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Creative DIY paint enthusiasts are not afraid to experiment with different paint hues for their projects. At times, the results of their effort can be truly inspiring. How do you create a masterpiece instead of just another typical paint job? First, you need to consider if you will choose to use a paint or stain. Although the two products seem to have a number of similarities, there are a lot of things that distinguish them. Knowing the difference between staining and painting is important if you are to achieve your desired results. This article will focus on their differences and similarities. How Paint and Stained Decks Contrast   Stain is Less Expensive When you walk into a paint shop or hardware store and ask for the price of stain and paint, you will quickly realize that a gallon of stain is less expensive than a gallon of paint. A gallon of stain sells for around $35 while a gallon of paint costs around $60. If you decide to go with the painting option, you will have to part away with an extra $15-$40 per gallon to purchase wood preservative and another $15-$35 per gallon of primer. With stain, you save the extra $30-$75 on wood perseverative since stains already contains them. Stains also do not require primers to adhere.   Paints Offers More Variety Unlike stain, paint offers more when it comes to hue variety. From neutral colors like forest green or chocolate to eye-popping crimson or royal blue for more contemporary vibes. Stains are limited to clear shades of brown because they are designed to maintain the native or natural qualities of wood.   Stain is Easier to Apply Both staining or painting a deck requires surface prepping like light sanding or scrubbing with deck cleaner. The effort required while staining is less. Painting has several processes. First, you will need to treat your deck with wood perseverative then proceed to coat it with a quality primer. You will also need a minimum of two coats of oil-based or latex paint. Once done, you will be required to seal the surface with a polyurethane sealer. With stains, you do not need to do all this since you can choose a 2-in-1 stain and sealer. You also don’t need to apply a top coat.   Painted Decks Can Easily be Maintained When applied to decks, coats of paint dry to slick surfaces. This makes sweeping away dirt, dust, and debris a walk in the park. On the other hand, stains dry to a matte finish thus demand greater efforts when sweeping clean.  This makes most homeowners resort to using pressure washers when cleaning their stained decks. When using pressure washers, use care so as not to gouge the wood due to the force of the washer.   Painted Decks Lasts Longer Although both stained and painted decks face unique problems (paint chips or peels while stain discolors due to heat), when you do an overall comparison, you will find out… Read more »


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It’s a well-known fact that colors define the energy of a room. Your mood and a room’s tone changes according to the shade. Choosing the perfect color for your home is by no means a breeze because there are numerous color pallets to choose from. You of course want to select the perfect shade for each room according to its purpose. For instance, since your bedrooms are places of relaxing after a long day of work, you might want to consider painting them with lighter shades that do not overpower each other.  A good bedroom color is yellow. By painting your study space in a low wavelength color, such as a hue of green, it creates an excellent learning environment. This is due to the calm and restful atmosphere they bring. They increase focus and efficiency. So, how do you determine which color is best for the rooms in your home? Let’s find out. Make use of ColorSnap® for your color selection Over the years, some colors have faded into oblivion while others have reigned in popularity. You may hear a friend praising and recommending a particular color; however, it is crucial to note that not all colors are for everyone, there is a glove for every hand. Of course you will want to find what works for you. Sherwin-Williams has developed ColorSnap® and this is a fantastic tool to help you choose colors. ColorSnap® is an integrated system of tools and colors that help you with color selection. It allows you to visualize colors in sample rooms. The best thing about this feature is that you do not have to go to the nearest Sherwin-Williams store to make use of the tool. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store and have fun matching the colors of your room professionally. Regardless of whether you are repainting or painting for the first time, ColorSnap® will make the rooms in your home seem heavenly. Perfectly selected ColorSnap® hues might be equated with Leonardo da Vinci’s or Pablo Picasso’s magnum opus. Sorry, we get excited when it comes to selecting colors, and so should you. As color experts, our advice is that when you are painting or doing some renovations, choose colors that have personal meaning or the ones that show individuality. Make use of ColorSnap® to compare multiple colors to ensure the color you settle for best fits the existing space in your home. When making your decision, consider the color fixed elements such as carpets and cabinets. Lighting also plays a crucial role in determining how the eye will perceive a color.  Another essential factor to keep in mind is the natural light a room receives.   Sherwin-Williams Top 50 Colors One our favorite tools when selecting colors is the Sherwin-Williams Top 50 colors.  These span a full spectrum of hues and shades. Among them are a variety of neutrals that set perfect foundations for pops of color and allowing your personal design to shine. These… Read more »

