Bathroom Color Ideas & Painting Tips

As residential interior painters, we’re always being asked to recommend colors and themes for interior projects. The important thing that we always remind our customers is that there is no right answer; what might seem like a beautiful color to one homeowner, might not be so great to another. Always be sure that at the end of the day you are happy with the color you choose (regardless of what anyone else thinks).

Now, with that being said, our C.E.T. Painting team has outlined a few great bathroom color schemes you can entertain if you are planning a painting project.

White & Black Never Dies

There’s nothing wrong with going with a timeless option; in fact, there is a reason they are timeless since they can work in any era and any home. White walls to match black bathroom tiling is a very trendy and popular look right now. Just keep in mind that dust and watermarks can show up easier on this type of flooring.

Adding white marble flooring to white walls with black accents is another great option that can really make your bathroom have that classic and elegant feel.

Bold Colors

Since you are giving your bath a makeover, why not think outside the box? While neutral colors can work, try something bold like a blue, grey, or even red. Adding some accent colors to different rooms and walls can be a great way of making rooms in your home pop. As mentioned, accent walls can be a great focal point for any room, including your bathroom, so don’t be afraid to try it out in yours.

You can look at some home magazines and shows to find some inspiration or ideas for bold new colors and looks.

Adding Texture

Have you thought of adding some texture to your bathroom? For small bathrooms this can add some extra depth. If you are mulling over this option, it’s best to be 100% sure since adding texture to a wall is a lot easier than removing. Darker colors are recommended, but warm colors can also add a certain comfort to the feel of your bathroom.

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