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Commercial Vs. Residential Painting in Westchester, NY – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to painting, you need the right tool for the right job – and the right contractor for your job too!  There are significant differences between commercial and residential painting contractors in Westchester, NY.  So, you want to pick the contractor who will be best suited to your project.

These are some of the most prominent ways that residential and commercial painting jobs can differ.

Four Ways That Residential and Commercial Painting Projects Will Differ

1 – Materials being painted

There’s a limited selection of building materials typically used in homes, particularly if you’re talking about interior spaces.  You’re almost always looking at wood or plasterboard over brick, or possibly aluminum.  Exterior options are limited too – brick, stucco, or siding.

Commercial buildings can be built of a much wider variety of materials, particularly in working spaces that may have specific regulatory requirements.  So commercial painting contractors need to have more paints and more experience working with different materials.

2 – Time and space 

In most circumstances, a commercial property is going to have more space in need of painting, and that will cause the project to take longer.  A commercial painting contractor in Westchester may even need to bring in a larger crew of people, to keep the timetable reasonable.

This means commercial painting projects tend to be more expensive than home renovations.

3 – Range of services offered

It’s typical for residential painting services to focus almost exclusively on painting.  However, commercial painting contractors typically offer a wider range of renovation services to their customers.  They’ll often be capable of redoing floors, power-washing surfaces, refinishing walls, and more.

Commercial renovation contractors like to offer more services, so they can be bundled together.  This significantly improves the overall value to customers.

4 – Experience required

Honestly, painting a home really isn’t hard as much as it is time-consuming.  Flawless projects require attention to detail and safety.  Updating a commercial space typically requires more experience.  There are more safety concerns, as well as a need to stay within local building regulations.  This is especially important in spaces such as restaurants, where customer safety is a major factor.

C.E.T. Painting Offers Superior Services in Westchester, NY

If you’re looking for a residential or commercial painting contractor in Westchester, NY, C.E.T. Painting has been creating great results since 2004!  Our experienced crew can tackle any project, large or small.

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