Planning for an All-Inclusive Home Remodel

As a homeowner, you probably love your location and can’t imagine living anywhere else. That’s why it’s important to think about the future when you plan your next phase of remodeling. Understanding these key principles can help you choose your next home remodeling contractors in Westchester NY, and future-proof your property.

Universal Design.

The principle of making all living areas accessible for residents of any age is known as universal design. For some homes, it means non-slippery floors and easily reached light switches. For others, it might mean varying kitchen counter heights and safer bathrooms.

Aging in Place/Living in Place.

One recent development in aging theory has been aging in place. Many programs and principles are being developed to create home environments that are unobtrusively inclusive, letting family elders live as long as possible in a familiar environment that suits their needs.

Universal design often starts with kitchens and bathrooms, helping make high-traffic areas comfortable and accessible.

Inclusive Kitchens

A wall-mounted oven. Pull-out shelves. Multiple counter-heights. These are just a few aspects of accessibility that help put key items within reach, allowing all members of the family to pitch in when needed.

Take your kitchen to the next level with D-shaped cabinet pulls, lever handles on the faucet, and an under-counter mini-fridge and/or microwave in the island to give everyone the chance to help.

Remodel Kitchen | C.E.T Painting

Inclusive Bathrooms

Linear drains. Curbless showers. Detachable showerheads. Many of these solutions are practical and elegant, making the machinery of the bathroom invisible while providing relaxing experiences that are safe for family members with any level of physical ability.

Double-down on the spa-like bathroom feeling with lever-style door handles, touchless faucets, slip-resistant flooring, or even a voice-activated shower.

Remodeling to an all-inclusive home in Westchester?

Transitioning to an all-inclusive home is as easy as calling home remodeling contractors in Westchester NY and requesting a quote.

As a remodeling contractor, C.E.T. Painting has been a trusted advisor for over 10 years in Westchester county. We never leave a job until our clients are happy, and we offer fully-bundled services with vetted partners.

Contact us today to get started on your home improvement project!


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