Telltale Signs it’s Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in Armonk, NY

Paint is like a shield that protects your home from external dangers. It is the first line of defense against the elements like harsh northeast winters and pests. Not only does the paint protect your home from the elements, it gives it a visual appeal. A well painted Westchester home gives a good impression to anyone who passes by and potential buyers. To give your home the best possible defense, make sure your paint is always on point. Most homeowners are not aware of the warning signs that it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.  Let’s discuss how your home is signaling you it’s time for a fresh paint job:


Peeling and chipping

Whenever paint starts to peel from the exterior surfaces of your home, then it’s time you hire a professional painting contractor to have your home repainted. When paint chips or peels off surfaces, it exposes the walls below to the elements. If left unattended, a small patch of peeling could result in a huge problem. Not to mention, a costly repair down the road.



Loss of color due to the fierce UV rays and water intrusion is a strong indication that your home needs repainting. Dull and washed out exterior surfaces indicate that the paint’s film is deteriorating. If your home’s exterior looks faded, it’s a good idea to call in a qualified painter to make your paint look just like new. Repainting will even out the color and give your home a beautiful refresh.


Dirty exterior

Exterior surfaces need regular cleaning to keep them in a good condition. If pressure washing does not get rid of the grime, it’s time to consider a new coat of paint.


Water stains

Water stains from over eager sprinklers can leave the exterior of your home looking uneven and blotchy. A new coat of paint will cover the stains and refresh the color.


Wood rot

Rotting wood around window or door frames is a sign that your current paint’s is failing to protect the surfaces below. Take immediate action to repaint and protect your home from further deterioration.


Color choice looks old-fashioned

It was the perfect “It” color of the moment. After a few years though, that color is making your home look dated. A fresh coat of paint can give your home the perfect updated look. This will be especially beneficial if you intend to sell in the near future.


Caulking problems

If the caulking around doors and windows is peeling off, cracked, or dried, it may be a sign to repaint your home.


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