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We should all be cautious when traveling during extreme winter weather. Snow-covered roads, bitter cold, and reduced visibility are some of the conditions that make driving dangerous and difficult during the cold seasons. Winter also increases the risks of drivers getting stuck in their cars. As such, it’s prudent to carry along a well-stocked emergency winter car kit in case of roadside emergencies. Cautious drivers know that during the winter season, preparing for the worst while hoping for the best is the wisest thing they can do.


Cold affects rubber, metal, and other car materials. It thickens car lubricants and reduces their battery by at least 50%. Winter emergency kits come in handy when waiting for assistance. They make us more comfortable and safer during the harsh winter season, especially if there is a roadside breakdown in a deserted or a less busy highway. So, what are the must-have items in our emergency winter car kits? Let’s find out.


Some Emergency winter car kit items typically include:


Candle-Powered Heater

Keeping your car running when it has broken down or stuck during the winter season to keep warm can be extremely dicey. Even though you might have a full tank, you’ll eventually run out of fuel, which you’ll need when help arrives or when the weather clears up. Ice and snow tend to block engines’ exhaust leading to deadly carbon monoxide levels in cars’ cabins. A simple candle-powered heater help us stay warm without exposing us to dangerous carbon monoxide levels. All you need is a lighter, a candle, and a metal can, and you are good to go.


A Foldable Shovel

Shovels are essential tools, especially when we need to dig out compacted snow around the wheels or from under our vehicles. Besides, using our hands, even when we have gloves on, is putting our health at risk, which is the last thing we want. And let’s be honest, it really hurts.


Safety Absorbent/Cat Litter/Sand

When our cars are stuck on ice, a bag of safety absorbent help our vehicles regain traction. Even though sand and cat litter also work, floor sweep absorbent works best. (You can find it in an auto parts store. They are sprinkled on garage floors immediately before sweeping to absorb grease and oil.)


First Aid Kit

The rule of the thumb before driving off, whether it’s winter or not, is to have a first aid kit in your car. Besides having the usual bandages, disinfectants, and a pair of scissors make sure that your first aid kit has spare medications that you might need. In case you take any medication, ensure that you are always alert while waiting for help.


Jumper Cables

Never count on other motorists to assist you with their jumper cables-carry your own. Not only are they cheap, but they also make a big difference between paying a tow truck to jumpstart your car and using the help of a kind motorist. Make sure that you know how to use jumper cables.


Long-lasting food and Bottled Water

These items are always useful, especially if you are going on long journeys. Protein bars and granola are particularly helpful when stuck at roadsides during harsh winter conditions.

Other than the listed items, having a fully-charged cell phone and a charger will help you get in touch with tow service companies or your friends and family members. Other essential items that a must-have in your emergency winter car kit include:


  • A portable air compressor.
  • A tow strap.
  • A fire extinguisher.
  • A flashlight.
  • A snow brush and an ice-scraper.
  • Battery booster cables.
  • A windshield cleaner
  • Hats, socks, blankets, and mittens.


As is evident, carrying an emergency winter car kit is crucial for our survival in case we become victims of roadside emergencies. They help us comfortably storm the weather while waiting for help without compromising our health. That said, always ensure that you always have the mentioned items in case you want to drive during the winter season. C.E.T. Painting wishes you a happy and safe winter season, and in case you need our help with upgrading, refurbishing your home’s interior and exterior parts and spaces, or applying a fresh coat of paint, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us through our website or by calling (914) 615-1415.

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2020 marks a new decade.  Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, the country’s leading paint companies, have announced new colors for the year. These colors are First Light (2102-70) and Naval (SW 6244), respectively. Both companies have provided consumers with excellence and glamorous options from their new colors. These rich colors symbolize new beginnings that provide exciting decorating schemes for their homes. Let’s jump into the details and see how we can make the best use of each gorgeous color.


