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You have probably heard of the phrase, ‘show me your friends; I will tell you who you are.’ It tells us that our characters depend on who we hang out with. That is how we are perceived; we are judged according to the company we keep. Our friends have the ability to positively mold us or completely destroy our characters. The same applies to colors. The colors that surround us can determine our moods.


A color can either lift our spirits or completely eat us within like a corrosive acid. Our current moods play a significant role in this. Are you anxious, depressed or angry? If so, it might not be a good idea being in a room with yellow walls. The color yellow can make people angry. The best place you can be in during such a condition is in a blue room. Scientists agree that color blue has a calming and therapeutic effect on our minds.

Psychological Properties of Color

So we appreciate colors affect the mood of a room. Let’s delve a little deeper into color psychology. When you are good in color psychology, you will have no difficulty determining what color to paint a room. Getting to know the four primary colors (of color psychology) will help you blend in other colors into a room comfortably and effortlessly. Let’s first discuss these key colors and their effects before moving on to a few ‘adventurous’ colors. The following are four primary colors of psychology: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.



Red is among the dark colors. It is a powerful color that represents our attributes and physical assets. Having your home painted red shows that you are self-driven and passionate. It also shows that you are a warm person who is always ready to face the world. It portrays you as an embracing person. Although the color seems alive and friendly, it can also be perceived as demanding and aggressive which means that someone like a therapist should not consider painting office walls red. Childrens’ rooms should not be painted red.



Color psychology suggests that blue is the color of intellect, it’s the color of the mind. It is among the cool colors which offer a calming effect and is conducive for aiding in concentration. People in blue rooms think with clarity for they have a clear mind. At home, the color blue is best suited for bedrooms, offices and study rooms. People with blue houses view their homes as a safe place secure from the hectic demands of the world. Be careful and avoid shades of blue such as navy blue. Navy blue tends to inhibit communication which means that you should avoid painting your dining areas and living room with this color.



In color psychology, green is considered as a neutral color, a color of balance. Painting your walls green portrays you as a humble, practical person who maintains balance in your daily life activities. It shows that you enjoy helping others and that you are reliable. Color green promotes activities like yoga or reading. Consider painting your study room or the room where you partake in yoga green.



Psychologically, yellow is considered the strongest color. It displays boldness and confidence. Painting a room or a house in a good shade of yellow improves an occupant’s self-esteem and at the same time, lifts their spirits. It is best suited for kitchens, dining rooms or bathrooms. Imagine where you sing your heart out while taking a shower. However, it is terrible decision making yellow the main point of attraction in interior decoration for people easily fly off the handle in yellow dominated spaces.



Unlike green, yellow, blue and red, orange is not considered as a primary color in color psychology. It is best suited for the living room for it helps in your emotional and physical well-being. Color orange shows that you are a friendly and nurturing person. If it blends well with the surroundings of your home, it is a perfect choice for exterior painting for it shows that you are a welcoming person. Orange inspires activity. As such, avoid painting rooms like the bedroom orange. Rooms set aside for relaxation should also not be painted orange. Consider painting orange on rooms like the living room.



Grey represents people who like to impress but not in a showy manner. It shows that a person loves directions and order in their lives. A grey decorator has his or her house accurately planned down to the last details. Color grey shows that you are in control and independent in any situation you find yourself. Using grey for your interior or exterior walls requires caution because if it is slightly overdone, it may portray a lack of confidence. Color grey blends perfectly in most living rooms. Do not paint grey in your kitchen or dining area for it dampens appetite.



Violet or purple takes your awareness to higher levels. If you fancy sweet lavender or deep purple, you must be a great decorator who embraces a little adventure. Color purple creates deep feelings of intimacy. This color is best suited for bedrooms.


When you are ready to paint your home you’ve already given consideration to choosing the right colors and placement. Make sure the execution of the work is done flawlessly. Then you will have a beautiful space that makes you feel at home. Trust your home to C.E.T. Painting  and we will treat your home with the utmost respect. You can have the peace of mind with our “no hassle”, 2-year warranty.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment for an estimate (914) 615-1415 or visit our website.

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You built your home from the ground up and you’re almost done.  Or maybe, you have lived in your house for some years and when you look around; you realize it’s time for a fresh coat of paint for your interior design. It’s natural to want to save every dime that you possibly can, but it’s not always advisable. That said, it is wise to know when to splurge and when to save when it comes to your home’s details.


