Westchester County has many beautiful communities because homeowners believe in keeping up their neighborhoods. Avoid becoming an eyesore and keep in lockstep with your neighbors by maintaining your home with regular repairs and repainting. Home improvement paints a positive picture of the house’s occupants and lifts your surroundings. It also shows your commitment to your neighborhood and community.

Exterior painting projects go beyond picking the right color for your home. Painting experts advise that a homeowner should consult a painting firm. High quality goes beyond applying a fresh coat of paint. House painting not only requires important prep work, but also possibly carpentry repair work to correct minor defects.

Some painting companies might mislead you into thinking that painting only requires a coat of paint and a painting brush. They’ll offer you a method that is faster and cheaper but neglects to refurbish material in need of repair. If you end up having to redo a paint job because the paint chipped fairly quickly, then cheap becomes expensive. A shortcut peril would be spending more money in the medium run to remediate, say, rotting wood.

Competent commercial painting experts like C.E.T. Painting use their skills to deliver quality work. We not only advise you on needed repair, but we also deliver long lasting and beautiful paint jobs. Our team will walk with you around your house. Our free estimate includes a professional carpenter assessment to advise you on the scope of the project.

Quality Exterior Carpentry & Carpentry Repairs

Exterior home painting services go hand in hand with exterior carpentry services. The two combined are crucial to increase curb appeal and at the same time increase your home’s longevity. We check for damaged or rotten wood on decks and window frames. We also install railings, restore fences, and replace the trim around doors and windows. After fixing damaged parts, we further inspect your home to make sure that we find leak sources to prevent future damage. After that, we proceed to the exciting part of giving your home a fresh coat of paint.

C.E.T. Painting has years of experience in carpentry services and exterior home painting services. We paint commercial buildings and private residential houses. We have the expertise of painting wooden siding, stucco, shingles, wooden trim, exterior windows and doors, exterior brick, porches, decks, aluminum or vinyl siding. Our interior painting services include wood staining, wallpaper installation and removal, cabinet painting, and cabinet installation. We are painting contractors who stand behind our work.

We’ve included pictures of carpentry repair in Ossining and exterior home painting in Ossining, NY. Be sure to visit our gallery to see more examples of our work. Watch or read testimonials to hear what our customers have to say about us. We leave your home in pristine condition, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. For quotes and appointments, send us a message through our website or call (914) 615-1415.

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