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Exterior Siding: Painting & Staining for Protection

When it comes to your siding, caring for it properly will help prevent it from warping and falling victim to mold and mildew growth from moisture. Part of this upkeep involves painting or staining your siding over the years. In some cases, wood siding might look better with stain rather than paint, but it also has to do with personal preference.

As one of today’s leading exterior house painters, the team from C.E.T. Painting has helped hundreds revitalize their homes with siding painting or staining. Here, we’ve collected some of the benefits for you.

Appearance & Coverage

Firstly, adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to your siding can help make your home look its best, boosting curb appeal, as well as your property value. Paint can hide imperfections in your siding while wood stain seeps into your siding to create a rich, deep wood-grain color. Both can help protect it from wear and tear.

Surface Preparation & Application

Before painting or staining, you’ll need to first prepare the surface of your siding to ensure the best results. This will prevent blistering, cracking, and peeling. Prior to applying your first coat of paint, applying a primer is recommended. It’s not necessary for wood stain, although those who choose to stain their siding may also want to apply a coat of sealant afterward.

Maintenance & Durability

Wood stain often requires slightly more maintenance than paint. However, it’s easier to apply because it doesn’t require a primer; it also doesn’t blister, crack, or peel over time. Paint requires much more effort and needs to be sanded away before each new coat. However, the wide variety of colors and finishes makes it an ideal option for those who want to do something unique or have a particular design scheme to follow.


Both staining and painting your siding will provide protection to your home. With a coat of primer and several coats of paint, your siding will last anywhere from 5-8 years with minimal maintenance. When you stain your siding, it will provide protection for at least two 2-3 years, although the more coats of stain you apply the more durable your siding will be.

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