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To many, the painting process seems like a walk in the park. Most people seem to think that once they have decided which paint best suits their home, they are halfway through the painting process. Well, this is never the case. Professional painters are diligent with their work, and they know that all paint jobs require decent prep work. Unfortunately, not everyone who can hold a paintbrush knows about the crucial steps of proper prep work. Some rush through it or minimize the required task while others skip it altogether. These are the ones who will likely charge less than the price set in the market value for painting services. So, if you are skeptical about the quote you receive from a potential painting contractor, it will be prudent if you do a little background research before getting into a contract with them. You might do this by finding their work or researching reviews.   The Importance of Proper Prep Work before Painting Preparing the surface you are painting will save you from the agony of finding different painters to re-do a shoddy paint job. This also means that proper prep work saves your finances, in the long run. If you do not prepare whatever surface you are painting, be it outdoor or indoor, the paint will not take. You will be wasting your efforts because the paint will be difficult to apply; it might leave streaks or flake off. Professional painters know that prep work is necessary for a smooth painting process that will have long-lasting results. When proper prep work is done on your project, you are halfway through the painting process.   A well trained or an experienced painter knows that the steps required for preparing for a particular surface are not necessarily the same steps that will be needed when painting a different surface. Different surfaces require different preparation procedures. Moreover, preparation procedures for a particular surface type at a home’s interior may be different for the same kind of surface at a home’s interior. Using the wrong product or procedure will leave you with a mess on your hands. Surface preparation is valuable because it makes the paint stick to the material it is anchored to. Removing anything that might hinder superior adhesion includes: Repairing surface damage. Removing old or failed coatings. Removing dirt. Removing rot. Removing mold and mildew.   What Proper Painting Prep Work Includes Proper painting prep work might be filling holes in walls or drywall repairs. The process should ensure that your walls are level. Otherwise, if you don’t do this, you risk your finished job having serious imperfections. A deck’s prep work includes sanding, cleaning, and pressure washing to ensure that your wood is free of debris and dirt before receiving a new stain/paint. Proper painting surface preparations also include: Priming Scraping Patching Stucco repair Wood repair and replacement   Before any paint is done, is the surface to be painted a damaged area? Are there large holes or drywall… Read more »


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Want to add a perfect pattern or dose of color to your home interior? If so, accent walls are exactly what you need. Experts in the decorating industry insist that accent walls bring elegance and timeless atmospheres to our homes. Stylish and easy color accents will forever be popular thanks to their flexibility. They are also well-appreciated because they are less work when compared to repainting an entire room or wallpapering.   Most people underrate the power of accent walls when it comes to decorating their homes. Focusing on a single wall creates a huge impact. An accent wall brings depth and emphasis to a room. Color experts and interior designers insist that you can express yourself through accent walls. They refresh your living space and breathe new life into your home with minimal effort and cost. So, how do you come up with the perfect ideas to accent your walls? Let’s find out by going through some expert tips shared by some of the most successful interior designers and color experts.   Crucial Accent Walls Tips Accent walls, commonly known as feature walls, are like exclamation marks at the end of sentences, they add importance and excitement to space. When you paint accent walls, you create a sense of shape and architecture in boxy rooms. Doing this emphasizes existing focal points by directing the eye to strategic positions. However, if the painting is done in the wrong place, the results will look confusing and odd, which is why choosing the right walls to feature is crucial.   When done well, accent walls a true compliment to the room. If the painting is done in a shoddy manner, the results will be terrible and your efforts to beautify your home will be wasted. Most people think that the first wall you lay your eyes upon when you enter a room is the best to accentuate. However, this is not always the case. There are more important things to consider when making accent walls decisions. The following mistake-proof guidelines are crucial in determining which walls to pick.   Accent walls look perfect when they are solid. What this basically means is that accent walls give the best results when they have no windows or doors. Framing your beautiful large window or French doors with spectacular views do not bring about the desired results. Instead of enhancing your awesome paint job, you will bring about a distractive aspect. Moreover, natural light from windows tends to make accent colors appear virtually invisible or darker during the day.   In oblong rooms, the best walls to accentuate are the farthest short walls. Accent colors tend to draw attention and make walls appear closer. They ‘magically’ correct room shapes. Painting the longest walls differently only emphasizes their length. For this reason, focusing attention on shared walls is rarely a good idea. You will not only make the space appear as unbalanced and disproportionately elongated, but you will also have a hard time deciding where to… Read more »