Splurge on the Paint

There are situations that require splurging for convenience purposes. It’s important to invest in quality with items such as sofas and mattresses, but it is more important to invest in a quality paint job. To have a unique and outstanding house in your neighborhood, your paint job must be on fleek. To achieve that glamorous interior and exterior finish, you need to turn a blind eye to bargain paints.


Paints have three components; resins, pigments, and solvents. Pigments give paints their colors, solvents are the liquid carriers that suspends the pigments and resins are the ingredients that allow the binding of the pigments once the solvents evaporate.  They give paints their gloss. High-quality paints are more expensive because they have high-quality components. For instance, high-quality paints have high-quality resins which are more durable especially in high traffic areas. On the other hand, less expensive paints are diluted with more solvents which mean less color payout.


Doing another new paint job shortly after moving into your house is not only expensive, but also inconvenient. Painting again because the paint does not look good or is already wearing, can feel like death by a thousand stings. You can prevent this by investing in high-end paints that do not come off easily. Skimping on paints will, in the long run, cost you more. A good paint job increases and maintains your home’s value.  Now that we know splurging on paint is worth the expense, let us discuss the specific parts of your home which need high-quality paints for them to stand out.


Walls and Ceilings

The color of your walls and ceilings dictate the theme of the rooms in a house and the moods they set. Choose colors that will match your furniture or those which blend with your interior décor. Also, paint your rooms in different colors depending on the purpose of the room.


Baseboard and Crown Molding

After painting your walls and ceilings, you have to add character to your plain house. One of the ways to do this is through molding. Crown molding trims around your ceilings and on top of cabinets. The process transforms your house from a simple, plain house to a unique, elegant house. After adding or installing classic crown and baseboard molding to your rooms, coat the strips of the trim or the crown material with your desired high-end paint.


Wardrobe and Cabinets

Besides window casings, doors, baseboard and crown materials, you should also consider investing in the color quality of your interior home decors such as cabinets and wardrobes. For instance, staining your kitchen cabinets makes your home stand out. These are the little but crucial details that improve the quality of your home and take it from pretty to outstanding.


Investing in quality paints may seem a little extravagant taking into account the ready availability of cheaper paints in the market, but it is worth the expense in the long run. High-end paints not only separate your home from other houses, but they are also cost-effective since you won’t need to repaint as often. Premium paints and a reputable painter are exactly what you need to make the final touches to your house appear perfect. If you consider repainting your house, make sure you consult with the best painters who appreciate the value of prep work before commencement of a long-lasting paint job.


If you are ready to make an investment in your home and only the best will do, please contact C.E.T. Painting. Between our years of experience, quality and value why would you trust your home to anyone else? For more information, visit our website or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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Colors speak volumes about our personalities. You may not know it, but you would be amazed by finding out how much our favorite colors reveal about us. A number of color experts concur that colors affect and express our personalities in one way or another.  Ask yourself, what message does a color send? What message am I putting out there with this color choice on my home walls? There are numerous colors to choose from for interior or exterior painting. When trying to decide about your color of choice, it’s about more than just the color looking good. Does the color reflect the real you?


Think of a person that has just finished building his home and has been through the mystifying process of color picking, and the paint job has been done perfectly by the best paint professionals. The person is anxious to showcase his home to his friends. When the big day arrives for the housewarming party, one of his colleagues says to him, “Congratulations Joe, I have been around the house and noticed that most rooms are painted yellow, you must be an outgoing person, and I can tell that you have very high self-esteem.” In reality, Joe is an introvert with very low self-esteem; he has a hard time bonding with his neighbors. Joe never realized that the color yellow represents high self-esteem. Perhaps this is why he never felt quite at home with this color on the walls. If he knew, he probably wouldn’t have painted the majority of his house yellow. At some point, Joe might consider repainting his home.


You don’t want to send the wrong message by choosing a color that looks good but does not reflect the true you. To prevent this, familiarize yourself with some basic color psychology and send the right impression. People will know who you are and what you represent. Discussed below are the meanings of colors and what they say about you.


