Hosting the Perfect Summer Picnic on Your Newly Stained Deck

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining- it’s summer time! Celebrate the glorious weather by hosting an unforgettable picnic. Summer picnics are splendid for spending the day. They also provide an opportunity to flaunt a few recipes that you have crafted over time. You can effortlessly entertain your friends and family if you are well prepared for such an event. The promise of alfresco delights with your loved ones provides the perfect bonding opportunity, especially if you have a newly stained deck that you want to show off. Your picnic is going to be a breeze if you style it well enough.

Let’s take a look at how to host the perfect summer picnic on your newly stained deck. Stained decks add years to the life of healthy outdoor entertainment. They provide an opportunity of soaking up in vitamin D over quality dates with your partner or friends. Before inviting your friends over, plan the party with the following tips.


Gather Picnic Items

In addition to picnic baskets, make sure you have other items which will make the party cozy. They include some sort of seating like camping chairs, tables, blankets or folding. You will also have to gather together some plates and utensils; disposable options offer more portability and require less cleanup. Don’t forget to bring along a cooler for your drinks and perishable items.



Picnics are perfect for bringing together every throw, pillow, blankets, cushions, and towels. Anything soft to lay, sleep, sit or eat on will work perfectly. Make sure you have hanging pieces and some candles and flowers. You may cut the flowers and create mini bunches to scatter around each blanket.


Craft Your Menu

When hosting a picnic party, you may choose to have elaborate dishes, but fancy meals are not really a necessity. Keep it simple with foods you can make beforehand which are to transport.The rule of the thumb is to start with appetizers like olives, cheese, and crackers. Make sure you have some salads like corn salad, potato salad and a fruit salad for your vegetarian guests. You may also consider grain-based salads. Do not forget sandwiches which are usually easy to assemble. Consider making hot dogs and burgers if you have a grill at your disposal. You may also be creative and try something unique like making pizza rolls.

Of course, you can’t afford to forget the main course. Pair a few portable side dishes with whatever main course you choose. Such side dishes may include fusilli and couscous, marinated vegetables and coleslaw. Lastly, do not forget desserts. You may serve pear with camembert, berries with whipped cream, cupcakes and cookies.



A picnic isn’t complete unless it has some refreshing cocktails and drinks. Serve lemonade and iced-tea from big pitchers. If you opt for alcoholic drinks, stick with a glass of wine or light beer.


Bring on the entertainment

Bring along some games to work off the meal and keep everyone entertained. Kickball, softball or Frisbees are standard go-tos. Other outdoor games include cornhole, bocce ball and ladder ball. Games that are easy to play on picnic blankets like bingo are also a good idea. Some music will also keep the party going.

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