Inspiring ideas for home interior paint color

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Research on color psychology proves that colors affect our moods. The colors we paint our homes’ interior conveys how the space around us feels. As such, we cannot afford to make the mistake of choosing the wrong paint colors for our homes. With C.E.T. Painting’s help, paint woes will be a thing of the past. We are here to make sure you paint your home with the vivid colors from your dreams; there is no room for errors leading to do-overs. Use our color ideas to create your style. Entryway The reason why we always remember the first time we did anything or met anyone is that first impressions lasts forever. Most people make assumptions based on first impressions. For this reason, we cannot afford to go wrong with our entryways. Besides foyer designs and furniture, entryway paint color speaks volume about the message we want to send. If you want entryways to feel like Caribbean oases, paint their walls with a jewel-toned color like jade-green. Consider adding potted plants to complete the look. Deep violet with pops of yellow is also ideal to small entryways. It evokes the feeling of summer flowers such as lilac. Dining Room People come together in dining rooms to enjoy meals during gatherings and dinner parties. Dining rooms give hosts a chance to showcase their signature styles. From traditional to modern dining rooms styles, neutral ‘earth tones’ like brown and beige always works out in these spaces. Indigo adds a moody depth to dining rooms. Dining room rose-colored walls alongside features like draped curtains and crystal chandeliers inspire romantic feelings. Hues of red and blue work as good for they set a welcoming tone in our dining rooms. Marigold is also ideal for bathrooms. To ensure vibrant yellow doesn’t overpower our space, use contrasting colors like blue or green and ensure that the moldings are white. Bedrooms Contemporary, luxurious, rich or calming? What style do you enjoy the most? Regardless of your style, creating the bedroom of your dreams can be as easy as selecting one of C.E.T. Painting’s color palettes. Painting shades of blue are not only soothing, but they also adds dreamy qualities to our bedrooms. Other perfect colors for our bedrooms include greens and purples. Try our saturated green. It feels fresh; more like foliage or the farmers’ market. Adding botanical prints to that effect always works wonders on your moods. Pale green bedroom walls have the perfect color palette that is bright, tranquil and airy enough to assist you zone out easily. Shades of purple tend to give us a royal feeling. There is no better place to feel regal than in our bedrooms. Bathroom To turn our bathrooms into the retreat of our dreams, we have to take a bold step and paint them with daring color palettes. Shades of blues, greens, reds, and yellows are perfect for our bathrooms. Whites and bathroom neutrals also bring spa-like features to our bathrooms. Bathrooms with sunny, citrus lemon paints with patterned… Read more »

Classic paint color combinations for every room of your home

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If you’ve been following our blog, we have previously discussed color psychology and how it works. Knowing about the color theory is essential as well.  Color theory helps you achieve your decorating goals. In simple terms, it is the basic ‘color language’ that express who we are and how we feel. Pulling off incredible looks for your home that is based on choosing and painting the right colors is as fulfilling as a dream come true. When you walk into a room, the first thing you notice is its color. Choosing the right color is a crucial decorating decision that you should never gamble with. Deciding what color to paint in every room of your home is not as easy as you imagine. It requires creativity and in-depth knowledge of colors. When you apply these two basic concepts, your home will look as if you had your own personal decorator. How do you go about choosing classic paint colors for every room of your house? Let’s find out.   >The principle of selecting the right color for every room What purpose does a room serve and what do you want to achieve? Colors add energy to a room, wrap you in cozy environments and create a calming atmosphere. When it comes to choosing the right colors for your home’s rooms, you have to choose colors that coordinate from exterior to interior, or from room to room. Creating a personal palette from the vast array of colors entails all the attributes of sight which are: light, darkness, position and form, color, solidity, propinquity and distance, rest and motion. When you consider all these aspects, your decision making on the right colors for every room will be easy.   > Bedroom Color Ideas and Inspiration Let me begin by saying that there is no rule to what color applies to what room. Do not paint colors you are not content with trying to impress the world. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Paint a color that makes you, and those you live with, happy. These are just suggestions of colors applicable for painting in bedrooms; you are not limited to specific colors. White and yellow. Painting your bedroom white and yellow is ideal because the colors are inviting and they do not overpower each other. You may paint your walls white and the ceiling; which is the fifth wall, yellow. Opt for lighter shades when painting your ceiling. Doing so makes your bedroom seem taller and more massive.   > Kitchen Color Ideas and Inspiration When painting your kitchen, consider the fixed elements like the flooring, countertop, backsplash, and cabinets. Although neutral colors are perfect for the kitchen, accent colors are equally good if they are painted with consideration and precision. C.E.T Painting offers select fresh interior colors perfect for your kitchen that are not only washable but durable. Consider the following colors for your kitchen. Blue, gray and green. The reason why these colors are favorite and ideal for… Read more »

I want to paint my home, where do I start?

