Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Replacing Your Windows

As sure as taxes, there will undoubtedly come a time when your old windows will need replacement. So, when is the right time to replace your windows or how do you know that your windows need replacement? Your windows may need replacement if they are leaking. Also, if you notice that your windows are foggy, difficult to open and close or have rotten sills and frames, it’s high time you consider replacing them.

Contemporary doors and windows are nothing new at C.E.T Painting; neither is modern architecture. C.E.T Painting is the number one firm which lets you choose your desired doors and windows based on your architectural style at an affordable price. Our unparalleled selection of doors and windows makes modern architecture easy to achieve. We have been a solid provider of customized windows since the trend began.


  • Our Product’s Diversity

Whether you own a French Eclectic, an International Modern, American Farmhouse, Cape Cod or Georgian style home, we have the right window combinations that blend perfectly with the materials used in building your home. We feature Andersen and American Craftsman windows. They include Specialty, Awning, Transom/Fixed/Picture, Casement, Single-Hung, Double-Hung, and Double-Hung Impact Windows. All of our products are labeled, rated and certified by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council).  

The NFRC is a nonprofit organization that provides credible, fair and accurate performance ratings for doors and windows. Products we deal with meet the criteria set by the U.S Department of energy and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency on energy efficiency. The certification criteria are generally based on heat loss and heat gain of each product depending on the location of your home in the U.S. In short; we are pleased to offer safe and durable windows that have been tried and tested. This crucial aspect has won us the trust of hundreds of homeowners and real estate investors.


  • How Many Panes Are Best For My New Windows?

Many homeowners are unsure about the number of panes their glass windows should have. When they go shopping for windows, their main concern is the price. Purchasing windows based on their cheapness means you only get cheap windows with nothing else to offer.

When shopping for new windows for replacement, focus on the protection of your home as well as energy efficiency. Purchase windows based on the number of panes and the windows’ framing. Installing windows with 2-3 panes for every glass is the standard rule. 2-3 panes don’t allow air seepage; neither do they crack easily. They are also strong, a factor to consider if your home frequently faces tropical storms. If you genuinely value your peace of mind, especially when sleeping, 2-3 window panes are the best for your house for they effectively cancel exterior noise.


  • Benefits of Window Replacement

The benefits of window replacement are numerous. New windows make your home stand out. They make a “wow” impact that will instantly be noticed. They not only provide enjoyment and comfort to homeowners, but they also increase the security of your home. Homeowners who install new windows immediately note that they provide consistent temperatures in their homes. They are easy to maintain, and at the same time, they add curb appeal to your treasured homes.

Did you know that new windows yield up to a 72% return to your investments? Enhancing the aesthetic value of your home translates to an increase in your home’s property value; a factor that is highly beneficial to real estate dealers looking to close deals at a faster rate. New windows also go a long way in helping you save energy use in your home. Regardless of whether you live in below-freezing temperatures or high humidity areas, replacement windows are vital for your house when they are needed.  They make your home stand out among the rest. Let’s discuss some of the additional benefits:


  1. Offer UV protection to your home

Most people prefer lots of natural light in their home. However, excess ultraviolet rays can result in the fading of your home’s interior. The only way of protecting your home’s furnishings, walls, and floors is by choosing windows which provide added protection from ultraviolet rays. Such windows have Low-E insulating triple-pane and double-pane glass with argon.

  1. Noise Reduction

Outside noise can be reduced by installing windows that have a glass option of noise reduction. Such high-quality windows are offered by brands such as Andersen and the American Craftsman, all of which are available at C.E.T. Painting.

  1. Save Your Money

You may be wondering how installing new windows save your money. Well, look at it from this point of view; old-school windows are not well insulated. This means that you spend a lot in your indoor cooling and heating system to keep out extreme outdoor conditions. Installing new, well-insulated windows helps you cut the cost of running and maintaining your home’s air conditioner.


  • Westchester’s’ #1 Windows and Painting Contractor


C.E.T. Painting boasts of quick and reliable services to its clients in Westchester and its environs at an affordable price. We have completed numerous projects that have earned us confidence with our clients as well as an excellent reputation for high-quality work.  For inquiries on Andersen and American Craftsman windows, get in touch with our superb customer service team by sending us an email at cetpainting@yahoo.com or by calling us at (914) 615-1415.

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