Trust Our Painting Company for Your Bedford, NY, Needs

When you think of the Bedford, NY, area, what do you see?  Pristine reservoirs winding through green woods?  Charming equestrian pastures?  Historic structures dating back to the Revolutionary War?  Wooded estates or brightly painted homes along town roads?  You can find all that in any one and all of the four hamlets of Katonah, Bedford, Bedford Corners and Bedford Hills that comprise the town of Bedford.  C.E.T. Painting is proud to help promote those exteriors meant to either blend in with natural surroundings or beautifully add to the color tradition seen along major thoroughfares!  With just under 6,000 homes and just over 18,000 residents, there are a variety of styles and personalities found throughout the town of Bedford.

For years, C.E.T. Painting has been one of the top painting companies that Bedford-area residents call on when they need their homes renovated or restored.  We have extensive experience working with classic architecture.  We will work with you to understand your needs for your property, as well as its history so that we can create looks that blend the old and the new.

When you call in C.E.T. Painting for your Bedford, NY property, we can bring you:

Excellent Exterior Painting

We began as a painting company, and that's still our focus.  Thanks to our many years in the area, we know the local architectural styles and the history behind them.  If you have a classic property and you want to maintain its historical charm, we'll find solutions that keep its look while bringing you the best in modern paints and materials.

If you're looking for modern exterior renovations, such as siding in a classical style, we can help you balance new convenience and classic appeal.

Sublime Interior Painting and Decoration

We're equally skilled in interiors!  Whether you want your property to be an oasis of calm or an upbeat environment, we can create amazing outcomes.

We have extensive experience working with classic wallpaper.  We can remove old wallpaper with minimal damage to the wall, and then help you find an appropriate replacement.  Or we can go ahead and repaint the interior - whatever you want.

Window Repair and Replacement

Windows are the eyes of your home, and they should look as good as possible.  Older windows tend to stain or become leaky.  We can find excellent replacements which match the look and feel of your Bedford, NY, home, preserving its historic feel, while bringing you the benefit of modern energy-efficient windows.  With carpenters on staff, we offer solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally proficient.

Beautiful Long-Lasting Floor Coatings

Resinous coatings such as epoxy can preserve your floor for decades to come, while also creating beautiful new looks.  Epoxy coatings are particularly effective at upgrading garage and basement floors which are otherwise stone or concrete.  Modern epoxy coatings can truly last a lifetime!

No matter your needs, C.E.T. Painting stands tall among Bedford, NY, painting companies.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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