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Painting your home can be a confusing and tedious task. Before commencing on the project, you have to make informed decisions like choosing the right painting contractor and what colors to select. These careful decisions should leave you with much joy and satisfaction for at least five years or more. The quality of work and paint used makes all the difference. As they say, a good paint job is frozen evidence of impeccable performance. Most times, many homeowners find themselves stuck when it comes to the process of painting their home. An excellent paint job can set your home apart from all others. It can be a source of pride and happiness. But the road to get there can be full of anxiety. So, how do you ace your home’s paint job without getting overly stressed? Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider before painting your house.   Reflect on your home’s interior and exterior paints To start with, recreate simple ideas in your mind that will transform your home. Reflect on features you consider permanent in your home. These things matter a lot when it comes to exterior and interior paints. Such things include your brick fireplace, tiles, and cabinets. Colors in every room should, but not necessarily, match the colors of these items. You can use a common color palette to unify the color flow in your rooms. Another crucial aspect to reflect on is the source of light in the rooms during different times of the day. To achieve smooth transitions between rooms or spaces in your home, decide on the color of a room and paint the adjacent rooms or spaces two shades away, darker or lighter. Keep in mind that you have to use tones from identical color chips. Doing this arouses interest and creates depth. These are some of the painting basics homeowners should know about. For more details guiding you on the interior and exterior painting, take a look at some of the articles discussed in our blog.    Painting Services When you want to paint your home, ask yourself. “What do I want to achieve? Do you have the skills to do it yourself or will you require the services of professional painters?   Choosing a Painting Contractor Choosing the right painting contractor is as important as selecting the perfect paint for your home. Make sure the experience and reputation of the firm you choose to meet your expectations. After comparing different painting contractors, it is advisable to settle for a painting firm that is insured. Insured paint contractors can compensate you in case of any losses incurred during the painting process.   Budgeting Ensure you check and compare the cost of painting before contracting any painting firm. Inquire if you’ll need to purchase your paints or if the painting contractors provide your paint of choice. Painting costs depend on various factors. If your mission is to paint the exteriors, the price will be lower. If you… Read more »

Why is winter the perfect time of year to paint your home?

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Do you want to do a house makeover by painting the interior of your home with vibrant colors? Regardless of whether you want to do major or minor upgrades, choosing the perfect time for painting your house interior is as important as choosing the right colors for your home. So, when is the right time to paint your home’s interior? The answer is winter. This may sound ironic. How can the coldest season be the right time to paint? Well, let’s find out. It’s logical to think that painting when the weather is a bit warm is ideal. However, this is not the case. Professional painters have rebutted misconceptions and claims that painting can’t be done during winter. In fact, they recommend interior paint jobs to be done during winter. The million dollar question here is, “why do interior paint jobs during winter?” For starters, when you paint your home’s interior during winter, you will be ready to flaunt its new look come spring. Your guests will get to see the paint makeover you have done; something that is harder to do in summer when people prefer outdoor gatherings such as hosting picnics. The reasons for painting your home’s interior are numerous. Let’s take a look at some of them.    You get great painting deals Unlike summer where painters are booked round the clock, winter is known to be a slow time for painting professionals. This means that during winter, you are more likely to get better estimates compared to summer where painting contractors are overbooked for exterior painting. As you well know, when the demand is high, the price goes up. When the demand is low, the price goes down.  Winter is the perfect time for taking early light to your advantage Since nature cannot be reversed, we can study its pattern and use the knowledge to our advantage. It’s a well-known fact that the sun always rises earlier in winter than in summer. What this means is that we can take advantage of the early natural light from the sun and paint our home interior faster during the cold days. Great lighting means projects are completed faster and in a more efficient manner. Chances of missing a spot during this time are next to none!  Paint dries quickly When you look at the temperatures during winter, you quickly realize that our homes are warmer than the outside environment where it’s all snowy.  Painting the interior of our house during this time is ideal because paint dries up quickly due to the warmer room temperatures Humidity levels Winds, extreme temperatures, and humidity levels affect how quickly paint dries up. Winter’s humidity levels are the best for curing paint compared to the summer’s humidity levels. In short, winter air is the best for curing the paint. Go ahead and take advantage of the humidity levels while they last.    You get the time to deal with other projects during the summer Not many people think about this life hack. When you… Read more »