Benjamin Moore’s First Light (2102-70)

Benjamin Moore’s First Light (2102-70)

As its name indicates, First Light represents a new dawn or the beginning of a new day. It is an attractive, versatile shade of pink – a neutral which floats between cool and warm. This color can be used anywhere in your house. Benjamin Moore announced that First Light represents a new dawn of design, living, and idealism. First Light was blended with a bright new decade in mind, the rosy hue blooms with promising potential.

Benjamin Moore’s Director of Development and Color Marketing, Andrea Magno, says: “First Light represents a shift in mindset. It is meant to satisfy several needs in life which are: optimism, security, comfort, self-expression, community, and authenticity.” First Light is seen as a substitute to warm neutrals like beige and cream. It’s cheerful and soft, meaning that it can bring joy to any space.

Benjamin Moore announced that First Light could blend or pair with nine harmonious colors. These colors include Windmill Wings (2067-60) and Cushing Green (HC-125). First Light is easy to mix with other colors to give you your desired results when having C.E.T. Painting decorate your home. Download the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2020 brochure for additional recommendations.


Sherwin-Williams’ Naval (SW 6244)

Sherwin-Williams' Naval (SW 6244)

Naval is a serene navy shade that creates a grounding environment that is full of confidence. It paves the way for the wellness of the soul, mind, and body for the new decade. It embraces nature by resembling the depths of the sea or the night sky. It evokes feelings of calm, and it mixes perfectly with textures and natural materials that blend with navy blue.

Naval meets our needs as humankind to interact with nature. It works perfectly with soft leather, gleaming metals, polished marble, and sophisticated patterns. Sherwin-Williams came up with this shade intending to appreciate nature’s beauty, even bringing this hue indoors to beautify our home.

As a neutral, interior designers can pair Naval SW 6244 with warmer tones and natural materials such as brass accents and woven-fiber rugs. It combines perfectly with Kale Green (SW 6460), Midday (SW 6695), and Tarnished Trumpet (SW 9026). It’s perfect for interior spaces, and it can be used as a pop of color on an accent wall, front door or an entire room. Use the ColorSnap® Visualizer tool to model the combinations in a home setting.

With the leading paint brands introducing colors of the year meant to usher in a new decade, there is no doubt that the coming years will see them come up with shades that blend perfectly with these new paint colors. If you wish to make your home trend with these latest colors, consider using C.E.T. Painting for interior painting to ensure that your home gets a perfect paint job. Review the testimonials on our website or call us at (914) 615-1415 to schedule an appointment.

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Westchester County has many beautiful communities because homeowners believe in keeping up their neighborhoods. Avoid becoming an eyesore and keep in lockstep with your neighbors by maintaining your home with regular repairs and repainting. Home improvement paints a positive picture of the house’s occupants and lifts your surroundings. It also shows your commitment to your neighborhood and community.

Exterior painting projects go beyond picking the right color for your home. Painting experts advise that a homeowner should consult a painting firm. High quality goes beyond applying a fresh coat of paint. House painting not only requires important prep work, but also possibly carpentry repair work to correct minor defects.

Some painting companies might mislead you into thinking that painting only requires a coat of paint and a painting brush. They’ll offer you a method that is faster and cheaper but neglects to refurbish material in need of repair. If you end up having to redo a paint job because the paint chipped fairly quickly, then cheap becomes expensive. A shortcut peril would be spending more money in the medium run to remediate, say, rotting wood.

Competent commercial painting experts like C.E.T. Painting use their skills to deliver quality work. We not only advise you on needed repair, but we also deliver long lasting and beautiful paint jobs. Our team will walk with you around your house. Our free estimate includes a professional carpenter assessment to advise you on the scope of the project.

Quality Exterior Carpentry & Carpentry Repairs

Exterior home painting services go hand in hand with exterior carpentry services. The two combined are crucial to increase curb appeal and at the same time increase your home’s longevity. We check for damaged or rotten wood on decks and window frames. We also install railings, restore fences, and replace the trim around doors and windows. After fixing damaged parts, we further inspect your home to make sure that we find leak sources to prevent future damage. After that, we proceed to the exciting part of giving your home a fresh coat of paint.

