Should I Add Landscape Lighting to My Home

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Our homes give us a sense of pride and joy. Once you have planted your flower beds, laid down your lawn and set up a barbecue at that perfect location, you may think everything is perfect; that your work is done. There is more though! Other elements which immediately spring to mind may be garden and grounds maintenance, planters, water features or furniture. You also need to add garden lights and landscape lighting to highlight the best features of your yard to make it warm and beautiful. Doing this makes any yard go an extra mile for it makes it come to life at night.

Strategically placed lights highlight your home’s architectural features. They also add what realtors call “curb appeal.” Landscape lighting has numerous benefits. It beautifies, adds value and security to your home. If you are considering outdoor lighting, you have to take several things into account which will help you choose the best lighting systems. The most important aspect which will assist you to make sound decisions about landscape lighting is your house’s paint color. But before we get to the details of the color of your paint job, let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of landscape lighting.

As previously mentioned, the benefits of outdoor lighting are:

  • Enhancing your home’s security.
  • Improving safety in your home.
  • Adding your home’s value.
  • Adding visual appeal to your home.

Security. Burglars are attracted to dark homes. Landscape lighting deters thieves. Outdoor lighting will draw attention to your house. It increases the chances of a passerby or neighbor catching a thief in action. When your perimeter is well illuminated, you will easily detect anyone lurking around your yard. You will also have a better view of your home when arriving at night.

Home Value. No matter your home’s design or size, landscape lighting enhances the positives; adding dimension and style. A modest home emphasizes its best features with well-placed flood lighting. Light adds dynamic form and space to bland exteriors. As such, landscape lighting increases your home’s value offering an advantage when selling the property. Well-lit homes are more attractive to potential buyers.

Improve safety. Outdoor lighting helps with visibility; decreasing the chances of your guests or family tripping and falling. Outdoor activities or parties which take place at night can be dangerous if darkness obscures cracked walls and uneven paths. Homeowners are liable for accidents which occur on their property. Landscape lighting will help avoid such mishaps and accidents. Better safe than sorry.

Visual appeal. When properly installed, strategically placed wash lights highlight the architectural details of your home. Your home will be more appealing to guests and household members especially if they get a chance to use your outdoor space for nighttime activities. Who of us haven’t driven past a home at night and admired the beautiful landscaping and architecture highlighted with lighting?


How Visual Appeal Changes Under Artificial Lights

In as much as landscape lighting beautifies your home, it might have its downfalls when it comes to the paint color of your walls when viewed at night. It’s a fact that light changes the appearance of any color. As a homeowner, you have put a lot of time and expense into choosing the right paint color and finishes. However, the colors of the paint on your walls change at night. This is because when colors and light interact, paint colors look different. For instance, during the day when the sun is brightest, your home’s paint colors look brighter than after sunset. Certain artificial lights from halogen and fluorescent bulbs warm up colors because of their wavelengths. This is something homeowners can keep in mind when choosing exterior paint colors.

Is Landscape Lighting Right for me?

With the above knowledge, you might be wondering if you can add landscape lighting to your home. Definitely! You can add landscape lighting.  To achieve the best result, make sure your wall paint color will blend with the artificial lights you have selected. Although the colors of your walls may not look as perfect at night compared to daytime, always have in mind that the best time to show off the paint colors on your walls is during the day.  With nighttime lighting, you have another opportunity to showcase your beautiful home and landscaping.

If you are ready to move forward with your project and want the best results, please do not hesitate to contact C.E.T. Painting for a free estimate. Between our years of experience, quality and value why would you trust your home to anyone else? For more information, visit our website or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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