Transform Your Home with these Exterior Painting Tips from Our Contractors

The exterior of your home says everything about your design preferences and is the outside world’s glimpse into your style.

Are you thinking about upgrading the look of your home this summer? Let’s review a few exterior painting tips from our contractors, as we help you transform your property.

Our Contractors’ Tips for Painting the Exterior of Your Home

  • Combine white with aquamarine

A common trend this year is to blend white with aquamarine to grab the attention of onlookers. For example, you can paint your siding white while adding aquamarine shutters.

Then, to finish off the exterior painting work, you can add a splash of tangerine to your door for eye-catching appeal.

  • Blend stormy grey with bright reds

Grey can be customized for any home and comes in a range of hues. You might use stormy grey as the dominant color of your siding.

You can paint your eaves trough, doors, and window frames with bright paprika red to outline the design.

  • Contrast yellow and black

The bright appeal of yellow paint contrasts effectively with black tones to provide classical appeal.

For example, you might harness buttercream yellow walls for the exterior of the home, and then offset the brightness with a black shingled roof.

Tips for Selecting Exterior Paints

Our exterior painting contractors can help you maximize the look of your home. We recommend the following steps for choosing exterior paints:

  • Highlight architectural details

Ensure the focus is on those small architectural touches of which you’re most proud. For example, you can highlight brown shingles with warmer tones across the exterior.

  • Review the neighborhood

The best exterior designs blend with their environment. Check the other homes in your neighborhood before finalizing your exterior work.

  • Analyze local trends

You can extend your search across the region to see which trends others are using. This approach is usually the best way to get an idea of what you want and to see how it might look.

  • Focus on lighter and darker variations

If the dominant color on the exterior of your home is darker, use lighter accents to complete the design work. Do the opposite if you’re working with a lighter dominant color.

C.E.T. Painting

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