C.E.T. Painting has years of experience in carpentry services and exterior home painting services. We paint commercial buildings and private residential houses. We have the expertise of painting wooden siding, stucco, shingles, wooden trim, exterior windows and doors, exterior brick, porches, decks, aluminum or vinyl siding. Our interior painting services include wood staining, wallpaper installation and removal, cabinet painting, and cabinet installation. We are painting contractors who stand behind our work.

We’ve included pictures of carpentry repair in Ossining and exterior home painting in Ossining, NY. Be sure to visit our gallery to see more examples of our work. Watch or read testimonials to hear what our customers have to say about us. We leave your home in pristine condition, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. For quotes and appointments, send us a message through our website or call (914) 615-1415.

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Whether you want to stain your deck or to repaint your home, the last thing you’d want is for your home improvement project to fall into the wrong hands. Falling prey to scammers is a complete buzzkill. Not only is it emotionally draining but also it is financially damaging because you have to fork out extra money for the makeover of shoddy paint jobs.

This article will focus on how you can avoid bad exterior and interior home painting contractors so that you do not end up kicking yourself in the long run. That said, let’s delve into the specifics of painting scammers so that you don’t fall into their trap. The following are some of the telltale signs of painting scammers.

Lack of Licenses and Qualification Credentials

Reputable exterior and interior home painting companies have proper credentials. Their details not only include their highly trained employees, but they also can provide proof of other essential information such as workers’ compensation, insurance, bonding, and licenses. Bonded painting companies assure their clients that not only will they finish the job on time, but also will do so to their customer’s satisfaction. At C.E.T. painting, we don’t just promise that we will do a good job.  We put it in writing with our “Make-It-Right” Guaranty.

Homeowners are advised to ask for the above credentials. When an interior design or painting firm hesitates to provide them, the chances are high that you are dealing with scammers. Do not fall prey to scammers who try to use other forms of insurance such as vehicle insurance policies. Always ask for insurance certificates and bond numbers. Reputable painting firms will always produce these documents without beating around the bush.

Lack of Valid References

Before hiring a painting contractor that you are unfamiliar with, do some background research. You can also ask for the numbers and names of past clients and talk with them. Ask about the quality of their services. Another way of finding out about the reputation of a potential painting contractor is by reviewing their file with your area’s Better Business Bureau.  Our website includes a gallery of previously completed jobs as well as testimonials by our customers.

Suspicious Contract Details

Scammers are fond of not providing their clients with a contract; when they do, the contract is usually vague and open to interpretation. This deception enables them to fleece clients by asking them to pay extra for hidden charges. Reputable interior design and home painting firms don’t try to trip customers up on technicalities or force clients to pay twice for the same service. Instead, they take their time to make things clear and have everything in the open before they commence any paint job.

Lack of Quality Product

Scammers like using reverse psychology on their clients. They exploit the fact that no one wants to pay more for services. They offer low prices by substituting inferior material or poorly trained labor. They might not follow the proper painting process. Instead, they take shortcuts such as not sanding completely or applying one coat of paint instead of two. Others are known to use low-quality paints which wear very fast. These paints are not suitable for your home’s location (because of the climate), and they flake and peel off soon after the painting process is over. Suffering such conditions will have you looking for new house painters within a few months due to their low-quality paints and shoddy work.

Suspicious Payment Requirements

When it comes to payment requirements, you should be on the lookout for several red flags. Like most professionals, most interior home painting firms charge a consultation fee, which is perfectly normal. However, the scammer will charge a lot of money upfront before painting your home. Beware of contractors who ask for the payment of the whole painting project before commencing the task. Never work with people who always change payment requirements. Working with them will likely result in you paying for more than you bargained.

Now that you are aware of scammers and how they operate, you should be able to make wise choices when you want to hire professional interior design and home painters for your project. Legitimate house painting contractors like C.E.T. Painting are always ready to answer your questions. We focus on customer service because referrals are our lifeblood. We don’t take shortcuts, and we have highly experienced staff members. For consultations, reach out by sending a message through our website or by calling (914) 615-1415.