Telltale Signs it’s Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in Armonk, NY

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Paint is like a shield that protects your home from external dangers. It is the first line of defense against the elements like harsh northeast winters and pests. Not only does the paint protect your home from the elements, it gives it a visual appeal. A well painted Westchester home gives a good impression to anyone who passes by and potential buyers. To give your home the best possible defense, make sure your paint is always on point. Most homeowners are not aware of the warning signs that it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.  Let’s discuss how your home is signaling you it’s time for a fresh paint job:   Peeling and chipping Whenever paint starts to peel from the exterior surfaces of your home, then it’s time you hire a professional painting contractor to have your home repainted. When paint chips or peels off surfaces, it exposes the walls below to the elements. If left unattended, a small patch of peeling could result in a huge problem. Not to mention, a costly repair down the road.   Fading Loss of color due to the fierce UV rays and water intrusion is a strong indication that your home needs repainting. Dull and washed out exterior surfaces indicate that the paint’s film is deteriorating. If your home’s exterior looks faded, it’s a good idea to call in a qualified painter to make your paint look just like new. Repainting will even out the color and give your home a beautiful refresh.   Dirty exterior Exterior surfaces need regular cleaning to keep them in a good condition. If pressure washing does not get rid of the grime, it’s time to consider a new coat of paint.   Water stains Water stains from over eager sprinklers can leave the exterior of your home looking uneven and blotchy. A new coat of paint will cover the stains and refresh the color.   Wood rot Rotting wood around window or door frames is a sign that your current paint’s is failing to protect the surfaces below. Take immediate action to repaint and protect your home from further deterioration.   Color choice looks old-fashioned It was the perfect “It” color of the moment. After a few years though, that color is making your home look dated. A fresh coat of paint can give your home the perfect updated look. This will be especially beneficial if you intend to sell in the near future.   Caulking problems If the caulking around doors and windows is peeling off, cracked, or dried, it may be a sign to repaint your home.   If you have noticed that your home’s exterior needs sprucing up, do not hesitate. Give C.E.T. Painting a call today (914) 615-1415 for the fresh coat your home has been hoping for. C.E.T. Painting is one of the most respected painting companies in the Westchester area. We employ a team of qualified and friendly painting experts who will prepare every surface properly, and use the… Read more »

Need a Reliable Painter in Pound Ridge, NY?

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There is more to painting than just enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a building. The additional benefits will quickly become apparently right after you give your home a fresh coat of paint. For instance, how does it feel to wake up in a brightly painted room? You will start the day on a powerful, energized note. A freshly painted office will inject some new energy and creativity into the room.   A quality painting job can only be delivered by professional painters. If you are in the Westchester area and you want to enhance the appearance of your home or office, consider hiring C.E.T. Painting. We are a professional painting company that is dedicated to delivering the best painting jobs to residents and businesses in the Westchester area.   C.E.T. Painting is not just your regular painter. We have worked hard to earn the reputation as one of the best painters in Westchester, NY. The quality of our work is one of the many things that separates us from other painters in the area. Whether you want the interior or the exterior of the building to be painted, we will be able to deliver on time and with the highest level of quality.   We treat our customers as partners. We will work hand in hand to make your dream a reality. If you are not sure about the type of painting or the color scheme to use, don’t worry. We have a team of design consultants who will give you relevant advice and help you explore various painting options. In the end, you will be able to choose the right color for the right project. Professional Painters Our painters at C.E.T. Painting are highly skilled and trained to meet the highest requirements. Due to the highest levels of professionalism, quality service is our priority. Despite the nature of the painting jobs, our painters are always clean and adhere to work ethics. They interact with customers professionally. You will be comfortable having us at your premises.   Brand Name Apart from advertising, painting is a powerful way to spread the name of your brand. Once you hire us, we will help you to choose a bold pop of color that makes a bold statement about your brand. Whether it is inside or outside the building, we will ensure that the colors match with the theme of your brand.   Fully Insured What if something goes wrong in my house? Who will be responsible for the expense? This is one of the most common questions a homeowner might ask before they hire a painter.  Well, with us, there should be nothing to worry about. We are a fully insured painting company. We have up to $1,000,000 in liability insurance. This means that we will be fully responsible in case of any breakages and damages during the job.   Community Involvement As a local painting company in Westchester, we are proud of our involvement in our local community. We fully participate in… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter in Westchester

