I want to paint my home, where do I start?

Painting your home can be a confusing and tedious task. Before commencing on the project, you have to make informed decisions like choosing the right painting contractor and what colors to select. These careful decisions should leave you with much joy and satisfaction for at least five years or more. The quality of work and paint used makes all the difference. As they say, a good paint job is frozen evidence of impeccable performance.

Most times, many homeowners find themselves stuck when it comes to the process of painting their home. An excellent paint job can set your home apart from all others. It can be a source of pride and happiness. But the road to get there can be full of anxiety. So, how do you ace your home’s paint job without getting overly stressed? Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider before painting your house.


  1. Reflect on your home’s interior and exterior paints

To start with, recreate simple ideas in your mind that will transform your home. Reflect on features you consider permanent in your home. These things matter a lot when it comes to exterior and interior paints. Such things include your brick fireplace, tiles, and cabinets. Colors in every room should, but not necessarily, match the colors of these items. You can use a common color palette to unify the color flow in your rooms. Another crucial aspect to reflect on is the source of light in the rooms during different times of the day.

To achieve smooth transitions between rooms or spaces in your home, decide on the color of a room and paint the adjacent rooms or spaces two shades away, darker or lighter. Keep in mind that you have to use tones from identical color chips. Doing this arouses interest and creates depth. These are some of the painting basics homeowners should know about. For more details guiding you on the interior and exterior painting, take a look at some of the articles discussed in our blog.


  1.  Painting Services

When you want to paint your home, ask yourself. “What do I want to achieve? Do you have the skills to do it yourself or will you require the services of professional painters?


  1. Choosing a Painting Contractor

Choosing the right painting contractor is as important as selecting the perfect paint for your home. Make sure the experience and reputation of the firm you choose to meet your expectations. After comparing different painting contractors, it is advisable to settle for a painting firm that is insured. Insured paint contractors can compensate you in case of any losses incurred during the painting process.


  1. Budgeting

Ensure you check and compare the cost of painting before contracting any painting firm. Inquire if you’ll need to purchase your paints or if the painting contractors provide your paint of choice. Painting costs depend on various factors. If your mission is to paint the exteriors, the price will be lower. If you want to paint both the interior and exterior of your home, you will spend a little bit more.  


  1. Choosing the Right Color

This is possibly the most crucial factor you should consider. For the perfect paint job, a good color will be like your friend. It should inspire, comfort and keep you company when you are alone in your home. Most paint companies have a team of professionals to advise you on the perfect color scheme to suit your home. They do so at no extra costs. Use high-quality paints for the best results.


  1. Preparing Your Home

This is the last thing you should do before commencing on painting your home. Ensure you thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your home. Remove any mold, loose debris, mildew and dirt on your walls. Professionals sand and smooth all the surfaces.

Do not forget to choose a trustworthy firm that makes use of the right equipment.


Painting can be easy and complicated at the same time. I suggest you consult the experts. If you have any questions regarding paint colors or painting services, do not hesitate to call upon our expertise at (914) 615-1415 or visit our website.

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