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When is the last time you’ve made changes to your office? Some paint and some new interior design could make a world of difference, improving life for your workforce, and boosting productivity along the way. Hiring a commercial interior painting crew, or full renovation specialist can have a dramatic effect on how work is conducted in your building.

There’s no end to the possible alterations you could make to an existing office space. Here are a few of the ideas the team from C.E.T. Painting recommends.

5 Improvements That Can Boost Productivity in Any Office

1 – Better use of color

Drab white or grey walls don’t do much to raise employee productivity. On the other hand, a great new paint job can! Color psychology is a real phenomenon, and different vibrant colors can inspire different feelings in workers. High wavelength colors (reds and yellows) tend to inspire high energy, while low wavelengths (blues and purples) tend to calm people down. Or, green is a great all-around mood stabilizer.

Bright paints can also help make a room feel brighter, or even make it feel roomier, even if the layout doesn’t change. A commercial interior painting specialist could do a lot of good here.

2 – Whiteboard rooms

This is a trend we’ve started to see, and we love. A room set aside, amongst the offices and cubicles, which is simply covered in whiteboard material. It’s a perfect space for pitching new ideas, working through challenges, and generally encouraging creative problem-solving among workers. Consider adding standing desks or a sound system to allow employees to listen to music as additional tools to reduce stress during work days.

3 – More natural light

Want to make your workers perk up? Add more light. Simply installing extra windows or skylights can make a huge difference to workers’ moods. Better yet, with modern triple-pane insulated glass, you can do this without adding significantly to your air conditioning costs!

4 – More greenery

Another good option is adding plants, or even water features if you’re feeling ambitious. Having living things in an office will help improve workers’ moods, plus the plants will act as natural purifiers. Air quality is improved for team members since plants provide fresh oxygen.

5 – Modular dividers

Who says your office must have a single set layout? Using easily moved dividers and other modular pieces allow your common work areas to be reconfigured on the fly. Workers can create the space that best suits them from day-to-day. Studies show that simple configuration changes increase productivity and could save money.

Contact us for more design and paint ideas today!

C.E.T. Painting is a top Westchester County commercial painting contractor. Contact us to consult on updates to your work environment!


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One of the first things people generally ask when they call a home remodeling contractor in Westchester about a renovation is the price. “How much will it cost to redo my kitchen?” “Can you update a bedroom on a budget?”

These sorts of questions can be hard for a contractor to answer, particularly if they haven’t seen the home. Remodeling prices can vary drastically, depending on the scope of the work, and what sort of materials the customer wants to use. Fundamentally, there isn’t really a price ceiling. However, the team from C.E.T. Painting can offer some very general guidelines on what the costs might look like.

Typical Costs When You Hire Home Remodeling Contractors in Westchester

  1. Kitchens

Kitchens are hugely popular targets for remodeling because they can genuinely add to a home’s value and increase its chances of selling quickly. At the very least, plan on around $250 per square foot to update the decor and paint. Are you also looking to update many of the appliances? It will go up to something more in the area of $350 per square foot, at least.

And with kitchens, the sky is the limit. A high-end kitchen remodeling project utilizing the best in materials, cabinetry and appliances could easily top $100,000. One way to possibly save on a kitchen project would be to refurbish instead of replacing cabinets. New hardware and sanding can go a long way towards a refresh.

  1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are generally less costly than kitchens, just because they’re smaller and have fewer fixtures. A lower-end job, including some new plumbing and fixtures, can easily come in under $20,000. On the other hand, a high-end update can exceed $500 per square foot, particularly if you’re looking to put in a new shower or tub made of high-end materials.

But at the high end, we’re talking marble flooring and faucets that cost $2K apiece. Most people don’t need that for bathroom remodeling unless they’re really shooting the moon.

