There are times and seasons for everything. Winter is now upon us. To some in Westchester County, this is excellent news because winter brings about feelings of joy; some play with snow while others sit by the fire, sipping hot chocolate thinking of past winter seasons and the good times ahead. Unfortunately, not everybody enjoys winter.

Around 5% of all Americans feel generally unhappy, tired, and depressed during winter. These people may suffer from a condition known as Seasonal Affective disorder, which only occurs during the winter season. They may tend to oversleep, gain weight, have low energy levels, and become easily irritated. So, what are some ways to overcome the winter blues and positively impact mental health? Let’s go through some mood boosting ways to do so.


Start a Winter Painting Project

Winter is when most people in Westchester County spend the most time at home. You can make these hours count by starting a winter project that is not only achievable but also enjoyable. One such project is giving the spaces in your house a fresh coat of paint. Doing so not only brightens your home’s outlook, but it also improves your moods when you apply specific paint colors to your walls. These colors include brown, orange, red, and yellow to those who are missing the sun. Adding hot hues with neutral settings is among the easiest ways to inject energy and warmth into your space.

Upgrade your Lighting


Go around your house and choose the main sources of light that you feel don’t give off the best light. When you find them, make a point of upgrading them to beautiful and bright showpieces that bring light to your space. You can also install colored bulbs in different spaces to boost the mood of the rooms, depending on how you use them.

Reflective Pieces

A good way of lifting the mood in different rooms is by including metallic pieces, lamps, and mirrors. Items which bounce light are considered instant mood lifters by light experts. Mirrors, lamps, and metallic accents work the double duty of bringing flashes of colors and gleaning glitter to your spaces.

Wall Art

Wall art brings energy to rooms and adds character to your spaces. You can pin up your children’s paintings, make art pieces, or buy them. Doing this brings feel-good factors to your interiors when the days get darker.

Soft Furnishings

During winter, you can make your home feel warm and cozy by filling your rooms with throws, rugs, bedding, and cushions. They make your home look great, and they are comfortable and affordable. Add bold and bright throw pillows to your sofas or purchase new bedspreads to liven things up.


Light therapy and painting your Westchester County home bright colors help rooms feel more comforting. These design cues help counter circadian rhythms and symptoms of sadness that sometimes occur due to shorter days and colder weather. If you are feeling overwhelming depressive symptoms, do consult a mental health professional. If what you need is a simpler “pick me up,” C.E.T. Painting has color psychology experts who can advise you on your interior painting project. We consider your furnishings, the intended results, and the positions of the main sources of natural light to your home before jointly deciding the best way forward with you. Get in touch with us by booking an appointment through our website or by calling (914) 615-1415.

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