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In the first section of this article, we discussed some of the ways in which homeowners can make their home’s exterior more attractive. Some of the ways to increase your home’s curb appeal include using the right paint color, pruning trees and bushes around your home, utilizing outdoor furniture, and doing a mailbox makeover. There are more ways to increase your home’s curb appealing without splurging too much. Let us explore some additional pocket friendly to increase your home’s aesthetic value.      Renew Planter Beds Now and then, harsh weather like too much sunlight gets your garden beds out of shape. To reverse the process, a homeowner has to pull weeds, prune growth and add mulch to restore the color of the garden.  Clean and reset dislodged or soiled bricks or stones that border your bed. To improve curb appeal, upgrade to a decorative cast-concrete or stone edging system if your border is tired-looking or old.      Add Fence Panels or arbors Decorative fence panels, garden gates or arbors enhance your garden value as well as your home’s curb appeal. Such amenities are usually found in prefab sections or easy-to-build kits that easily connect. For perfect results, stain or paint these items with colors that are already painted on your house.      Add Accent Trim or Shutters Trim and shutters add welcoming layers of beauty to your home’s exterior. Shutters also provide extra security and control light and ventilation. Exterior shutters are made from different materials like vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, or composite. For low maintenance and durable trim details, consider installing new composite materials like polyurethane or PVC resins.      Tile Your Doorstep A great method of adding your home’s curb appeal is by creating permanent welcome mats by tiling or painting designs which contrasts with the front stoop or porch floor. This method is not only perfect for impressing visitors with your creativity, but it is also good because you do not need to replace mats when they are soiled.      Upgrade Railings Stoop and porch railings tend to deteriorate quickly if not handled with care. If these railings are aging, replace them with quality metal or wood components to improve curb appeal. When it comes to making improvements to other items directly attached to the house, ensure the details, design, scale, materials, and color are compatible or in line with your home’s main features.      Embrace Symmetry Symmetry is not only simple to arrange, but it is also pleasing to the eye. Symmetrical compositions of front-door accents and light fixtures boost curb appeal and create welcoming entryways. Consider installing lantern-style sconces that coordinate with the urns and the door hardware. They will not only look attractive, but they will also come in handy when guiding visitors to the door.      Replace Old Hardware Wall-mounted mailboxes, overhead light fixtures, entry door locksets, and house numbers are elements that add interest and style to your home’s exterior. If they are dingy or outdated, they may not be adding the… Read more »


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Ever heard how a first impressions last a lifetime? Just like a book cover, the first impression always sets the stage for what is inside. Regardless of your motive, whether you want to make improvements for personal enjoyment or if you’re going to put your house on the market, adding curb appeal is an inexpensive way of boosting your home’s value and making it look as nice as possible. Research by the National Association of Realtors showed that over 60% of homebuyers are likely to show up at your doorstep after viewing your home online if it’s exterior looks amazing. In as much as you may not have given much thought to your driveway, yard, sidewalk or front entry, they matter a lot when it comes to increasing your home’s aesthetic and monetary value. So, how does one create characteristics that will elicit strong emotional appeal to your neighbors, family, friends or potential buyers? Let’s look at some of the things you can do to make the exterior of your home look perfect.      Mailbox Makeover Mailboxes should express a homeowner’s personality as well as complement a home. If you decide to have a hanging drop box, choose a box that reflects the trimming of your home. You can increase a mailbox curb appeal by painting wooden posts so that they match with your house’s exterior color. You can also surround it with a beautiful flower garden.   Upgrade House Numbers Modernize your homes’ look by removing old house numbers and replace them with something that has an urban vibe. Choose a font which complements your home’s architecture. When doing so, be keen so that you can have something that grabs the eye from a distance.  Replacing house numbers is simple, and it takes less than an hour to get the job done.      Plant Flowers or Flowering Plants Some people have a notion that increasing curb appeal can be costly. With flowers, it doesn’t have to be so. Flowers or flowering plants make an impact. They invite friendly buzzing bees, butterflies and they also make your house appear to be full of color. Plant flowering plants or flowers with colors that complement your house’s façade. Ensure that you plant varieties which bloom at different times. Doing so ensures that you have a color palette that continuously changes after a few months. Planting flowers is inexpensive since it typically costs less than $100.      Clean Your Gutters You might not think that your home’s gutters make a lot of impact on its appearance. However, cleaning the outside and inside parts of your gutters makes an instant observable impact. Clear all the debris and scrub the outside until they look brand new. After doing so, you’ll be surprised at what a little scrubbing can do.      Utilize Outdoor Furniture When it comes to outdoor furniture, you have to be smart lest you go overboard. Too little outdoor furniture makes your home appear neglected while too much can furniture clutters its appearance…. Read more »


