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Power Washing Protects Your Westchester Siding

Power Washing Protects Your Westchester Siding

If you’ve had siding installed on your Westchester home in the last ten years or so, you know how great modern siding can be. It looks wonderful and goes with almost any house design, while also providing excellent insulation and protection from the elements. Siding is designed to last for years with minimal maintenance – but it does need to be periodically cleaned.

Since the sides of your house are always exposed to the elements, it’s easy for dirt and grime to build up on the siding. This happens slowly enough that you might not notice the discoloration – but it’s there. Often all it takes is wiping a section of siding with a damp cloth to see just how much dirt has built up.

So, what do you do, if your siding has gotten too dirty? That’s when you call for power washing services in Westchester! Power washing can quickly and effectively clean your siding while protecting your home from damage.

What Is Power Washing?

Power washing (also called pressure washing) is quite simple: It utilizes high-powered water jets to blast a pressurized mixture of water and cleaner across your siding. The water acts as a natural scrubbing agent, quickly cutting through the built-up grime, while the cleaner ensures everything is shiny and new once the dirt is cleared away.

Can You Do Your Own Power Washing?

While it is possible to rent a power washer and try to do it yourself, this is a job that is much better left to the pros. In untrained hands, a power washer could do damage to your home, such as cracking windows with a full blast. Also, different types of siding require varying pressures and cleaning mixtures for the best effect. Plus, professionals have access to specialized cleaning agents, such as those which can also kill algae, mold, or fungi.

A trained professional from a company offering power washing services in Westchester will know exactly how to treat your home. They’ll have it looking like new and without mishaps.

What Does Power Washing Cost?

Typically, power washing isn’t that expensive. However, the price mostly depends on how large your home is and how much surface area needs to be cleaned. It’ll probably be a few hundred dollars, or possibly in the low thousands for an extremely large home.

Fortunately, this isn’t something that needs to be done very often. It only needs to happen around once a year at most, and many homes only need it every 2-3 years if they don’t have to deal with high winds and dust.

Is Power Washing in Westchester Really Worth It?

Absolutely! There are numerous benefits to power washing which easily justify the occasional maintenance costs.

  1. Improve the look of your home

As mentioned above, it’s easy to overlook just how much dirt and grime has built up on your siding, since it happens slowly over time. You may not even realize just how discolored your siding has become if it’s been a few years since your last cleaning. Power washing is an effective way of restoring the look of your siding, and it’s far cheaper than new siding or paint.

2 – Increase your home’s marketability

Are you thinking about selling your Westchester home in the near future? If so, then consider power washing to be a must-do. It will substantially improve your home’s curb appeal and increase the chances of buyers becoming interested in your property.

  1. Spot hidden problems

Another issue with having a lot of grime buildup on your siding is that it can easily hide problems, such as cracks forming, loose boards, or areas where paint is flaking off. These need to be fixed while they are small problems before they become big expensive problems.

  1. Remove mold and mildew

If mold or mildew take root in your home, it can be a nightmare to get rid of. Mold or mildew on the siding can easily spread to your roof, or even start making its way indoors. Since professional power washing services can kill mold, mildew, fungi, and algae, it protects your home from these most unwelcome of invaders.

  1. Extend the life of your siding

Siding is expensive to install, and you want yours to last as long as possible. Periodic power washing is one of the best ways to extend its life, along with making it easy to do minor repairs. This allows you to enjoy your siding for longer and get more from your investment.

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