Warm Colors

Examples of warm colors include pink, peach, yellow and orange. They carry the feeling of a welcoming personality that is cheerful. Painting your interior and exterior walls with such colors shows that you are a welcoming person who loves hosting visitors. When you paint your house with warm colors like orange or hues of yellow, it shows that you do not mind multitasking or engaging in various activities. Such colors raise perceived temperatures of rooms because they inspire action. Warm colors bring out the message that you are an all-around person.

Dark Colors

Dark colors like purple, red or blue conveys a sense of security and comfort.  Painting the interior of your house with such colors shows that you are in a comfortable position and that you are confident with your sense of security. Painting the color blue can mean that you are an introvert who prefers relaxing indoors away from the world’s hassles.


Trending Colors

Perhaps you are undecided on the paint color you want in your home. This may lead to selecting the latest trending color. Or maybe you do not want to be left behind so you join the trending bandwagon and paint the latest “it” color. Doing so may communicate that you are a supportive person. At the same time, it can portray you as a copycat and indecisive person. If you are the sort of person that likes to ride on the wave of trends, know in advance that you will need to repaint more often to stay current.


Bright Colors

Bright colors such as vibrant shades of green, orange, yellow and blue provide feelings of expansiveness. People that paint the exterior parts of their homes with such colors are regarded as outgoing and friendly. For instance, painting the interior of your home green portrays you as a humble and practical person who has their life in control. It also portrays you as a dependable person that enjoys helping others. Bright colors are considered happy colors. Painting them in kitchens and dining areas is excellent because they encourage communication.


Making sure you are sending the right message with your paint color is made all the more simple when you know a bit about the meaning of colors. If you are still undecided and you would benefit from additional support, C.E.T. Painting is here to help. We specialize in interior and exterior painting and will provide color consultation so you won’t be stressed by the thousands of choices available. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for an estimate (914) 615-1415 or visit our website.

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It’s never over until it’s over. You are transforming your house into a home. This is no easy task. One huge step that gets you to your goal is the perfect paint job. It accentuates the positive and hides any negative. Getting the right painter for the job can prove to be a challenging thing.

Painters range in the kind of service they offer; currently there are many unlicensed, unqualified and inexperienced painters and painting companies out here masquerading as professionals. To avoid hiring such incompetent people, you need to put a little bit of effort into choosing the person to paint your house. To help you with that, this article will guide you in choosing an established painter in Westchester County.

1. How long has the painter been in business?
The first thing you would want to know about your potential painter is how long he has been painting. If he has been in the business for some time, then he might be the one you are looking for. It is advisable to go for someone who has been painting for two years or more. This kind of person should know their trade and has a portfolio of prior projects.

2. Ask for reviews and carefully analyze them.
A painter’s word is not enough; you need to ask the painter for previous reviews. The person who knows best about the work of your potential painter is the one who has hired him in the past. Go through the reviews carefully; it is important to consider even the negative feedback. This will help you decide if the painter is fit for the job or not.

3. Ask the painter if he has insurance.
Asking the painter if he has a workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance is perhaps the most important question you can ask a painter. The mentioned insurance policies will not only cover the painter doing your project but also cover you from financial liabilities for any unwanted damage on your property.

4. Ask around for recommendations.
This is the part where your friends and family come in; it is important to ask around for recommendations of the best painter from people who have had similar projects previously. This usually helps since the people you will ask already have experience with the painter. If a name comes up more than two or three times, then you might want to consider that painter.

5. Ask the painter what kind of materials he uses.The quality of the material used on your project has a significant effect on the general outcome eventually. There is a difference in the quality of coatings like stains and paints. Here you will know the type of materials that will be used on your project and at the same time make sure that the painter knows what material they will be using and why they are using it for.

The five tips mentioned above on choosing an established painter in Westchester County, may sound easy, but they will help you save some money and the frustration of hiring a painter who does not know what he is doing. C.E.T. Painting is a company that helps you with your painting problems by giving you hard working painters who are honest and dedicated to their projects. The company has hundreds of completed projects in Westchester County and is continuing to expand to cities like Mount Pleasant, Briarcliff Manor, Scarborough and Armonk. With this company, you will be guaranteed quality services. Please feel free to visit their website or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Our homes give us a sense of pride and joy. Once you have planted your flower beds, laid down your lawn and set up a barbecue at that perfect location, you may think everything is perfect; that your work is done. There is more though! Other elements which immediately spring to mind may be garden and grounds maintenance, planters, water features or furniture. You also need to add garden lights and landscape lighting to highlight the best features of your yard to make it warm and beautiful. Doing this makes any yard go an extra mile for it makes it come to life at night.

