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Some people feel that they are equally as qualified to paint a house as the technicians from a professional house painting service. Although it may appear that there is nothing complicated about applying a coat of paint, there is much more to painting than might meet the eye. Thus, why should you trust professional painters? What makes the difference? It all starts with having the proper preparation of the surface. Expert painters know how to properly prepare the home before actually starting the job, and they realize what it requires to do it right. So what are the reasons to trust your project to a professional? Let us discuss six benefits.


The main reason some homeowners even plan to paint a house themselves is associated with price. Every budget has its unique demands. Between harsh winters and hot summers, our homes are subject to exterior damage and deterioration. Having your home painted is a powerful protection from this potential damage. It is much more cost-effective over time when you decide to get it done right. Not only will you save time, energy, and frustration, but by trusting a professional painter, you can work together to find a scope of work that suits your budget.


Generally, experts do their job professionally and provide a warranty of their work. Typical painting guarantees can vary greatly. It is wise, as a homeowner, to be sure you understand precisely what is and is not included in the warranty and what to do if repainting must be done.

Insured and Bonded

Every accredited painting service, no matter where they will work, must be covered and bonded. This protects the property owner, from a loss on the part of the painter or their staff. This provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Maintenance Reduction

Whenever your home is properly painted by a reputed company, you will notice time and again, that it lasts much longer than when you paint it yourself. By hiring a professional, you benefit from the expert experience and knowledge that can only be gained from years of doing this work. At the end of the day that means you won’t need to redo the work again for a long time. Over time, this means you have a beautiful paint job that is well worth the money.

Quality Work

By trusting a reputable contractor, you’ll be hiring experts who’ll offer you top quality work. When they are finished, you will be pleased at the detail and quality work that can only come from a carefully controlled expert paintbrush.

Time Efficiency

Professional contractors will usually offer you an estimate of the time period it will take to complete the job. While there may be an occasional exceptions, you can expect the work to be done quickly, effectively, and on schedule. A professional is quick to troubleshoot and overcome any obstacles and stay on schedule.

While there are many more reasons, we have highlighted six reasons to trust your project to a professional painting contractor versus do it yourself. However, when choosing the painting contractor, it’s important that you get several estimates. You will want to make sure that you select a painter that not only meets your targeted budget but can offer the quality you are looking for. If the price is not in your budget, ask for options to reduce the overall cost.

C.E.T. Painting in Ossining, NY has been happy to to provide exceptional quality and customer service to our customers throughout Westchester County for over a decade. We offer a number of services in addition to interior and exterior painting that includes pressure washing, home remodeling, and window installation. Please contact us through our website or call (914) 615-1415 for a free estimate.

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When painting a space, frequently the most thought about aspect is what paint color is going to be the perfect choice. You have invested lots of time and careful energy into the decision that will transform your room and home. Color certainly is a crucial step in that transformation but in addition to looking at shades and hues, it is vital to pick out a sheen. It could feel like an unimportant aspect but you’ll be amazed by how much paint sheen could determine performance.


You’ll find varying degrees of sheen that range from super shiny high gloss to ultimate flat or matte. The interior paint color combinations are achieved by variations of the concentration of resin and pigment. The greater the pigment, the lesser the resin, the flatter the interior paint color. The reason that many people choose to use wall paint colors that are flatter is the fact that they have the ability to mask imperfections in walls or ceiling. Matte interior paint colors are best for areas of your home or business office which see a great deal of action and therefore are more prone to get dings and scratches deeper than on the surface.

Eggshell Enamel and Satin

Eggshell enamel is a stage up from matte within the sheen division. This wall paint color still possess the strength to mask imperfections beneath paint but can better withstand a scrubbing and are more stain resistant. Even though eggshell enamels are better than mattes at sustaining wear and tear, satin finishes are even better at dealing with surface action. When painting a little one’s area, this sheen is the very best irrespective of the interior paint color. This option will hide the wall dents that occur from toys and lively play and can withstand the repeated scrubs from crayon creations and messy hand prints which happen from macaroni and cheese and mud pies.


If you’re looking into house paint colors for the bathroom, kitchen area, or perhaps a rooms molding, semi-gloss sheen could be the best option. Wall paint colors which use this style of sheen are an awesome fit for these areas that are susceptible to messes that are likely to necessitate frequent cleaning. It’s a standard rule that the higher a paints gloss, the better equipped it is really at dealing with repeated cleaning. By deciding upon house paint colors that have a semi-gloss sheen, you are going to have the peace of mind that spaghetti sauce splashes and flying shampoo suds won’t harm the look and feel of your space.

Another role of semi-gloss interior paint is its use in rooms which bathe in sunlight. Having this sheen within the interior paint colors you choose permits the space to become as bright as it can be by maximizing the sunlight as opposed to flat sheens which absorb sunlight. High gloss sheens make colors seem richer than any other finish but keep in mind they should be reserved for surfaces that are blemish free, otherwise, each scratch and bump will be visible. This paint color option is most frequently used on wood surfaces including cupboards and shelving.

Now that you’ve selected your color and sheen, let C.E.T. Painting make that dream project a reality. C.E.T. Painting stands out from the competition thanks to our consistent professionalism, expert painters, our use of leading product brands, and the latest tools and equipment. Contact us for a free estimate. Visit our website for additional information on services we offer or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.

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When it comes to your home, you can’t settle with anything less than perfect. It’s where you live, and because of that, you want it to be amazing. One of the most important things is a house’s paint job. Inside and out, you’ll want your home to look stunning, and we can help you to achieve that. Our C.E.T. Painting team of professional painters have 12 years of experience, and they can do a job like no other painting contractors.

Finding Professional Painters

There are many different painting contractors out there, but how do you find a professional company, like ours? When searching on Google, it’s important to be as specific as possible. For example, if you enter ‘Will you protect my furniture while you’re painting my home in Armonk, NY?’, then Google will give you the most relevant results.
And if you’re wondering, we ensure that your floor and furniture is covered and safe from paint, so the only place the paint will go is on the walls, where it belongs. If you want experts to bring some color to your home, then you’ve come to right place. We take pride in our work, but if you do have any issues or concerns, our two year Make-It- Right Guarantee will ensure that your problems are sorted out. And, since we put it in writing for you, you won’t have to worry at all.

What Makes Us Different?

Do you know why our services are so popular? Well, it’s because we’re not like ordinary painters, you can expect a high level of professionalism. We won’t come to your home at random times and days to our work, like most painting contractors do. Instead, we’ll follow a schedule that suits you, which is how it should be done. Also, our painting team won’t be doing the work alone. They’ll be supervised by the owner, Carlos Tacuri, who
is an expert with many years of experience. So, if any painting problems occur, they will be solved as soon as possible so that the painting can continue. We also offer a number of other services, such as carpentry, window installation, pressure washing and much more.

Why Choose a Professional?

Although painting a room can be easy, there are many reasons why our experts could make a difference. We use a wide range of quality, brand name industrial paints, and there are different types for different purposes. For example, some of them are much better for exterior painting while others are made for interiors. Not only that, but we offer our amazing services for an affordable price, and from all the great reviews we have received, you can see that we’re not only affordable, but experts at what we do. When you consider the fact that you won’t have to buy the tools and paints yourself, you’ll see that our already reasonable prices are better than you thought! So, if you want a professional, affordable painting service that can color your property inside and out properly, then you have come to the right place.
Between our years of experience, quality and value why would you trust your home to anyone else? If you are ready to move forward with your project and want the best results, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. For more information, visit our website or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment.