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What Colors Are Best for Commercial Painting?

What Colors Are Best for Commercial Painting?

First impressions matter and you want every customer or visitor to your business to be impressed when they first arrive at your property. Your choice of paints and color schemes are a big part of that, but they also must be compatible with your building and industry. Commercial painting is a careful balance between looks and utility!

The right commercial painting contractors in Westchester can help you find the perfect look for your business. Here are some of the most important considerations.

Choosing The Right Colors for Your Commercial Painting

Every color you could use will send different messages to your customers and visitors and can even have a psychological impact on them! So, your color scheme needs to work hand-in-hand with your business goals for the best effect.


Off-white is great for creating a warm, inviting space – but without the “clinical” feel of pure white. Off-white also makes a great backdrop if you want to show off your other design elements and décor, serving as a canvas that supports the look without drawing attention to itself.


Yellow and gold are strongly associated with money and can be appropriate for financial institutions. Yellow is also warm and inviting and makes a suitable alternative to off-white if you want a neutral background that still has some color.


Brown and beige may be a bit boring, but they also convey a sense of conservatism and class. This is an excellent choice if you want to be reassuring to visitors or make it clear that you are serious about your business.

Primary Colors

Primary colors such as red and blue are bold and eye-catching. They are typically associated with businesses looking to stand out and are also seen in operations focused on innovation. Just be careful; bright primaries can begin to look cartoonish if overdone. Use a light touch.


Right now, green is typically associated with environmental issues. Merely adding a splash of green to your look tends to make people think of eco-awareness. However, that will create expectations that you will live up to the ‘green’ image you are projecting.

These are just a few ways that your business painting choices can influence your customers and guests. For the best impact, you should consult with a professional commercial painting service in Westchester. Experts can analyze your business and customer base, then recommend a great color scheme that supports your business goals.

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