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How Deck Staining Services Can Benefit Your Deck

How Deck Staining Services Can Benefit Your Deck

To maintain the color, texture, and durability of your wooden deck, regular maintenance is essential. Throughout the year, your deck endures the challenges of rain, snow, sleet, ice, and harsh sunlight. To mitigate the potential damage caused by these elements, restaining your deck is crucial. However, achieving the desired protection and appearance requires proper preparation and application. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons why deck staining services are important and provide useful tips for prepping and staining your deck effectively.

It Prevents Moisture from Soaking into the Wood

Similar to the paint on the outside of your house, deck stain serves as a protective layer that prevents water from seeping into the wood. While stain doesn’t completely hide the wood like paint does, it acts as a shield against moisture. When wood gets soaked in water, it can start developing mold or mildew, and it may also swell and become weak, leading to the need for plank replacements and deck repairs.

It Prevents Damage from the Sun

When wood is left untreated or not protected with a sealant, it can suffer significant harm from the sun. It loses its original color, becomes distorted in shape, and dries out much faster than it normally would. As a result, it becomes prone to developing cracks. By applying a top-notch stain to your deck, you can prevent the sun’s rays from fully penetrating the wood and ensure that your deck remains in good condition for a long time.

It Reduces Cracking

There’s a common misconception that simply sealing a deck with deck sealant will solve all wood problems, but unfortunately, it can’t prevent cracking on its own. The combination of sunlight and natural drying can easily lead to cracks in your outdoor wood. To address this, using an oil-based stain is beneficial. It helps retain the necessary moisture in the wood while keeping excess water out, effectively preventing both cracking and the buildup of moisture or warping. Don’t rely solely on sealants, opt for an oil-based stain to keep your deck in great shape.

How to Prepare for Deck Staining Services

Proper preparation is crucial for achieving great results. Whether you’re working on a new deck or an older one exposed to the weather, it’s important to thoroughly clean the wood before applying stain. If left unwashed, it can prevent wood stains from properly penetrating the surface. For an older deck, you’ll need to remove dirt, sun-induced graying, mildew, and old stains prior to staining. A deck scrub is recommended for this cleaning process. Avoid using a power washer as it can create streaks on the wood and cause splintering.

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