2020 marks a new decade.  Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, the country’s leading paint companies, have announced new colors for the year. These colors are First Light (2102-70) and Naval (SW 6244), respectively. Both companies have provided consumers with excellence and glamorous options from their new colors. These rich colors symbolize new beginnings that provide exciting decorating schemes for their homes. Let’s jump into the details and see how we can make the best use of each gorgeous color.

Benjamin Moore’s First Light (2102-70)

Benjamin Moore’s First Light (2102-70)

As its name indicates, First Light represents a new dawn or the beginning of a new day. It is an attractive, versatile shade of pink – a neutral which floats between cool and warm. This color can be used anywhere in your house. Benjamin Moore announced that First Light represents a new dawn of design, living, and idealism. First Light was blended with a bright new decade in mind, the rosy hue blooms with promising potential.

Benjamin Moore’s Director of Development and Color Marketing, Andrea Magno, says: “First Light represents a shift in mindset. It is meant to satisfy several needs in life which are: optimism, security, comfort, self-expression, community, and authenticity.” First Light is seen as a substitute to warm neutrals like beige and cream. It’s cheerful and soft, meaning that it can bring joy to any space.

Benjamin Moore announced that First Light could blend or pair with nine harmonious colors. These colors include Windmill Wings (2067-60) and Cushing Green (HC-125). First Light is easy to mix with other colors to give you your desired results when having C.E.T. Painting decorate your home. Download the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2020 brochure for additional recommendations.

Sherwin-Williams’ Naval (SW 6244)

Sherwin-Williams' Naval (SW 6244)

Naval is a serene navy shade that creates a grounding environment that is full of confidence. It paves the way for the wellness of the soul, mind, and body for the new decade. It embraces nature by resembling the depths of the sea or the night sky. It evokes feelings of calm, and it mixes perfectly with textures and natural materials that blend with navy blue.

Naval meets our needs as humankind to interact with nature. It works perfectly with soft leather, gleaming metals, polished marble, and sophisticated patterns. Sherwin-Williams came up with this shade intending to appreciate nature’s beauty, even bringing this hue indoors to beautify our home.

As a neutral, interior designers can pair Naval SW 6244 with warmer tones and natural materials such as brass accents and woven-fiber rugs. It combines perfectly with Kale Green (SW 6460), Midday (SW 6695), and Tarnished Trumpet (SW 9026). It’s perfect for interior spaces, and it can be used as a pop of color on an accent wall, front door or an entire room. Use the ColorSnap® Visualizer tool to model the combinations in a home setting.

With the leading paint brands introducing colors of the year meant to usher in a new decade, there is no doubt that the coming years will see them come up with shades that blend perfectly with these new paint colors. If you wish to make your home trend with these latest colors, consider using C.E.T. Painting for interior painting to ensure that your home gets a perfect paint job. Review the testimonials on our website or call us at (914) 615-1415 to schedule an appointment.

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