How to Find a Professional Painter for Residential Jobs?

As a homeowner, you’re probably confident in being able to DIY a lot of small jobs around the house, but the bigger your property gets, the sooner you’ll realize that residential interior painting might not be one of them.

Why hire a professional interior house painter?

Your surfaces might just need too much work. Setting aside the painting itself, the perfect residential interior paint job might involve textured coatings, sanding, scraping, caulking, and hole filling, and that’s not even mentioning setting up drop cloths, color matching, and work needing ladders and safety equipment.

That’s a lot of tools and a lot of expertise. If your home is in need of an interior refresh, painting can get very overwhelming, very quickly.

Ask the right questions.

A professional residential painter will provide estimates, and you should always ask for one. Low price doesn’t always mean the highest quality, so you should also ask about details of the paints being used, and warranty terms to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Ask your potential contractor about cleanliness. Pros who use drop cloths and wear shoe coverings won’t track mud all over your house; who wants to hire contractors who don’t sweep up any dirt they leave behind?

Always check to see if your painters perform repairs. Sometimes the paint hides damage or moisture. It’ll cost more money, in the long run, to work with a contractor who paints over to hide these faults, instead of offering to make repairs.

It’s not just about how a professional interior house painter works, sometimes it’s about what they see. Ask about color choice. Professionals can give advice on the right colors to use that look good together, and even recommend particular brands of paint or grades.


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