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Top 3 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Residential Painting Contractor

Top 3 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Residential Painting Contractor

When you are planning a home painting project, it is tempting to finalize the first good residential painting contractor you see and get the process started. The eagerness of seeing the end result temporarily blurs the importance of a due and deliberate selection process which may backfire in the long run. Thus, it is best to invest some time and effort in selecting a good residential painting company that will let you make the most out of your painting project. C.E.T. Painting lists some important factors you can use to make a decision.

Verify Their Credentials

Naturally, the level of knowledge and experience a residential painting contractor has will directly influence the quality of services they provide. Checking your desired company’s qualifications, licenses, and experience level is a good start to your evaluation process. Another important factor you should check out is the reviews and testimonials of a company. Reading the feedback from previous clients will help you understand exactly how the company operates and what you can expect from them. You can easily find all relevant information on these topics on the company’s website.

Check Out Their Service Pages

The first step of the residential painting contractor selection process is to list your exact requirements and match them with the company’s services. Say you need to hire interior painting services but also wish to get your deck pressure washed and stained. In this situation, you should ideally go for a company that offers all these services to streamline your process. Hiring a company that provides a wide range of related services, apart from interior and exterior painting, will allow you more flexibility in your project and make reserves for last-minute additions, too.

We’ve used C.E.T. for replacing casement windows, replacing our front door, exterior painting, and most recently, repairing water damage (including interior re-painting) to damaged sheetrock, flooring and molding in our finished basement. Carlos is always responsive, thorough, easy to get estimates and schedule the work. The quality of the work has been excellent; the crew is always on time and does the small extras that make the job complete. Prices have always been very fair.  I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Virginia B.

Sign Up for The Best Deal

As a customer, you obviously want to make the most out of your spending. While getting quality services is a top priority, you should also pay attention to the fact that expensive things are not necessarily superior. Compare the costs and services of various companies to find the best deal. Additionally, companies that offer free estimates and licensed and insured services should be given top priority.

Find Top Residential Painting Contractors Near You

From interior and exterior painting to siding installation, pressure washing, carpentry, and more, C.E.T. Painting is the one-stop solution for all your home remodeling and painting needs. We offer expert home services that are licensed and insured. Contact us to schedule a FREE estimate today!

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