  1. Basements

Basements are a great target for renovation. There’s so much you can do with them, and a well-finished basement can be another magnet for buyers. A basic remodel, simply intended to turn it into a living space, could be accomplished as little as $50 per square foot. Even fancier updates will probably come out around $100-$150 per square foot, and that includes adding windows and other structural updates.

Westchester County Trusts C.E.T. Painting

C.E.T. Painting offers top-quality home remodeling in Westchester County and the surrounding areas, with hundreds of jobs successfully completed since 2004. The most popular home improvement projects involve kitchens and bathrooms. Regardless of the type of the project, you want a contractor that provides excellent service, attention to detail, and has a history of completing projects on time and on budget, no matter the size of the work to be done. If you’re looking to remodel part of your home, contact us to schedule a free consultation!

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Rather than viewing repainting business premises as a smart investment, most people consider it as an unnecessary expense. However, repainting your business is as necessary and as important as paying your taxes because it positively paints your brand image. Showing up for a job interview wearing a frayed and faded T-shirt might appear less than professional. Likewise having a faded and flaked paint job at your facility might project the wrong image. The image of your business is crucial to your success. There are many advantages to investing in commercial interior and exterior painting services every now and then. Let us look at some of them.

  1. Boost Productivity and Morale

Color psychology proves that painting your business regularly boosts the returns of your business by improving your workforce’s morale. Wall colors not only affect emotions, but they also encourage different physiological reactions such as blood pressure and metabolism. Colors also serve as communication tools. Color schemes influence moods, elicit certain responses or reactions, and encourage actions, such as making a purchase. For instance, painting the interior of your business building blue brings about feelings of trust and calmness. Painting the exterior green brings about refreshing and relaxing ambience, which are crucial in maintaining and attracting new clients.

  1. Increase Value and Property Appeal

Good exterior painting jobs on commercial buildings create excellent and positive impressions that encourage prospects and customers to come back for your goods and services. Professional painters and interior and exterior design firms will improve your building’s appearance. Consequently, its rental appeal rises because it gives potential tenants the impression that the building is well-maintained. It is often less expensive to invest in preventative maintenance compared to repairing damage due to neglect.


  1. Cost Effective

In as much as it might sound weird, repainting your business premises is a good idea because it saves you money in the long run. Regular repainting of surfaces prevents deterioration to a point where your building will need a major overhaul (which is very expensive). A coat of paint, just like any other man-made creation, is subject to wear and tear and will need to be refreshed from time to time. Paint deterioration manifests itself through fine cracking, gloss degradation, and color fading. If these issues aren’t addressed as needed and with regularity, the visual appeal of your business will literally dull due to extensive damage from weather elements. Regular commercial painting of your business premises is a form of preventative maintenance that will see your property’s lifespan increase.

  1. Competitive Edge

Just like puma and jaguar are animals associated with the fashion and motor industry, the colors of your business premises are perceived as a brand representation by your clients. Maintaining a quality interior and exterior paint job by repainting your business is one of the ways of setting your business apart. Every business has colors that are unique to its brand. Express your company’s brand, motto, or philosophy by maintaining a glossy look that shows who you are and what your business is all about.

  1. Attracting New Clients

Physically appealing or well-maintained buildings reflect the pride that entrepreneurs have in their companies. Both the exterior and the interior painting of your business premises should encourage and invite potential customers to come back. Making your customers happy and comfortable when they are at your business will make them refer others to you.

As should be evident, regular repainting of your business premises comes with numerous bottom-line benefits. It makes your customers happy and boosts employee morale, which translates to more productivity. To achieve such results, you have to consult with the experts so that your wall color scheme does not convey unintended messages. If you want to take advantage of the commercial painting benefits outlined above, consult C.E.T. Painting. Our firm is in its fifteenth year of successfully providing commercial painting services in Westchester County. You can reach us by sending a message through our website or by calling (914) 615-1415.



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Painting is a tough job whether you’re a DIY novice or an experienced exterior painting contractor. That’s why it never hurts to have some tips on hand. Even before beginning an exterior painting job, it’s always prudent to go over a few things, that way you know what to expect.


