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Is Epoxy Floor Coating Right For You?

Is Epoxy Floor Coating Right For You?

While epoxy floor coatings are more typically associated with business flooring, it’s making inroads in homes as well. Concrete covered in epoxy is one of the single hardest and most durable types of flooring you can invest in, and it’s also remarkably affordable. Epoxy floor coating is particularly helpful in rooms that will see a lot of abuse, such as your garage, basement, or even your kitchen.

Since we’re seeing more demand for epoxy floors in Westchester County, this is a good opportunity to discuss some of its features.

Epoxy can look beautiful

Just because epoxy is used in businesses, that doesn’t mean your epoxy needs to look like a working space. There are numerous ways to color the epoxy, add textures, or add in metallic particles for a truly eye-catching rainbow swirl. Epoxy can be just as attractive as any other flooring.

Epoxy is long-lasting – but a commitment

If you install epoxy on a concrete floor, it will be a floor for life – for better or worse. Removing epoxy without fully ripping out the concrete is often impossible. On the other hand, if you plan on staying put, epoxy will give you an easy-to-maintain floor that could last the life of the house.

Epoxy is incredibly easy to clean

A properly-installed epoxy floor coating creates a single seamless edge-to-edge surface across the entire floor. For cleaning, all you need to do is sweep it, or use basic soap and water. Also, this means that epoxy is one of the more hygienic floor types as well. Since it has no seams, there’s no chance of microbes like mold or mildew taking root.

In addition, it’s nearly impossible to stain and is resistant to chemicals you’re likely to have in a typical home.

Epoxy should be installed by professionals

While there are “DIY” epoxy floor coating kits, these almost always have low-grade epoxy which isn’t as sturdy or reliable as professional work. Also, installing epoxy can be dangerous – it generates fumes when drying which absolutely should not be inhaled, so safety measures are necessary. This is one job that’s best left to the pros.

However, if you want a genuinely durable floor that requires a bare minimum of maintenance, even if it has to endure a lot of abuse, epoxy floor coating is a great choice – and C.E.T. Painting can make it happen even on a modest budget. Contact us to discuss your flooring options.

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