Tips When Painting Your Commercial Space or Office

Are you planning on giving your business a fresh new look with a new painting project? Before hiring a commercial interior painting company, here are some tips to keep in mind and some things that can help keep your business running during your upgrades.

  • Breakup Painting into Sections

When undergoing commercial interior painting, it can be beneficial to separate your business into sections, this way only parts of your office or space will closed off while being painted. Try to write up a quick blueprint of where you want desks and other things to go while a section is being worked on. This will not only allow your business to open, but also it can really make a difference in the efficiency of your office.

  • Hours of Operation

Not all businesses are open around the clock; see if the painting company you hired is able to operate outside of your normal hours or during lulls in the day. You can also see if they can work on weekends when your business is closed.

Most painting companies should reasonably accommodate your business operations and paint during down hours. Always be sure to discuss these logistical issues before agreeing to any services or work when painting your commercial building.

  • Notify Your Employees & Clientele

To ensure that there are no major disruptions or surprises during your commercial painting project, always let all your employees and your customers know that there will be painting upgrades occurring. For staff, organize a meeting to make certain that everyone is aware of what will be happening, and always send emails and post signage in the office and break areas.

Depending on your business, if you have clients coming in regularly, be sure that you put up the proper notification and signage in and around your property. Another effective way is to send out this info in your regular newsletter and to utilize your social media channels.

Letting your clients know about painting projects (and other upgrades) will go a long way in showing you care about customer satisfaction and it will also minimize anypotential issues or confusion.

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