Exterior Painting

All You Need to Know About Exterior Painting

All You Need to Know About Exterior Painting

Do you want to give your house a makeover but don’t have a lot to spend? Well, don’t worry just yet, it’s still possible. It’s amazing how much a simple paint job can transform the overall look and curb appeal of a home.

Getting a professional to help you select the proper paint color based on your exterior design scheme can help you to achieve overwhelming results from what seems like a simple paint job.

Here, the experts at C.E.T. Painting share some top color tips that you can use to make the most out of your next exterior house painting job.

Know What You Want

Knowing your ultimate goal is key to making all the right decisions. So, before you begin painting or even selecting the colors, ask yourself: ‘What do I seek to achieve from this exterior paint job?’ If you see yourself occupying the house for a long time, then go with what you would prefer. However, if you wish to simply upgrade and sell the house quickly, then focus on industry trends and demands to make the most out of your exterior paint job.

Take Your Surroundings into Account

Take note of what surrounds your home. This includes factors like the backdrop, garden, and even the typical climate of the place. If your house is in a place where the weather is always bright and sunny, you should focus on lighter colors. This is because darker colors not only fade in bright light but also absorb heat more quickly. Similarly, if the background of your home is lush green, and filled with trees and plants, you should try more neutral colors. The greenery of your surroundings will compliment it perfectly.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture

It is important to stick to the theme of your house. It is a no-brainer that not all palettes work with all kinds of architecture. Therefore, while choosing your color palette, you should first figure out what colors work with the overall style and design of your home, and then build from it.

Know The Fixed and Variable Elements

When it comes to painting the exterior of your house, there are going to be certain elements that you can change and certain elements that you can’t. It is important for you to plan the color of your variable elements around your fixed ones to ensure that there is harmony in the overall look. For example, things like the roof, windows, tiles, etc., will remain the same. Try to take a cue from the color of these elements and plan your paints accordingly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Inspired

A little inspiration never hurt anyone. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and see what your neighbors have done with their homes. Take note of what you like and what you don’t and use them in planning your own look.

You can also use the broader perspective and channel the neighborhood’s overall aesthetic to select your colors. It would help your house stand out without sticking out in the neighborhood.

Run a Test

It is okay if you cannot immediately decide what exact colors you want. Just shortlist your favorites to a top few and run sample tests. Pick a relatively isolated area with good lighting and try out your top colors. See what goes well with what and make your final decision only after you are completely satisfied with the results.

Be Sure Not to Overdo It

The best advice is to keep it simple. Do not try to introduce too many ideas or colors all at once. Putting on too much will almost always look chaotic and unbalanced. Instead, focus on one theme and use no more than three or four colors to do it justice.

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