To Save or To Splurge: Are Budget Paints an Option?

You built your home from the ground up and you’re almost done.  Or maybe, you have lived in your house for some years and when you look around; you realize it’s time for a fresh coat of paint for your interior design. It’s natural to want to save every dime that you possibly can, but it’s not always advisable. That said, it is wise to know when to splurge and when to save when it comes to your home’s details.


Splurge on the Paint

There are situations that require splurging for convenience purposes. It’s important to invest in quality with items such as sofas and mattresses, but it is more important to invest in a quality paint job. To have a unique and outstanding house in your neighborhood, your paint job must be on fleek. To achieve that glamorous interior and exterior finish, you need to turn a blind eye to bargain paints.


Paints have three components; resins, pigments, and solvents. Pigments give paints their colors, solvents are the liquid carriers that suspends the pigments and resins are the ingredients that allow the binding of the pigments once the solvents evaporate.  They give paints their gloss. High-quality paints are more expensive because they have high-quality components. For instance, high-quality paints have high-quality resins which are more durable especially in high traffic areas. On the other hand, less expensive paints are diluted with more solvents which mean less color payout.


Doing another new paint job shortly after moving into your house is not only expensive, but also inconvenient. Painting again because the paint does not look good or is already wearing, can feel like death by a thousand stings. You can prevent this by investing in high-end paints that do not come off easily. Skimping on paints will, in the long run, cost you more. A good paint job increases and maintains your home’s value.  Now that we know splurging on paint is worth the expense, let us discuss the specific parts of your home which need high-quality paints for them to stand out.


Walls and Ceilings

The color of your walls and ceilings dictate the theme of the rooms in a house and the moods they set. Choose colors that will match your furniture or those which blend with your interior décor. Also, paint your rooms in different colors depending on the purpose of the room.


Baseboard and Crown Molding

After painting your walls and ceilings, you have to add character to your plain house. One of the ways to do this is through molding. Crown molding trims around your ceilings and on top of cabinets. The process transforms your house from a simple, plain house to a unique, elegant house. After adding or installing classic crown and baseboard molding to your rooms, coat the strips of the trim or the crown material with your desired high-end paint.


Wardrobe and Cabinets

Besides window casings, doors, baseboard and crown materials, you should also consider investing in the color quality of your interior home decors such as cabinets and wardrobes. For instance, staining your kitchen cabinets makes your home stand out. These are the little but crucial details that improve the quality of your home and take it from pretty to outstanding.   


Investing in quality paints may seem a little extravagant taking into account the ready availability of cheaper paints in the market, but it is worth the expense in the long run. High-end paints not only separate your home from other houses, but they are also cost-effective since you won’t need to repaint as often. Premium paints and a reputable painter are exactly what you need to make the final touches to your house appear perfect. If you consider repainting your house, make sure you consult with the best painters who appreciate the value of prep work before commencement of a long-lasting paint job.


If you are ready to make an investment in your home and only the best will do, please contact C.E.T. Painting. Between our years of experience, quality and value why would you trust your home to anyone else? For more information, visit our website or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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