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Epoxy floorings are one of the best industrial and residential flooring options in the world. They endure heavy loads and weights as well as last long enough to prove that they indeed provide value for your money. Regardless of whether they are installed in school cafeterias, commercial buildings, garages, warehouses, industrial sites or other places that receive heavy traffic, epoxy flooring will provide high-performing, smooth, and durable surfaces that will last many years under constant use.   The use of epoxy flooring is on the rise. Like many entrepreneurs in the commercial and industrial sector, most homeowners are installing epoxy flooring in their homes-especially in their garages. So, why are epoxy flooring famous? Why do most architects recommend their installation and what are their advantages? Let’s find out.   Advantages of Epoxy on Garage Floors Most of us pay little attention to our garage. The only time we see their importance is when we are working on our cars or when we decide to use the garage for another purpose-like making it a guest room. A garage is not just a place where we park cars anymore. It can be used in various ways, and its appearance matters a lot; especially when it comes to adding property value. So, why is it crucial to install epoxy flooring to your garage? What makes an epoxy floored garage better than the average garage?      Impact Resistant and Durable Epoxy coating is among the most durable floor coating on the market. Not only do they withstand constant foot traffic, but the impact resistant coating also endures bike trick practice, street hockey games, and basketball tournaments. Epoxy is designed to endure heavy machinery like forklifts in industrial facilities. So, regardless of whether you own and drive a BMW SUV or a Honda Civic, the floor will do just fine when it comes to resisting high impacts.      Epoxy is Versatile and Colorful Your floor color is one of the first things people will notice when they come to your house. A good epoxy flooring color makes a statement that defines your tastes and preferences; it leaves a lasting impression. Did you know that epoxy floor colors aren’t painted? The color is in the resin which is usually combined with a hardener. This means that epoxy flooring colors do not chip since they are part of the floor. You can also paint the floor of your parking space or decorate your garage with your favorite team’s logo. There are countless ways to revamp your home garage using different epoxy flooring patterns. What’s more, the epoxy floor coatings can be done in different ways to have a variety of textures. With epoxy flooring, homeowners have the chance of customizing their homes in unique ways.      Easy to Clean Homeowners appreciate that it feels like you have to spend too much time and money on maintaining a home. The last thing they’d want is a high-maintenance floor in their garage. With epoxy, cleaning is easy and worrying… Read more »


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House renovation is one of the most important activities for homeowners. Although it might be time consuming and inconvenient, it is one of the best investments that extend good looks and the integrity of our homes. One of the ways in which we can renovate our homes is by repainting the interior and exterior walls. Doing this can transform a home becoming dull into a pristine living space you are proud to call home. While most modern paints are designed to last for 5-10 years, many factors can contribute to luster loss and paint longevity. While re-doing your walls based on instinct is a good start, some specific warning signs indicate that it is time to apply a fresh coat of paint. So how do you know the crucial indicators? When is the right time to repaint? How often should you repaint? Let’s find out.   Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Repaint   Fading Paint   Fading paint is a common warning sign. Paint fades because of the bleaching effect brought about by the UV rays of the sun. Interestingly, dark hues fade faster than pale shades. We might expect fading over time on the sunny side of our home.  But when fading occurs on our home’s shady side, it’s a clear indication of water intrusion or vapor barrier issues. If you can’t seem to find the source of the problem, consult an expert.   Morphed Paint Color   As earlier stated, UV rays cause paint fading. The result can be devastating and our carefully selected color can transform into something undesired. For instance, when your exterior, beige walls transform to pink, it is an indication you need to repaint your walls with a grade of paint that can especially survive the effects of UV rays.   Cracking, Bubbling or Flaking Paint   These signs signal mold, wet rot or dry rot brought about by failed waterproofing. Extreme humidity, harsh winters, ocean breezes, blowing sand, and strong sunlight also play a role in damaging the paint job on our walls.   Factors That Determine Timing For Exterior Repainting Other than weather and the climate, how the previous paint job was done, how we maintain our homes and where we live determine when we should repaint our exterior walls. The material used to build our walls also determine when we should repaint. For instance, brick sidings require repainting after 15-20 years while stucco requires repainting after 5-6 years.   Previous Paint Job   It is important for any homeowner to know about the details of their home’s previous paint job if possible. When your home was last painted and how many coats were applied during the painting process is useful information. Knowing these details will help homeowners determine when they should repaint their homes again. Typically the better preparation that was used, the longer lasting the paint job. Before painting, take care of stucco holes, rotten wood, and any spots of molds.   Where You Live   Your home’s location… Read more »


