Moving to a new home can evoke a range of emotions. It can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. Not only do you have to pack and move, but you also have to make important decisions like choosing the paint color of your new home. While some homeowners feel that it is essential to paint their new house after moving in, some prefer to do so before. Regardless of your preference, the primary goal is to paint the right color, and C.E.T. Painting  will be there at your convenience. C.E.T. Painting offers professional painting services that will leave your home in pristine condition.

In as much as painting your new home after moving in has its advantages, expert painters recommend painting before moving in. Those who decide to paint their new home before moving in, know the secret. Let us examine the benefits of painting your home before moving in and why it stands out as the better option.


The 6 Advantages of Painting before Moving In


1. Faster

It’s a no brainer that painting an empty house takes less time and effort than painting an occupied home. Empty houses allow smooth movement of painters from room to room. Another advantage of painting an empty house is that it is easy to protect and cover the floors.   


2. Cheaper

Painting contractors make advance estimates before painting your new home based on coverage area and labor hours. It will cost homeowners less money while painting an unoccupied home because painters work at a faster rate in such homes since they don’t use time moving furniture around the house.


3. Convenient

Painting an empty house is convenient to painters because they can easily access the walls. They can quickly tape off and start rolling on new paints with less effort because they do not have anything obstructing their view. Painting an empty house is also convenient because occupiers don’t have to worry about moving their clothes while the painting of the interior parts of their closets is going on.


4. Easy Clean-Up

Unoccupied homes are easier and faster to clean up after doing a successful paint job. Cleaning up empty homes is quick and this allows you to enjoy your beautiful new paint job all the faster.


5. It’s Less Messy

Painting your home before moving in is ideal because it enables you to avoid scenarios where there are spills, smudges, and fingerprints. This can happen so easily if your moving items around before the paint has had sufficient time to completely dry.


6. Increase Curb Appeal

Homes that are painted before occupancy sell faster. They sell at a faster rate because potential homeowners are attracted to newly painted homes. Well painted houses in pristine condition sell more quickly and at a higher asking price.


3 Advantages of Painting after Moving into a New Home


1. Avoidance of Damaging Newly Painted Walls

Moving into a new home entails a lot of activities, some people will be unpacking and arranging different things while others will be moving furniture to an appropriate position. The process of moving and getting settled can lead to damaging newly painted walls. Ever seen the look of a car owner when he/she realizes his/her car’s perfect paint job has a major dent or scratch? It’s not pleasant. Such a thing happening to freshly painted walls is the last thing you need, nobody wants that.


2. Finding the Perfect Color Palette

Homeowners who paint their houses after moving in have an advantage of choosing the a color palette for their homes with insight into how light looks inside. They can observe the effects of natural and artificial light and how it can even change how a color might be perceived.


3. Matching Paint with Interior Features

Those who decide to paint their homes after moving in have the opportunity of matching paint with furniture and interior décor. As a homeowner, you want the perfect color to complement your rugs, artwork, and upholstery. Painting your home after moving in gives you the chance to do this without worrying about clashing colors.

Whatever decision you make, ensure that you get in touch with a professional painting company equipped with the right tools and personnel. If you are ready to give your home a new look with a fresh coat of paint, C.E.T. Painting will be happy to provide an accurate and affordable quote regardless of whether you have moved in or not. For bookings and consultations, visit our website or call us on (914) 615-1415.


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