3 Things to Consider When Replacing Siding


Your home’s siding is like a roadside billboard; just like people are attracted to beautiful and catchy billboards, they will also judge your home according to what they first see, which is your siding.

When homeowners decide upon a home improvement project, they should give it a lot of thought. When doing so, they should keep in mind that their decisions will determine the aesthetic value of their homes for the next few years.

Other than choosing the best time of year, overall costs and working with the right siding contractors, there are various things that you should consider before replacing your home’s siding. They include:

1) Choosing the Right Color

New siding elevates your home’s curb appeal. Not only does it transform your home’s appearance, but it also makes you feel great whenever you pull into your driveway.

Moreover, new siding will boost your home’s attractiveness to potential home buyers. Investing in your home’s exterior is among the best investments to make. The color of your siding plays a significant role in various things both inside and outside your home.

When you want to choose the right color of your new siding, take a walk around your neighborhood to see what other homeowners have done. Doing this will be helpful because it will help your home blend in with other houses around your area. In terms of matching the color, do you want to go with your existing colors or match other homes in your area? Installing new siding that has a shouting color will make your home the center of attraction, which probably is the last thing you need. You should also consult with your homeowner’s association in case they have strict rules about siding and paint colors of houses around your neighborhood.

2) Should the Siding be Repaired or Replaced?

You have to decide whether you should replace or repair damaged siding when doing a home makeover. Another option is to re-stain the existing siding if it is in good condition.

At times, doing simple repairs here and there on your siding will do. However, if your siding is quite old or has water damage, repairing your siding can be more expensive than replacing it.

To find out if your siding needs repairs, perform a close-up inspection on your siding. If it appears warped, use a tool like a screwdriver to poke beneath it to determine how firm the layer underneath your siding feels.

Mold or mildew on your walls indicates that your siding allows excess moisture into your home. It would help if you also inspected your wallpaper and your paint. Sagging wallpaper and peeling paint also show that your siding is allowing too much moisture into your walls. Finally, you should inspect for dry rot, especially if you have a wood siding. To determine areas that have succumbed to dry rot, use a hammer or a screwdriver to tap the surface of your siding. If you discover that there is dry rot, it is time to replace your siding.

3) Choosing the Right Siding Material

When you want to replace your siding, you must consider which material you will use. To select the best material for your siding, you must take several factors into account. The first thing that you should consider is the climate of your house’s location. Choose a siding that best suits the weather conditions of your home area. Consulting with your contractor about siding options should consider material cost, functionality and suitability for your climate.

You should also consider siding that your neighbors have installed. Ask them of their experience and consider the potential impact on your neighborhood’s value. Consider when choosing a siding material your willingness to maintain it. Will the material that will be installed be cheap or expensive? Vinyl siding requires the least amount of maintenance while wood siding requires the most.

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Your home’s siding is a long-term project. As such, give it serious consideration before choosing to repair or replace what you already have. Let the experts at C.E.T. Painting assist you with a free quote to help you make the best decision about the exterior of your home. We are happy to share our extensive experience in the business and provide a custom quote for work on your home. Consult with C.E.T. Painting experts, and you will not regret your decision as our many reviews will confirm. For quotes and inquiries, please send us a message through our website or call (914) 615-1415.

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