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How Commercial Painting Services Prepare for Success

How Commercial Painting Services Prepare for Success

A great painting service in Westchester County is going to always focus on customer satisfaction, but that’s especially important when it comes to commercial painting. The paint job in a working environment can’t merely be functional – it needs to look amazing so that you can impress any customers, guests, and VIPs who come by. A nice-looking working environment also improves morale and leads to better productivity among your workers.

At C.E.T. Painting, this means a focus on preparation. Putting extra work in at the beginning will help ensure that your commercial painting project ends up looking great, no matter what color or style you select. Here’s how we inspect and prepare a site for work and ensure great results every time.

How Great Commercial Painting Services Prepare Your Building for Updates

I. Exterior Painting

The exterior of your building often creates the very first impression to new visitors, so it’s critical that the exterior look as good as possible!

– Power washing

Every good exterior renovation begins with a thorough power-washing. People can be surprised at just how much dirt and grime will build up on a building’s exterior. Merely knocking all the dirt off can substantially improve its appearance!

This is also necessary to ensure new paint will stick properly, without any problems or defects due to grime on the underlying surface.

– Air blasting

Some surfaces are too vulnerable for high-pressure power washing, so air blasting is the fallback. Pressurized air isn’t as effective as water for cleaning, but sometimes it’s the best option, especially if there are other structures and objects nearby that shouldn’t get wet.

– Paint scraping

It isn’t always necessary to remove one layer of paint before painting over it – but it is necessary if that paint is cracked or peeling. Trying to paint over damaged paint will lead to a poor paint job. So, at times, we have to put in the hard work of scraping off the old paint as part of surface preparation.

– Wall repairs

If the wall has issues, such as holes and cracks, those need to be fixed before exterior renovation can proceed. So, the exterior will be thoroughly inspected, looking for any problems which need to be caulked and filled before they can be painted over.

– Metal surfaces

Most commercial buildings have at least some exterior metal elements which will be painted as well, and these bring their own challenges. Besides cleaning them and scraping off old paint, rust is another major issue. Rust can often hide underneath paint and won’t be evident until partway through the process. This must be repaired before painting can be done, otherwise, the metalwork will be unsound.

II. Interior Painting

The big challenge of interior commercial painting is ensuring the paint only goes where it should go, without damaging anything else – including the painters themselves.

–  A full interior inspection

Any interior painting job starts with a thorough examination of the room(s) to be painted. This isn’t only looking at the walls, ceilings, or floors – it’s also looking at everything else in the room, and planning to protect or remove those objects during the painting process. This minimizes the chance of damage.

– Ensuring airflow

Good airflow is an absolute necessity when doing major interior paint jobs, for two reasons. First, paint fumes are extremely dangerous. Even with the crew wearing protective gear and breathers, the fumes should still be evacuated as quickly as possible. Also, better airflow will encourage the new paint to dry more quickly.

Techniques for this can range from simply opening nearby windows, to utilizing the HVAC system to increase airflow or even bringing in our own fans and blowers to add more air.

– Gentle cleaning

As with exterior painting, it’s important to clean and prep the surfaces themselves for painting. For interior work, this needs to be done gently, typically using basic soaps which won’t harm anything else nearby. There may be a need to scrape off paint as well, although it’s less common for interior work.

– Concrete prep

Concrete is often found both outside and inside working buildings, particularly in flooring. They are often stained, or have items applied to them, such as tape being used to create traffic flow lines. All this must be removed, and the underlying concrete thoroughly cleaned and dried, before any repainting or other renovation (such as epoxy coating) can be done.

– Woodwork prep

Woodwork is probably the trickiest to deal with because there are so many different types of wood in use, and all of them react differently to paint and primer. Hiring a great commercial painting service is critical here because only pros will know offhand whether your wood needs to be sanded, primed, or otherwise properly prepared for the paint.

C.E.T. Painting Are Your Westchester Commercial Painting Specialists

Since 2004, we’ve built a name for ourselves as one of the best residential and commercial painting services in Westchester County, with a long track record of success. We’re fully licensed, certified, and insured, so your property is always safe when we’re handling your renovations and updates!

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