs.

Time Management

We live in a busy world. You must have a lot of things that you have to do in 24 hours; taking up a DIY painting project may seriously hamper your ability to do them on time. Additionally, doing a comprehensive residential painting job yourself will take much longer than hiring professionals for it, which means longer disruptions around the house.

Better Work

One common misconception people have is that a paint job is slapping paint on the walls and making them look new. But it is so much more than that. A paint job requires the right products, prep, and techniques to give superior results. It also includes minor repairs and other supporting processes. DIY-ing a painting project may lead to you skipping all these crucial steps, which will inevitably lead to short-lived, subpar results. Thus, it is better to invest in a professional residential painting contractor instead.

Right Product Makes All the Difference

A quality paint job requires quality raw materials. An experienced residential painting contractor would know exactly what products would be suitable for your house depending on the location, weather, exposure, etc. These materials, when combined with the right tools and techniques, will give you flawless and durable results.

“Nothing but praise for this company and team. Every neighbor on my block took time to proactively let us know what a great job Carlos and his team were doing and wanted to know the name of the company. Very easy to recommend their services. Their work was precise, they showed up on time even though rain really threw a wrench in all their schedules, cleaned up every day, and left the site spotless”.

Jennifer H.

Cost Efficient

The primary benefit of DIY is its supposed inexpensiveness. However, in most cases, a DIY job means frequent delays, misjudgments, and mistakes, which brings the costs at par with or even above the costs of professional painting. All these issues are virtually absent in the work of an expert residential painting contractor.

Additionally, we must also account for the implicit cost of your time and labor invested in a DIY project. Including that in the calculations would give you a fairer view of the actual expense, which to your surprise, would not be far from professional services.


Most top residential painting contractors offer licensed and insured services. These offers are helpful as they do away with any cost liabilities in the event of an unsatisfactory job or accident. By safeguarding you against contingent liabilities, they help save costs.

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