Strategically placed lights highlight your home’s architectural features. They also add what realtors call “curb appeal.” Landscape lighting has numerous benefits. It beautifies, adds value and security to your home. If you are considering outdoor lighting, you have to take several things into account which will help you choose the best lighting systems. The most important aspect which will assist you to make sound decisions about landscape lighting is your house’s paint color. But before we get to the details of the color of your paint job, let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of landscape lighting.

As previously mentioned, the benefits of outdoor lighting are:

  • Enhancing your home’s security.
  • Improving safety in your home.
  • Adding your home’s value.
  • Adding visual appeal to your home.

Security. Burglars are attracted to dark homes. Landscape lighting deters thieves. Outdoor lighting will draw attention to your house. It increases the chances of a passerby or neighbor catching a thief in action. When your perimeter is well illuminated, you will easily detect anyone lurking around your yard. You will also have a better view of your home when arriving at night.

Home Value. No matter your home’s design or size, landscape lighting enhances the positives; adding dimension and style. A modest home emphasizes its best features with well-placed flood lighting. Light adds dynamic form and space to bland exteriors. As such, landscape lighting increases your home’s value offering an advantage when selling the property. Well-lit homes are more attractive to potential buyers.

Improve safety. Outdoor lighting helps with visibility; decreasing the chances of your guests or family tripping and falling. Outdoor activities or parties which take place at night can be dangerous if darkness obscures cracked walls and uneven paths. Homeowners are liable for accidents which occur on their property. Landscape lighting will help avoid such mishaps and accidents. Better safe than sorry.

Visual appeal. When properly installed, strategically placed wash lights highlight the architectural details of your home. Your home will be more appealing to guests and household members especially if they get a chance to use your outdoor space for nighttime activities. Who of us haven’t driven past a home at night and admired the beautiful landscaping and architecture highlighted with lighting?


How Visual Appeal Changes Under Artificial Lights

In as much as landscape lighting beautifies your home, it might have its downfalls when it comes to the paint color of your walls when viewed at night. It’s a fact that light changes the appearance of any color. As a homeowner, you have put a lot of time and expense into choosing the right paint color and finishes. However, the colors of the paint on your walls change at night. This is because when colors and light interact, paint colors look different. For instance, during the day when the sun is brightest, your home’s paint colors look brighter than after sunset. Certain artificial lights from halogen and fluorescent bulbs warm up colors because of their wavelengths. This is something homeowners can keep in mind when choosing exterior paint colors.

Is Landscape Lighting Right for me?

With the above knowledge, you might be wondering if you can add landscape lighting to your home. Definitely! You can add landscape lighting.  To achieve the best result, make sure your wall paint color will blend with the artificial lights you have selected. Although the colors of your walls may not look as perfect at night compared to daytime, always have in mind that the best time to show off the paint colors on your walls is during the day.  With nighttime lighting, you have another opportunity to showcase your beautiful home and landscaping.

If you are ready to move forward with your project and want the best results, please do not hesitate to contact C.E.T. Painting for a free estimate. Between our years of experience, quality and value why would you trust your home to anyone else? For more information, visit our website or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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It all starts with choosing the right color scheme for your interior. It not only requires a certain amount of creativity and imagination but also someone who is experienced and skilled in paying keen attention to details. But of course more is involved than having a rough idea about the paint color to have a positive result. Many colors will look good as long as they are applied in the right manner. However, the best paint jobs result from looking at your interior space with a keen and critical eye.

Professional painters can also be used as design consultants.  They can help you choose the right color scheme to match your aesthetic and give your home that exact feeling your looking for. C.E.T. Painting  is a fully licensed painting firm with professional painters that excel in interior, exterior and commercial painting. If you reside around Ossining, NY and have decided to do some paint job to your house, look no further than C.E.T. Painting.  You can rest assured that we will make sure to protect your furniture and floors while we work.

