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Professional Tips To Ensure Your Interior Painting Looks Great

Professional Tips To Ensure Your Interior Painting Looks Great

Repainting a room is one of those projects that sounds easier than it actually is – but many people can do their own interior painting, if they have time to devote to the project. So, we wanted to share a few professional interior painting tips we use in our own work across Westchester County.

Four Important Tips When Doing Your Own Interior Painting

1 – Use high-quality rollers and brushes

Most people realize that they get what they pay for when it comes to paint, but the same is true of your other tools as well. If you use cheap rollers and brushes, they have a tendency to shed bristles or felt, and those can easily get embedded in the paint – which ruins the work.

2 – Test for loose paint before painting over existing work

In many cases, it’s possible to simply paint over existing paint, rather than fully stripping it off. However, this requires the existing paint to be in good shape, and not peeling or flaking. An easy way to check is with a piece of duct tape. Simply push down a strip of duct tape on the surface, then rip it off. If the tape takes paint with it, that paint is too old or damaged to be a foundation, so it must be stripped.

3 – Wear gloves

Most paints happily stick to human skin and are difficult to clean off. You want good gloves to keep your hands clean. The best option here is latex, since it’s thin and won’t get in the way of your work. If you have a latex allergy, use nitrile gloves instead – although they do cost a bit more.

4 – Buy masking film

You undoubtedly know about laying down plastic tarps to protect large areas from paint, like your floor – but what about smaller items? That’s what masking film is for. In effect, it’s an extremely large roll of cling-wrap, and like cling-wrap, it adheres to surfaces using static electricity. It is great for covering smaller areas, or items that are fragile enough you don’t want a tarp on them.

Or, if you want the best in professional interior painting in Westchester County, just call in C.E.T. Painting. We have extensive experience, use the best tools and methods, and stand by every paint job we do. Contact us to discuss your project!

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