As one of the area’s leading painting contractors and exterior remodeling teams, C.E.T. Painting has years of experience helping residents and business owners revitalize their properties. Here we’ve collected a few tips to consider before beginning your next exterior painting project.


  1. Prep Your Exterior


Always prime and prep your exterior. This is because the paint won’t adhere to rough or dirty surfaces. So before starting any exterior painting project, always be sure to sand it down, remove any old existing paint and prime it to make certain it can stand the test of time. If there’s a lot of dirt or grime on your siding, consider a pressure washer.

  1. Repair Imperfections


After sanding the exterior, it might be necessary to perform a little repair work before beginning to paint. Any cracks or holes in the exterior should be filled and repaired to ensure an even coat and protect your home’s exterior.

  1. Consider the Weather


Not only will a painting project quickly come to a halt in rainy or extreme weather, but also it’s important to think about the climate of your area for the bigger picture. Do you live in a particularly humid or moist locale? Perhaps you see frequent snowstorms or inclement weather. Consider how such things will affect your exterior and buy good paint that can take whatever mother nature throws at it.

  1. Protect Your Landscape


This is a tip for both DIY painting teams and contractors: always protect nature while painting. Because thinners, primers, and house paint all have a variety of harmful chemicals in them, even the slightest spill can drastically affect your ecosystem. When painting, take the proper precautions and use drop cloths to cover landscaping features like trees, bushes, and shrubs.

  1. Paint from Top to Bottom


When painting the exterior of a home, one easy way to avoid drips and streaks is to work from top to bottom. By starting at the top, you can catch any unsightly dripping on your way down before it has a chance to dry. For consistent color, high quality and a smooth finish on your siding and trim, prep work is more than half the job!

Contact our licensed & reliable exterior painting contractors today!


To receive a free estimate or to get advice on choosing paint colors, call C.E.T. Painting today at (914) 615-1415 or contact us online. We also specialize in commercial and residential remodeling, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and more!


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After purchasing a new home, most homeowners are excited to move in. Now is the time to personalize the interior design of your new space to suit your taste. However, some homeowners may need to learn how to remove wallpaper before swapping out-of-date or unsightly wall-covering with new ones. Changing wallpaper can be an easy removal or an uphill task, depending on whether the previous homeowner used a good primer.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or an amateur when it comes to wallpaper removal; there are no shortcuts. Below we will share the step-by-step process followed by our interior home painting and wall-covering installation experts. If you do not follow the steps discussed in this article, you run the risk of damaging the wall while stripping wallpaper.


The following steps will strip your walls and leave them ready for new interior design ideas.


Step 1: Tape the Walls

Any wallpaper removal procedure requires the use of a lot of soap and water. As such, you’ll need to protect other room surfaces from overflowing water. To completely cover the molding and trim, use painter’s tape. Common knowledge also dictates that you protect your floor finishes by spreading covers or by laying drop cloths.

Step 2: Peel the Wallpaper

In some cases, old wallpaper pulls free of walls with little effort. If this is the case, you can start by pulling small sections by hand. A putty knife or some type of scraping tool may come in handy during this stage. Find the edges of the wallpaper and use the instrument to gently remove the top layer.

Step 3: Wet the Walls

Without a doubt, you will come to a point where you can’t remove the paper by hand or a scoring tool. If that is the case, you’ll have to spray the papers with warm to hot water to separate them from your walls. Spray bottles will help speed up the process. If these two don’t work, your next option would be steam removal. Always remember to spritz all your walls after covering your floors with drop cloths or plastic.

Step 4: Scraping

After you’ve let the water soak in for several minutes, scrape off the wallpaper using the same taping knife you used in step 2. You can scrape by using the up-and-down or left-to-right method, depending on which feels easiest. If you have trouble at this stage, spray the wallpaper several times and repeat the same procedure discussed in step 2.

Note: If you find more than one layer of wallpaper, deal with each one at a time. Always finish dealing with the first layer before proceeding to the next layer.


