Residential Interior Painting Experts: What Colors Work Best for Bathrooms?

Although bathrooms are where we spend the least amount of time in our homes, they are places we relax and rejuvenate; where we recharge our batteries. Most of us forget our troubles and put all our worries behind us while singing our hearts taking a shower. In short, bathrooms are the havens in our homes.  When there is peeling paint on the bathroom walls, it can be jarring.  So, why don’t we further the comforting mood by renovating these awesome rooms?

Bathroom renovations may take a few months and thousands of dollars. However, you can save a lot of money and time by doing a simple makeover with a fresh coat of paint. If you enjoy playing with paint, bathrooms are the perfect place to do that. Paint stands up to steam and splashes better than wallpapers. The color you choose sets the tone for the finished space and the entire design. Our bathrooms temporarily act as a retreat, and they can inspire different moods.

What colors are best for your bathroom?  White will never go out of style when it comes to any bathroom. Off-whites warm up and give life to dark spaces, while cool whites give spaces a clean and crisp look. For trendy looks, complement white with dark accent colors, such as hunter green, black, or navy blue. Tone-on-tone rooms, even white bathrooms that play with flat, semi-gloss, or glossy finishes can be dramatic in their own subtle way.

Whenever you want to choose a bathroom paint color, always have the style and space of your room in mind. Does your bathroom have a traditional space with ornate features and moldings, or is your bathroom modern and sleek with a clean-line vanity and tub? Streamlined architectures of modern bathrooms pair well with bright and bold hues, crisp whites, and pretty pastels, as opposed to tones that are more muted.

Traditional spaces look fantastic painted in any color. Brighter colors make statements, while softer shades create calming environments. Think of how your moldings, walls and ceilings will play and blend with your color schemes. White trims are classic looks that let darker colors stand out. To give your powder room an enveloping feel, paint the trim and ceiling the same color as your wall.

Light colors reflect light. For this reason, painting them in windowless or small spaces is a great idea. You can also embrace the lack of square footage or darkness with rich, moody hues. Whether you are ready for quick updates or making significant changes to your space, the colors discussed below will breathe new life to your bathroom

  •   Pink

Pink creates feelings of warmth and a flattering glow in a bathroom. Pairing it with black or white keeps your bathroom looking modern instead of girly.

  •   Black

Nothing adds drama and contrast quite like black. Pairing it with white brings a realistic feel that is still bold and bright. To create a moody space, pair black with darker hues and you will be surprised by the results.

  •   Bright White

This classic shade creates clean and crisp looks, which reflects light. Painting a small bathroom with this color makes it feel a bit bigger. To maintain a cohesive look, choose a hue which matches your bath furnishings and tile.

  •   Mint Green

To evoke feelings of calmness and nature, or to set a tranquil and relaxed tone, paint your bathroom with a soft minty green color. This color also captures the look of Italian villas and at the same time, make spaces feel larger.


  •   Aqua Blue

Ocean hues create spa-like space. Pale blue-green works perfectly in traditional and modern spaces such as the French chateau.

  •   Cobalt Blue

There are very few colors which are as iconic as the white and blue combination. The classic duo looks eccentric in a bath, where crisp white and cobalt blue can brighten the space. You can add an extra drama by using high-gloss finishes.

  •   Light Grey

Grey has always been for spaces in the house, including the bathroom. This soft, sophisticated shade always looks great with white sinks and bathtubs. Light grey always highlights the natural beauty of tiles and bathrooms.

  •   Blue Grey

This color has more depth than powder blue or pale grey but still brings about a fresh and serene effect.

  •   Yellow

Sunny yellow adds a playful and cheerful vibe to all bathrooms, including traditional bathrooms. Combining it with a white trim gives an energetic and classic look. Painting your bathroom with a yellow color will always motivate you to wake up in the morning.

Bathrooms are an essential part of our lives. They are where we go to refresh ourselves as well as unwind after a long and stressful day. This being the case, refreshing and giving our bathrooms more elegant looks is crucial. For the best results, it is vital to work with qualified professionals who have the right tools, years of experience and can contribute an interior designer flair. At C.E.T Painting, our Westchester residential interior painting experts have all these qualities and much more. For quotes and inquiries, you can reach us by calling (914) 615-1415 or by sending us a message through our website.



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