Inspiring ideas for home interior paint color

Research on color psychology proves that colors affect our moods. The colors we paint our homes’ interior conveys how the space around us feels. As such, we cannot afford to make the mistake of choosing the wrong paint colors for our homes. With C.E.T. Painting’s help, paint woes will be a thing of the past. We are here to make sure you paint your home with the vivid colors from your dreams; there is no room for errors leading to do-overs. Use our color ideas to create your style.


The reason why we always remember the first time we did anything or met anyone is that first impressions lasts forever. Most people make assumptions based on first impressions. For this reason, we cannot afford to go wrong with our entryways. Besides foyer designs and furniture, entryway paint color speaks volume about the message we want to send. If you want entryways to feel like Caribbean oases, paint their walls with a jewel-toned color like jade-green. Consider adding potted plants to complete the look. Deep violet with pops of yellow is also ideal to small entryways. It evokes the feeling of summer flowers such as lilac.

Dining Room

People come together in dining rooms to enjoy meals during gatherings and dinner parties. Dining rooms give hosts a chance to showcase their signature styles. From traditional to modern dining rooms styles, neutral ‘earth tones’ like brown and beige always works out in these spaces. Indigo adds a moody depth to dining rooms. Dining room rose-colored walls alongside features like draped curtains and crystal chandeliers inspire romantic feelings. Hues of red and blue work as good for they set a welcoming tone in our dining rooms. Marigold is also ideal for bathrooms. To ensure vibrant yellow doesn’t overpower our space, use contrasting colors like blue or green and ensure that the moldings are white.


Contemporary, luxurious, rich or calming? What style do you enjoy the most? Regardless of your style, creating the bedroom of your dreams can be as easy as selecting one of C.E.T. Painting’s color palettes. Painting shades of blue are not only soothing, but they also adds dreamy qualities to our bedrooms. Other perfect colors for our bedrooms include greens and purples. Try our saturated green. It feels fresh; more like foliage or the farmers’ market. Adding botanical prints to that effect always works wonders on your moods. Pale green bedroom walls have the perfect color palette that is bright, tranquil and airy enough to assist you zone out easily. Shades of purple tend to give us a royal feeling. There is no better place to feel regal than in our bedrooms.


To turn our bathrooms into the retreat of our dreams, we have to take a bold step and paint them with daring color palettes. Shades of blues, greens, reds, and yellows are perfect for our bathrooms. Whites and bathroom neutrals also bring spa-like features to our bathrooms. Bathrooms with sunny, citrus lemon paints with patterned curtains give you a perfect picture of utopia.

Living Room

The colors you choose for your living room should highlight the existing architecture of your home. Colors that enhance or add interest to rooms without architectural features include hues of reds, yellows, blues, greens, and oranges. Whites and neutrals such as grey are perfect. They give the impression that a room is enlarged. To create an atmosphere that is more relaxing, paint your living room in bright green. It captures the light. Keep accents white and woodwork to tone it down for the best results.

Teenager Rooms

By the time our kids are teenagers, they already have an idea of what colors they like. With your help, they can choose perfect bedroom color schemes that reflects their personality. Teenager rooms have no specific color; it all depends on what your kid likes. Go through our color palettes with your teenage son/daughter, and you are sure to find a color that intrigues him/her.

At C.E.T. Painting, our clients are our biggest priority. We work with highly qualified professionals with years of experience in painting. We also make sure that you never part away with a dime until you are fully satisfied. For the best interior paint colors and paint jobs, email us at or give us a call on (914) 615-1415 for free consultations.

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