Color Trends for Your Master Bedroom

Most Popular Color Trends for Your Master Bedroom

Choosing the best color scheme for your master bedroom is an important decision to help you maximize style and comfort. A wide variety of color options are always available to help you create a unique style that is perfect for your home. When planning a paint job, consider how the paint colors match or contrast with your existing decor. Every color palette evokes different emotions and so in thinking about bedroom colors, let’s explore some different ideas.

Four Great Colors for Residential Interior Painting Projects

Relax with a Blue Color Scheme

Choosing a blue color scheme is a great way to help you relax and unwind from each day. Soft misty blues are always a popular choice, or you may prefer a darker blue slate with white accents to help you brighten the room and take advantage of natural light.

Experience the Coziness of Gray & White

The colors of gray and white are another popular choice for a bedroom. White can open up the room and make it appear to be more spacious and brighter in the morning. Gray is also an excellent choice, and you can choose from a wide range of shades to best match your style.

Add Comfort with a Green Color Scheme

The color green also has a calming effect on your body, as it makes you feel much safer. A leafy or pale green color is a daring yet magnificent choice for a master bedroom. You can also choose a darker green if you prefer to immerse yourself in your bedroom. A white accent wall is also a popular choice to lighten up the entire room.

Enjoy the Beauty of Pastels & Pinks

Many people love to create a romantic design by using pastels and pinks for their master bedroom. A dusty rose is an excellent option that will change with the light to give your bedroom a unique style throughout the day and night. You can even choose to use a slight hint of pale yellow to add color and style for your bedroom.

Enjoy the Beauty of Pastels & Pinks


C.E.T. Painting Has You Covered

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