Protecting Furniture and Floors While Doing an Interior Paint Job

It all starts with choosing the right color scheme for your interior. It not only requires a certain amount of creativity and imagination but also someone who is experienced and skilled in paying keen attention to details. But of course more is involved than having a rough idea about the paint color to have a positive result. Many colors will look good as long as they are applied in the right manner. However, the best paint jobs result from looking at your interior space with a keen and critical eye.

Professional painters can also be used as design consultants.  They can help you choose the right color scheme to match your aesthetic and give your home that exact feeling your looking for. C.E.T. Painting  is a fully licensed painting firm with professional painters that excel in interior, exterior and commercial painting. If you reside around Ossining, NY and have decided to do some paint job to your house, look no further than C.E.T. Painting.  You can rest assured that we will make sure to protect your furniture and floors while we work.

At times, you may want to do the painting yourself rather than choosing a painting contractor.  Our experts’ advice before embarking on any paint job is that you should have proper interior preparations. Take your time to create a working list which will serve as a valuable and helpful reference during the project. Doing this will save you hours of frustrations as well as the avoidance of setbacks. The next step you should take is protecting your furniture, wall plates, and your floor:

Furniture Protection

It is essential to move furniture out of your way while painting. Pro painters’ advice is that you should move furniture out of the room or alternatively, move them towards the center of the room. It is crucial that they are far from the walls. You risk damaging your furniture if you fail to do this. Also be cautious when dealing with the bathroom. Make sure you protect the sides of the toilet tank. Use painter’s plastic to cover the furniture. It is advisable to completely remove items that are vulnerable to paint.

Remove Wall Plates

Removing furniture from the walls will expose outlet covers and wall switches. Remove them along with return and vent covers. Be keen to avoid pulling loose or tearing the drywall surface paper.

Floor Protection

Layout floor coverings in your working areas. If you are painting the walls, provide cover three feet away from the walls. Cover the entire floor if you are painting a ceiling. Canvas drop cloths are the best carpet covers. Unlike plastic, they easily spread out. They also stay put without tape and will not cause the ladder to slip-slide on the carpet. Bunching them along the walls will make sure they do not move. Use dustpans or putty knives to scoop up spills. Laying protection over your wall not only saves your floor, but it also allows you to spread your painting tools if they are constrained to a single place. This will help you work at a faster rate without much restriction while painting.

At C.E.T. Painting we have professionals with years of experience in painting under their belt. Satisfaction of our clients is our mantra. We not only do their paint job within the time specified, but we also do a great job. We take every paint job seriously as if it was our last job. If you are not satisfied with their results, we offer a free paint guarantee which means you will not pay a dime until your paint job expectations are met. Give us a call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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