At times, you may want to do the painting yourself rather than choosing a painting contractor.  Our experts’ advice before embarking on any paint job is that you should have proper interior preparations. Take your time to create a working list which will serve as a valuable and helpful reference during the project. Doing this will save you hours of frustrations as well as the avoidance of setbacks. The next step you should take is protecting your furniture, wall plates, and your floor:

Furniture Protection

It is essential to move furniture out of your way while painting. Pro painters’ advice is that you should move furniture out of the room or alternatively, move them towards the center of the room. It is crucial that they are far from the walls. You risk damaging your furniture if you fail to do this. Also be cautious when dealing with the bathroom. Make sure you protect the sides of the toilet tank. Use painter’s plastic to cover the furniture. It is advisable to completely remove items that are vulnerable to paint.

Remove Wall Plates

Removing furniture from the walls will expose outlet covers and wall switches. Remove them along with return and vent covers. Be keen to avoid pulling loose or tearing the drywall surface paper.

Floor Protection

Layout floor coverings in your working areas. If you are painting the walls, provide cover three feet away from the walls. Cover the entire floor if you are painting a ceiling. Canvas drop cloths are the best carpet covers. Unlike plastic, they easily spread out. They also stay put without tape and will not cause the ladder to slip-slide on the carpet. Bunching them along the walls will make sure they do not move. Use dustpans or putty knives to scoop up spills. Laying protection over your wall not only saves your floor, but it also allows you to spread your painting tools if they are constrained to a single place. This will help you work at a faster rate without much restriction while painting.

At C.E.T. Painting we have professionals with years of experience in painting under their belt. Satisfaction of our clients is our mantra. We not only do their paint job within the time specified, but we also do a great job. We take every paint job seriously as if it was our last job. If you are not satisfied with their results, we offer a free paint guarantee which means you will not pay a dime until your paint job expectations are met. Give us a call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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Buying and selling of properties is one of the biggest investments people make. Just like any other consumer product, the way properties are perceived and presented should be given much consideration. When selling your home or investment property, attention to detail is all that matters. Almost all realtors report that clients are influenced by home staging. In fact, statistics show that most homes which are professionally staged end up bringing around 4% more than the expected price. The National Association of Realtors reports that staged homes, averagely sell 67% faster than un-staged or vacant homes.

Successful home selling requires an objective mindset. Homeowners should put themselves in the buyer’s shoes. This way, they realize that for their home value to improve, they should make a great first impression. Visual psychology plays a crucial role in attracting real estate buyers’ attention. The biggest mistake made by inexperienced real estate agents and home sellers is ignoring visual psychology. Home sellers should take to account that most investors form an opinion about a house within the first 7-10 seconds upon arriving. Distracting them at this point is the last thing you need, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Regardless of what is going on in the real estate market, whenever you want to sell your home, there are two rules to follow which assure a quick sale; make it look amazing and price it well. Your home’s appearance should be flawless regardless of the asking price. Your main objective is to make potential clients envision the property as theirs the moment they walk in. Create a space that will make clients connect emotionally to the house. For you to effectively do this, you must make your home attractive and impersonal to stimulate the client’s visual acuity.

Too many possessions and furniture make it difficult for investors to concentrate on the house for sale. The more they see in a room, the less they process, in other words, they get a stimulus overload. People do not see anything where there is too much to see. Home staging minimizes your home’s weak points and emphasizes on its strengths.  You will want to start with basic repairs and cleaning.

5 Essential Elements of Home Staging

1.  Decluttering

A clutter free home is spaciously presented to potential buyers. It keeps their minds focused on the property. For instance, a closet stuffed with stored items or clothes may convey limited storage. Use the time your home is listed to get rid of stuff that aren’t in use. You may toss, donate or sell rarely used items. Additionally, reduce countertop stored items. Place them in cupboards instead.

2.  Depersonalizing

It is crucial to make a potential buyer imagine themselves living in your house. They shouldn’t be able to discern a lot about the current inhibitors. For this reason, it is vital that trophies, awards, and personal photos are tucked away. Personal effects distract prospective buyers, instead give them the opportunity to visualize their new life in your house.

3.  Furniture positioning

Apart from replacing or removing outdated furnishing, do away with all extra pieces. Break up your sets, the time of matching furniture is long gone. Oversize coffee tables, couches, and chairs have to go. If you can’t substitute them with smaller pieces, dispose of as much as you can.

4.  Color and lighting

Open up draperies and blinds to ensure there is sufficient natural light everywhere in the house. Keep in mind that lighting is very effective in setting a mood.