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Moving to a new home can evoke a range of emotions. It can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. Not only do you have to pack and move, but you also have to make important decisions like choosing the paint color of your new home. While some homeowners feel that it is essential to paint their new house after moving in, some prefer to do so before. Regardless of your preference, the primary goal is to paint the right color, and C.E.T. Painting  will be there at your convenience. C.E.T. Painting offers professional painting services that will leave your home in pristine condition. In as much as painting your new home after moving in has its advantages, expert painters recommend painting before moving in. Those who decide to paint their new home before moving in, know the secret. Let us examine the benefits of painting your home before moving in and why it stands out as the better option.   The 6 Advantages of Painting before Moving In   1. Faster It’s a no brainer that painting an empty house takes less time and effort than painting an occupied home. Empty houses allow smooth movement of painters from room to room. Another advantage of painting an empty house is that it is easy to protect and cover the floors.      2. Cheaper Painting contractors make advance estimates before painting your new home based on coverage area and labor hours. It will cost homeowners less money while painting an unoccupied home because painters work at a faster rate in such homes since they don’t use time moving furniture around the house.   3. Convenient Painting an empty house is convenient to painters because they can easily access the walls. They can quickly tape off and start rolling on new paints with less effort because they do not have anything obstructing their view. Painting an empty house is also convenient because occupiers don’t have to worry about moving their clothes while the painting of the interior parts of their closets is going on.   4. Easy Clean-Up Unoccupied homes are easier and faster to clean up after doing a successful paint job. Cleaning up empty homes is quick and this allows you to enjoy your beautiful new paint job all the faster.   5. It’s Less Messy Painting your home before moving in is ideal because it enables you to avoid scenarios where there are spills, smudges, and fingerprints. This can happen so easily if your moving items around before the paint has had sufficient time to completely dry.   6. Increase Curb Appeal Homes that are painted before occupancy sell faster. They sell at a faster rate because potential homeowners are attracted to newly painted homes. Well painted houses in pristine condition sell more quickly and at a higher asking price.   3 Advantages of Painting after Moving into a New Home   1. Avoidance of Damaging Newly Painted Walls Moving into a new home entails a… Read more »


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If you are ready to give your kitchen a refresh, pack a punch with updated kitchen cabinets. A brand new look in your kitchen is a hallmark of elegance and sophistication. You can achieve this by either buying new cabinets for your kitchen or repainting the old ones. If you have taken your time to inquire how much new kitchen cabinets cost, then you know that replacement is expensive. Cabinets account for nearly 40% of a kitchens total cost. New ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets range anywhere from $1,600 to $6,000 while the other side of the spectrum gives you an option of spending much less. Your home reflects who you are and what you like. Giving your kitchen a refresh starts with the cabinets since they occupy the most space in the room. You can purchase high-quality paints from your local store and refurbish your kitchen cabinets. However, painting kitchen cabinets is not a walk in the park. To achieve excellent results that send the right message, you must hire pros who know how to boost the looks of your kitchen. The process requires extensive knowledge and experience. Depending on the size and amount of cabinets, this project will typically take 4-5 full days. This is definitely a project where the preparation work is vital to getting a beautiful finished project. If you have doubts or just don’t have the time investment it will take, this might not be the best project to do yourself. If you decide to do so, be prepared for the challenge. So, how do painting experts manage to pull off great looks and make it look so easy?   Preparation Successful paint jobs rely on diligent prep work. As earlier pointed out, cabinet painting takes several days. While prepping for the work, ensure you set up a room where you can do your cooking without getting in the way of the painting process. Cabinet transformation is a multi-stage process which lets you paint melamine, wood, and laminate cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets with laminate surfaces can be tricky because they require special bonding primer. Professional painters ensure that they first test your desired paint in an inconspicuous area of the laminate surface to be sure that it bonds perfectly to the material. Drawers and flat-front doors are easily painted. However, woodwork with routed profiles, raised panels and other architectural details require more time to prepare and paint.   Removal of Doors and Hardware The first step of cabinet painting is emptying the contents. Drawers, doors, and hardware such as hinges and knobs are then removed. Special note is made so that cabinet doors and drawers go back into the right spot.     Clean Surfaces Paints don’t stick to greasy materials. It is for this reason that cleaning the cabinets with grease-cutting solutions is important. A kitchen scrub sponge or a cloth is used to wipe the cabinet surfaces, the cabinet doors, and drawers to get rid of any oil. After this, they are rinsed with clean… Read more »