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As the seasons change and cold weather starts sneaking in, most people think of ways they can protect themselves from the frost. Besides buying heavy jackets and stocking up on wood for the fireplace to brace for winter, your house should be protected too. This will save you from incurring huge repair charges when winter is over. Let’s review some of the practical ways to avoid damage and protect your home. Remove mold and mildew:  These organisms tend to thrive in cold weather. That is why it is important to inspect your house and have a painting company come over to give you a fresh coat of paint that will protect your floors and walls. C.E.T. has the best tools for every project, and there is no job that we look down upon – including getting rid of the mold and mildew for you. Redo peeling paints and damaged parts: Things like crumbling stucco, peeling paints and warps not only make your house look unkempt, but are also a hazard, especially during winter. They can lead to leakage that could end up destroying your whole house. Our company assures you of quality paints used by market leaders at no extra cost. Say goodbye to those chipping walls and welcome a new look as winter approaches. Do power washing: This is a thorough cleaning process that gets rid of mold, mildew and dust particles that has accumulated over the seasons. It is important to hire professionals like our staff members at C.E.T. We ensure that your house gets the sparkle and listen to your needs as you prepare for winter. Check for stains and fades: As you transition for sunny summers to cold winters, chances are that the sun caused the paint in your house to fade. You do not want to sail through another season with faded and stained paintings, because the longer you wait, the more permanent it might become. Leaving a stain for too long might force you to do a complete makeover to the house. We have years of experience in Westchester, and we know areas of your house that are likely to have stains and fades. Make sure your house is keeping in the heat: You should keep your house from moisture that could interfere with the paintings on your walls and floors. When your house is sealed, it means that the heat getting out is also limited, so you do not have to suffer cold. If you are not sure of how to go about it, get someone who will guide you on the best way to seal joints and seams around your house. When it comes to tips on how to prepare your home for winter, it is advisable for you to do your research on available companies to work on your house project and settle for the best. CET company promises you professionalism and up to $1,000,000 in liability insurance. Moreover, we give back to the community, and our projects are always geared… Read more »

Color Psychology: How Color Affects the Mood of the Room

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You have probably heard of the phrase, ‘show me your friends; I will tell you who you are.’ It tells us that our characters depend on who we hang out with. That is how we are perceived; we are judged according to the company we keep. Our friends have the ability to positively mold us or completely destroy our characters. The same applies to colors. The colors that surround us can determine our moods.   A color can either lift our spirits or completely eat us within like a corrosive acid. Our current moods play a significant role in this. Are you anxious, depressed or angry? If so, it might not be a good idea being in a room with yellow walls. The color yellow can make people angry. The best place you can be in during such a condition is in a blue room. Scientists agree that color blue has a calming and therapeutic effect on our minds. Psychological Properties of Color So we appreciate colors affect the mood of a room. Let’s delve a little deeper into color psychology. When you are good in color psychology, you will have no difficulty determining what color to paint a room. Getting to know the four primary colors (of color psychology) will help you blend in other colors into a room comfortably and effortlessly. Let’s first discuss these key colors and their effects before moving on to a few ‘adventurous’ colors. The following are four primary colors of psychology: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.   Red Red is among the dark colors. It is a powerful color that represents our attributes and physical assets. Having your home painted red shows that you are self-driven and passionate. It also shows that you are a warm person who is always ready to face the world. It portrays you as an embracing person. Although the color seems alive and friendly, it can also be perceived as demanding and aggressive which means that someone like a therapist should not consider painting office walls red. Childrens’ rooms should not be painted red.   Blue Color psychology suggests that blue is the color of intellect, it’s the color of the mind. It is among the cool colors which offer a calming effect and is conducive for aiding in concentration. People in blue rooms think with clarity for they have a clear mind. At home, the color blue is best suited for bedrooms, offices and study rooms. People with blue houses view their homes as a safe place secure from the hectic demands of the world. Be careful and avoid shades of blue such as navy blue. Navy blue tends to inhibit communication which means that you should avoid painting your dining areas and living room with this color.   Green In color psychology, green is considered as a neutral color, a color of balance. Painting your walls green portrays you as a humble, practical person who maintains balance in your daily life activities. It shows that you… Read more »