5.  Applying a fresh coat of paint

This is by far the most important aspect of home staging. Applying a fresh coat of paint complements the home and architecture. Repainting quickly refreshes dull rooms. For the broadest appeal, neutralize strong colors. Extremely bright colors may turn buyers away. Go with blue or neutral green for bathrooms and taupe or beige for living spaces.

Remember, sellers who spend $500 on home staging recover over 300% of the cost when they sell their homes.

If you are staging your home and would like to freshen the paint, give C.E.T. Painting a call.  We offer free estimates and color consultations. Please visit our website or call (914) 615-1415 for an appointment.

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Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining- it’s summer time! Celebrate the glorious weather by hosting an unforgettable picnic. Summer picnics are splendid for spending the day. They also provide an opportunity to flaunt a few recipes that you have crafted over time. You can effortlessly entertain your friends and family if you are well prepared for such an event. The promise of alfresco delights with your loved ones provides the perfect bonding opportunity, especially if you have a newly stained deck that you want to show off. Your picnic is going to be a breeze if you style it well enough.

Let’s take a look at how to host the perfect summer picnic on your newly stained deck. Stained decks add years to the life of healthy outdoor entertainment. They provide an opportunity of soaking up in vitamin D over quality dates with your partner or friends. Before inviting your friends over, plan the party with the following tips.


Gather Picnic Items

In addition to picnic baskets, make sure you have other items which will make the party cozy. They include some sort of seating like camping chairs, tables, blankets or folding. You will also have to gather together some plates and utensils; disposable options offer more portability and require less cleanup. Don’t forget to bring along a cooler for your drinks and perishable items.



Picnics are perfect for bringing together every throw, pillow, blankets, cushions, and towels. Anything soft to lay, sleep, sit or eat on will work perfectly. Make sure you have hanging pieces and some candles and flowers. You may cut the flowers and create mini bunches to scatter around each blanket.


Craft Your Menu

When hosting a picnic party, you may choose to have elaborate dishes, but fancy meals are not really a necessity. Keep it simple with foods you can make beforehand which are to transport.The rule of the thumb is to start with appetizers like olives, cheese, and crackers. Make sure you have some salads like corn salad, potato salad and a fruit salad for your vegetarian guests. You may also consider grain-based salads. Do not forget sandwiches which are usually easy to assemble. Consider making hot dogs and burgers if you have a grill at your disposal. You may also be creative and try something unique like making pizza rolls.

Of course, you can’t afford to forget the main course. Pair a few portable side dishes with whatever main course you choose. Such side dishes may include fusilli and couscous, marinated vegetables and coleslaw. Lastly, do not forget desserts. You may serve pear with camembert, berries with whipped cream, cupcakes and cookies.



A picnic isn’t complete unless it has some refreshing cocktails and drinks. Serve lemonade and iced-tea from big pitchers. If you opt for alcoholic drinks, stick with a glass of wine or light beer.


Bring on the entertainment

Bring along some games to work off the meal and keep everyone entertained. Kickball, softball or Frisbees are standard go-tos. Other outdoor games include cornhole, bocce ball and ladder ball. Games that are easy to play on picnic blankets like bingo are also a good idea. Some music will also keep the party going.

C.E.T. Painting is a family business that shares your enjoyment of spending time with family and friends. We appreciate how your important your home is to you. If you have painting, staining or pressure-washing need, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Reach us through our website or call (914) 615-1415 for a free estimate.

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Regular painting and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings help keep your property in top notch condition. While some homeowners prefer to take matters into their hands and do the painting themselves, often commercial building owners prefer to hire professional contractors. Despite the fact that many homeowners choose to paint their homes themselves, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional painter.

Hiring a professional painter comes with several advantages. For starters; professional painters will never compromise on quality, are artistic and add ingenuity in the job. Besides, hiring one saves you time and energy as you concentrate on other important activities – after all, painting is their livelihood.

Referrals: Whereas friends and family are a good reference point when choosing a painting contractor for your home, it is crucial that you also consult painting contractor’s in your local area. Many choose to use an internet search to find a wide range of painters in their area. ⦁ Angie’s List and ⦁ Home Advisor can be a great resource.

Estimates: Contact at least three painting contractors for an estimate. When they come to your home or business to assess the work, keenly observe each contractor and note the time they take to evaluate the condition your property. A good contractor is never in a hurry and will examine all the cracks and nooks that need fixing. You should feel comfortable asking how big the crew is and their levels of experience. Get the estimate including any additional material needed. Insist on a written quotation, preferably on the company’s letterhead.