The Importance Of Pressure Washing Your Home Siding Regularly

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Most homeowners disregard the importance of pressure washing. Some think it’s just not necessary. Or that it could even damage their home. However, this is not the case. Pressure or power washing is very important to your home. It gets rids of dirt, mildew, and mold, especially in shaded areas. Regular cleaning helps you get rid of dust, grease and chemical residues that have built up over time. Failing to clean your siding can result to fading or discoloration. Join us as we conclude our blog series, Everything You Need To Know About The Siding Of Your Home.  Mentioned below are some reasons why you should regularly pressure wash your home’s siding. Improves Curb Appeal Pressure washing your siding greatly improves the curb appeal of your home. This is particularly important to homeowners looking forward to selling their property. Using a pressure washer for cleaning your siding removes dirt and debris which make your house look old and unattractive. By making use of a pressure washer for cleaning your house, homeowners who intend to sell their property increase the chances of selling their houses at a faster rate. 2) Protects Your Home Moss, algae, mildew, and mold have the potential of causing repair issues in the long run. You do not have to live with the dinginess and damage that comes with these types of growth if you pressure wash your home’s siding. 3) Health Protection Protect your health as well as the health of your family members by getting rid of mold, dust and other allergens that can make you sick. Pressure washing eliminates these irritants by completely getting rid of them. 4) Preparation for Renovation Before embarking on any exterior renovations, make sure you pressure wash to get rid of any dirt that may inconvenience you in later stages of renovations. This is a recommended step that should never be skipped. The directions on the most common materials like tubes of sealant, bottles of stain, and paint tell you to start with a clean surfaces for the best results. Pressure washing is essential for cleaning and taking off peeling layers that may cause problems to new applications over time. Your home’s siding speaks volumes about your personality, who you are, and what you like. It is either a win or a fail; there is no in between. To make sure that you are on the winning side, go through the color palette on the color wheel. Never force colors to your home if it does not have a natural way to divide them. Always go for color combinations that are less complex. We hope that you have learned more about your home and this important but under appreciated architectural element of your home, siding.  Please check out any of the other articles in our blog series, Everything You Need To Know About The Siding Of Your Home by visiting our website.  We have covered knowing when it’s time to replace or re-stain, reviewed the pros and cons of… Read more »

Perfect Siding Color Guide

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The thought of choosing new siding colors can be daunting. There is always fear that you might not choose the correct color. Changing your siding color is more difficult than painting a room in your home. So, how do you ensure you make the right decision when it comes to the color of your siding? Don’t sweat it, C.E.T. Painting has created the perfect siding color guide to assist you through the whole painting process. Our advice is that before you choose your siding color palette, visualize what you want your home to look like. Choose a trim color from our color wheel that will that blends perfectly with your neighborhood. The following are some colors that may look flawless on your home, consider any of these siding colors as we continue our series of articles on Everything You Need To Know About The Siding Of Your Home. Coastal Blue It’s no doubt that blue has become quite popular over the last couple of years. When compared to neutral shades, it stands out as a bold color. If you aim to evoke feelings of peace and serenity to viewers and guests, then coastal blue is precisely what your siding needs. Homes painted with a combination of crisp white trim and coastal blue evoke a feeling of well-being. The color has the same effect as the sea does to its viewers. Cypress Cypress is a muted shade of green popular in the northern parts of the US. If your home is located in a conservative area that values neutral colors, then cypress is a perfect choice. The color blends perfectly in homes surrounded by woods, fields, and trees. This color is also ideal for homes located in areas where darker colors are preferred because it makes use of various accent colors. Marigold Pale or yellow tones of marigold are the key to anyone looking for warm and light colors to brighten their home’s exterior. Marigold is ideal at lightening and brightening a house without making a bold statement. Pairing marigold with crisp white trims brings about tremendous results on different architectural styles in all areas. Natural Clay Natural clay is popular with homeowners not willing to stark a shade or those who are intrigued by white. This color has a unique personality. It is cooler than tan or cream. It pairs perfectly with brown, beige, and tan. Natural clay is ideal for people looking forward to creating monochromatic exterior to their siding. Forest Green Forest green is ideal for homeowners whose houses are located in rural areas or those living in places surrounded by nature. The color reminds us of trees during mid-summer. Forest green is a perfect background color for houses that require bold accents, like red front doors or a black shutter. Desert Tan Regardless of where you live or your architectural style, true neutrals are always well received. Neutrals blend well with their surroundings. They are perfect if you live in a neighborhood of divergent styles or colors… Read more »