Step 5: Washing

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the paper on the wall, the next step is washing the wall to remove excess paste, primer or wallpaper adhesive. Go over the walls several times with a damp sponge. Make sure that you wash off all the primer so that you have as smooth of a surface as possible before repainting the bare wall or applying new wallpaper.

Step 6: Smooth the Walls

Your wall treatment can be derailed by the tiniest specks of primer or paste. You may need to apply gel stripper to all paste patches before scraping them from the wall to ensure that there is a smooth surface. A smooth surface will provide better adhesion for your new interior paint or wallpaper. You want to reduce the likelihood of premature flaking or cracking, especially when creating an accent wall.

Removing or replacing wallpaper is not hard, but it does require diligent attention to detail. When performing this DIY project, keep in mind that the aim is to achieve a flawless surface for easy repainting. We understand that most people have a tight schedule and working on this project might seem like a hassle that should be left to the home remodeling professionals. If this is the case, get in touch with the pros at C.E.T. Painting. We will be glad to assist you. For quotes and inquiries, fill out our contact form on our website or call us at (914) 615 1415.


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In the modern world, customers and clients can share their experiences with a business, product or brand in a few clicks. Reviews bridge the gap between viral forms of feedback and the traditional word of mouth. Consumers read reviews to influence their buying decisions. Any business that fails to appreciate reviews as part of the buying process will fall behind in the digital age.

These days, you’ll not only find reviews on e-commerce sites; they are all over the internet. Consumer decisions are often prompted by positive reviews on forums, blogs and social media platforms. Yelp and TripAdvisor are sites dedicated to customers leaving reviews. These sources allow clients to give their opinions on services and products without bias. Why are reviews so crucial? How can firms use them to their advantage? Below are things you need to know about reviews.


The Importance of Reviews: Why do they Matter?

  1. Honest Client Feedback

Reviews are essential to any business, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. People trust online reviews that help them with their evaluation of alternatives. Reading online reviews richly details experiences beyond “I like their services” or “this product is awesome”. They go a step further and this is especially crucial for local businesses that might be less well known. Businesses should use this low-cost research to prioritize focus, evaluate promotions, products’ pros and cons, and any needed modifications.


  1. Customer Reviews Determine Buying Decisions

An online survey conducted in 2017 showed that over 95% of customers referred to online reviews before making buying decisions. Reviews influence the purchasing decision especially when consumers do not have the benefit of a personal recommendation. Product reviews significantly impact business sales because customers look to avoid post purchase regret. Although they are strangers, clients like relating to different reviewers. If the reviews are accurate and reliable, they’ll lead to increased sales.


  1. Increase Visibility and Improve Search Engine Rankings

Customer reviews are crucial in search engine algorithms because they show that you are running a reliable and legitimate business. More positive client reviews improve your business’s site search engine ranking. When product feedback is shared on social media platforms, readers are inclined to visit your site. In turn, this increases your visibility as well as your brand awareness.


  1. Reviews Improve Customer Service

When it comes to customer satisfaction, every business strives to please its clients. Even negative reviews help businesses figure out what their clients want through the feedback loop. Through such information, firms can quickly and efficiently resolve customer service issues. When companies focus on their shortcomings, they create more positive experiences for their clients. This in turn makes clients come back for more products and services. Customer loyalty is established through reviews.


  1. Reviews Generate More Reviews

Reviews give loyal clients marketing power. Businesses that have online reviews encourage other consumers to leave honest feedback. Several reviews are enough for encouraging other consumers to submit their opinion about your products and services.

At C.E.T. Painting, we understand the power of online customer reviews, which is why we encourage our clients to leave honest reviews on our website. We are featured on Angie’s List, Yelp, Google Business Page, and HomeAdvisor. We list videos and client reviews as part of our business policy. We clearly state our Guaranty in our contract. Get in touch with us for quotes and inquiries about interior home painting and creating an accent wall through our website or by calling (914) 615-1415.