References: Ask for references and a list of previous jobs done – every contractor keeps this type of list. If possible, go see a previous job and evaluate how it is holding up.

Process: Find out how they will prepare for the job – before actual painting starts. A good quality job involves smoothening of the surface area to get rid of any rough spots from previous paint jobs. Find out how many coats of paint they are going to apply for the finished product. The estimate should provide a breakdown of the following: brand and model of material, number of coats – primer and paint, labor and a proper description of surface preparation to be carried out.

Credentials: Before you do a contract; vet the contractor’s credentials, ascertain whether the contractor is a member of a professional, trade or local business group. Are they a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America? Check their rating with the ⦁ Better Business Bureau. Verify the validity of their contractors license. Cross-check the company with the attorney general’s office for any previous misconduct or unresolved complaints.

Materials: Consult widely on the best paint in the market that can withstand all weather conditions in your local area. Sometimes, a contractor may be promoting paint from some company and might mislead you. Insist on work guarantee, where the contractor bears any responsibility and cost in case the paint chips, flakes, peels off, or fades excessively before a specified period.

Contract: Once satisfied, do a formal contract capturing all important information including contractor’s official name/s, office address, phone numbers, and license number. Have the contractor produce liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates – remember to retain a copy. You never know, an accident might happen, and one of the crew members could get injured, or your neighbor’s property could be damaged.

Down Payment: Lastly, it is essential to make a modest down payment and withhold the final payment until you are satisfied with the work done.

When you’ve called the rest and are ready to use the best, contact C.E.T. Painting. Let the team with C.E.T. Painting exceed your expectation. For over 10 years, we have had the pleasure of providing exceptional services for both residential and commercial customers. We offer free estimates and color consultations. Please visit our website or call (914) 615-1415 for an appointment.

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Some people feel that they are equally as qualified to paint a house as the technicians from a professional house painting service. Although it may appear that there is nothing complicated about applying a coat of paint, there is much more to painting than might meet the eye. Thus, why should you trust professional painters? What makes the difference? It all starts with having the proper preparation of the surface. Expert painters know how to properly prepare the home before actually starting the job, and they realize what it requires to do it right. So what are the reasons to trust your project to a professional? Let us discuss six benefits.


The main reason some homeowners even plan to paint a house themselves is associated with price. Every budget has its unique demands. Between harsh winters and hot summers, our homes are subject to exterior damage and deterioration. Having your home painted is a powerful protection from this potential damage. It is much more cost-effective over time when you decide to get it done right. Not only will you save time, energy, and frustration, but by trusting a professional painter, you can work together to find a scope of work that suits your budget.


Generally, experts do their job professionally and provide a warranty of their work. Typical painting guarantees can vary greatly. It is wise, as a homeowner, to be sure you understand precisely what is and is not included in the warranty and what to do if repainting must be done.

Insured and Bonded

Every accredited painting service, no matter where they will work, must be covered and bonded. This protects the property owner, from a loss on the part of the painter or their staff. This provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Maintenance Reduction

Whenever your home is properly painted by a reputed company, you will notice time and again, that it lasts much longer than when you paint it yourself. By hiring a professional, you benefit from the expert experience and knowledge that can only be gained from years of doing this work. At the end of the day that means you won’t need to redo the work again for a long time. Over time, this means you have a beautiful paint job that is well worth the money.

Quality Work

By trusting a reputable contractor, you’ll be hiring experts who’ll offer you top quality work. When they are finished, you will be pleased at the detail and quality work that can only come from a carefully controlled expert paintbrush.

Time Efficiency

Professional contractors will usually offer you an estimate of the time period it will take to complete the job. While there may be an occasional exceptions, you can expect the work to be done quickly, effectively, and on schedule. A professional is quick to troubleshoot and overcome any obstacles and stay on schedule.

While there are many more reasons, we have highlighted six reasons to trust your project to a professional painting contractor versus do it yourself. However, when choosing the painting contractor, it’s important that you get several estimates. You will want to make sure that you select a painter that not only meets your targeted budget but can offer the quality you are looking for. If the price is not in your budget, ask for options to reduce the overall cost.

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