To many, the painting process seems like a walk in the park. Most people seem to think that once they have decided which paint best suits their home, they are halfway through the painting process. Well, this is never the case. Professional painters are diligent with their work, and they know that all paint jobs require decent prep work. Unfortunately, not everyone who can hold a paintbrush knows about the crucial steps of proper prep work. Some rush through it or minimize the required task while others skip it altogether. These are the ones who will likely charge less than the price set in the market value for painting services. So, if you are skeptical about the quote you receive from a potential painting contractor, it will be prudent if you do a little background research before getting into a contract with them. You might do this by finding their work or researching reviews.

The Importance of Proper Prep Work before Painting

Preparing the surface you are painting will save you from the agony of finding different painters to re-do a shoddy paint job. This also means that proper prep work saves your finances, in the long run. If you do not prepare whatever surface you are painting, be it outdoor or indoor, the paint will not take. You will be wasting your efforts because the paint will be difficult to apply; it might leave streaks or flake off. Professional painters know that prep work is necessary for a smooth painting process that will have long-lasting results. When proper prep work is done on your project, you are halfway through the painting process.


A well trained or an experienced painter knows that the steps required for preparing for a particular surface are not necessarily the same steps that will be needed when painting a different surface. Different surfaces require different preparation procedures. Moreover, preparation procedures for a particular surface type at a home’s interior may be different for the same kind of surface at a home’s interior. Using the wrong product or procedure will leave you with a mess on your hands. Surface preparation is valuable because it makes the paint stick to the material it is anchored to. Removing anything that might hinder superior adhesion includes:

  • Repairing surface damage.
  • Removing old or failed coatings.
  • Removing dirt.
  • Removing rot.
  • Removing mold and mildew.

What Proper Painting Prep Work Includes

Proper painting prep work might be filling holes in walls or drywall repairs. The process should ensure that your walls are level. Otherwise, if you don’t do this, you risk your finished job having serious imperfections. A deck’s prep work includes sanding, cleaning, and pressure washing to ensure that your wood is free of debris and dirt before receiving a new stain/paint. Proper painting surface preparations also include:

  • Priming
  • Scraping
  • Patching
  • Stucco repair
  • Wood repair and replacement

Before any paint is done, is the surface to be painted a damaged area? Are there large holes or drywall screws?  Is taping knife required?  Should mesh tape be used?  Do floor sanders needs to be applied?  How detailed is the work and should a palm sander be used instead of an orbital sander?  Is the applied paint oil based?  How many coats of paint are needed?  Or, in the case of outdoor work, what is the condition of the deck board?  Which type of brushes or rollers are used to avoid roller marks?

Choosing the Right Paint

Once you have taken care of the prep work, the next crucial step is choosing the right paint. When you choose the wrong paint-for instance, using outdoor paint indoors-you waste your money, time, and effort. When paint that is meant for indoor purposes is used outdoors, it will chip, flake, fade, and weather away within a short period. Make sure that you use the right formula for the area or place you want to paint. If you are unsure of the right paint for your project, consult with C.E.T Painting for suggestions and advice.

Need a Painting Firm in Ossining? Trust C.E.T Painting

If you need the help of a professional painting firm for your project in Ossining, New York, trust C.E.T Painting. We have the most qualified painters in the industry, and our work speaks for itself. Our expertise allows us to do proper prep work that ensures that our final product is done to perfection. For quotes and inquiries, contact us through our website or by calling (914) 615-1415.

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